Rams To Show Cavaliers Out The Door Tuesday Night

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Rams To Show Cavaliers Out The Door Tuesday Night

Alright, we get to the second game of the March Madness Play-in Doubleheader! That is correct. By the end of Tuesday, we will have decreased the NCAA Tournament field from 68 teams to 66. Let's head to the state of Ohio and UD Arena in Dayton. At Online Sports Betting, we look at a matchup which may drive many people crazy. So, first, we look at the Rams vs Cavaliers Bets featuring Colorado State and Virginia. Can Colorado State find their way past a frustrating team to play against?

  • WHAT: Colorado State Rams versus Virginia Cavaliers
  • WHEN: Tuesday, March 19th, 2024, 9:10 pm ET on TruTV
  • WHERE: UD Arena, Dayton, Ohio
  • WHY: NCAA Tournament Play-In Game Number 2

Fans and sports bettors possess a little trepidation heading into this nightcap. The Rams vs Cavaliers Picks spotlight two ten seeds trying to advance to the first round. So, we do not have to worry about futures here. No one expects either team to do much more than maybe win a round or two tops . After all, Virginia comes in at +30000 and Colorado State at +25000. Here is our table for this matchup, thanks all to Bovada Online Sportsbook Review.

NCAAM Play-in Game 2BovadaBetOnlineMyBookie
Colorado State (-2.5)-110-112-110

Rams vs Cavaliers Bets Know What Virginia Is

Rams vs Cavaliers bets know what Virginia is. So, what happened with Virginia and Colorado State in the last week? Honestly, Colorado State looked great until they played New Mexico. The result was not close as the Rams lost easily by 13. Yes, the margin should have been much worse. Virginia suffered a worse fate. Now, the Cavaliers lost to a North Carolina State Wolfpack team that came in sub .500 in conference play.

Virginia should not feel as bad given that North Carolina State went on to win the ACC Tournament. That being said, the Cavaliers play a style that is not aesthetically pleasing. They score 63.6 points per game while giving up 59.6 a night. Colorado State puts up over 76 points a game while yielding 68.4 (+8 point differential). The Rams possess a little more strength and toughness. The Rams' biggest player is 250 pounds. Virginia 's is a mere 220 (some say a few pounds less).

Virginia slows the game down without letting its opponents hit the foul line. Opponents shoot 13 free throws a contest. That's it. This leads the nation. Again, Virginia does not exactly get to the charity stripe itself. One other problem with Virginia is that free-throw percentage discrepancy. Colorado State shoots at 75.4% while Virginia is at 63.7%.

If a game comes down to foul shots late, Virginia could again be in a lot of trouble.

Let Us Lean To The Rams

The Rams vs Cavaliers bets lean to the Rams. Niko Nedved knows he has the team that can defeat Virginia. The problem is only if Colorado State allows Virginia to keep playing at their tempo. Colorado State must get Virginia in foul trouble and get to the line. That will force Colorado State to get in the paint and towards the hoop. Now, the other key has to do with turnovers. Yes, pressure Virginia into mistakes.

The Cavaliers turn the ball over only 8.2 times a game. Virginia forces four more miscues on average. Colorado State likes to pass the ball quite a bit. They rank fifth in the country with almost 19 assists per 40 minutes. Isaiah Stevens remains vital as the guards must move the basketball fast, fast, and fast. Stevens dishes out seven assists a contest and gets Colorado State into situations more advantageous for offense.

Colorado State features for players who score 10+ points a night. A 24-win team playing a 23-team is not surprising. Somehow Virginia went 13-7 in the ACC which makes the case for a "down" year for the conference. Then, Colorado State has three players at 220 or more pounds. Virginia does not have that. Colorado State will want to push Virginia around as the second half wears along.

Again, if Colorado State keeps pushing the gas pedal, Virginia will break down eventually. It took North Carolina State more than 60 minutes to accomplish this. The Rams might be able to a little faster.

Colorado State Rams To defeat Virginia on Tuesday night

Rams vs Cavaliers Bets Laying 2.5 Points?

So, what about Rams vs Cavaliers bets as Colorado State winds up laying 2.5 points? The thought process involves the free throws. That 4.9 free throw difference looms larger and larger. Basically, that amounts to five points or two possessions. Let that sink in. Virginia giving up two possessions right off the bat is a huge problem.

The Colorado State team has a ceiling of probably the Sweet 16. Virginia has about the same but then again this matchup's winner probably can beat Texas. Texas is not that good. They are a seven seed who got an at-large despite a .500 record in the Big 12 and only 20 wins. Sometimes the selection committee makes one's head scratch to the point of extinction.

Anyhow, there is this thought that Colorado State could even break this game open very late. This gives us all the more reason to lay those points on behalf of the Rams.

Colorado State Rams To win by three or more points Tuesday night

What About The Over For Threes

Finally, the Rams vs Cavaliers bets considers the over for threes. This game has seen the number inch out to 121 for the Game Total. Instead, we pivot to the Over of Isaiah Stevens and those triples. The Over of 1.5 rolls in at +135. Now. a gift remains a gift. Do not hesitate and get in on this before the masses chase their mind.

If there is an alternate for 3+ threes, that even may be something to ponder. Even Patrick Cartier to chip in one triple is now +105.

Isaiah Stevens To make 2+ threes

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