St. John's A Trendy Pick To Cut Down The Nets In Glendale

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St. John's A Trendy Pick To Cut Down The Nets In Glendale

There is now a mere four weeks until the 2023-24 college basketball season! Teams make their preparations and start their planning. October features all sorts of speculation of who got better, worse, or who may surprise. At Online Sports Betting, we take a look at some of these potential longer shots. Now, the 2024 College Basketball Future Picks headline several teams that may have some juicier numbers before November beckons.

  • WHAT: 2023-24 NCAA Basketball Future Longer Shot Picks
  • WHEN: Monday, November 6th, 2023 until Monday, April 8th, 2024
  • WHERE: More colleges trying to get to Glendale, Arizona
  • WHY: The race for the national title can feature a longer shot. 

Bovada Online Sportsbook gets things going here once again. Bettors demand more options and not just looking at the favorites. What fun is that? The future betting market starts to diverge heavily once we get past the first six to eight teams. Honestly, betting on the NCAA College Men's basketball futures is a bit easier this time of year. It feels like tossing darts onto a dartboard because of all the randomness. So much can happen between now and even March Madness.

NCAA 2023-24 Title Futures 10/23BovadaMyBookieBetOnline
St. John's+4000+7500+2500
West Virginia+4500+8500+5000
Texas A&M+6000+4900+6600
Kansas State+6600+4700+6000

2024 College Basketball Future Picks Get Intrigued By St. John's

2024 College Basketball Future Picks get intrigued by St. John's. So, with Rick Pitino taking over as Head Coach, hope springs forth for a Red Storm program. The university that plays some home games at Madison Square Garden has not seen the Final Four since 1985 (almost four decades ago). It was a once proud program that featured Chris Mullin and some amazing talent. Years of disappointment and frustration now lead them here.

Despite the hope, some are not quite as convinced of the Red Storm prospects. Honestly, no one is. On the other hand, the Big East is always so volatile. Anyone can win at any time. Take a look at how well it prepared UConn last year. The Dan Hurley coached squad took their lumps and then dished out punishment for six games in the tournament. By the end, most teams were throughly wishing the Huskies would have taken it easy on them.

Now, Saint John's finished a heartbreaking 18-15 last year after a promising start. They went 7-13 in Big East play. Many expected at least a .500 mark in conference which would have placed them in the NCAA Tournament. Instead, a tough two-point loss to Marquette in the Big East Tournament ended their season. It will be the start of Big East play that helps determine their fate this year. The Red Storm lost five straight games in 2022-23 in conference. That cannot happen again.

Online Sports Betting wants to believe in the Red Storm. St. John's plays in the Mecca of basketball. It is a program with potential. Their uncertainty is on the extreme side. With odds ranging from +2500 to +7500, this is a team where taking a major risk might be acceptable. Do not bet the farm on the Johnies, but be aware of them.

St. John's Red Storm To win the 2024 NCAA Men's College Basketball Title

2024 College Basketball Future Picks Love Maryland Again

The 2024 College Basketball Future Picks love Maryland again. Before Duke and a few other teams crushed our hopes as they exposed the Terrapins for the young team they were, hope again springs eternal. Kevin Willard brings back a team that looked to be dead as far as tournament hopes in January. Then, they dug deep, got it together, and managed to claw their way into March Madness. Also, the young Maryland team even won a tournament game over West Virginia.

Overall, the Terrapins went 22-13 in 2022-23 with a respectable 11-9 mark in the Big Ten. Their crowning win of the season was a 14-point home win over Purdue in February. It showed the potential that Maryland had. However, their 22-point rout at the hands of Alabama in the second round of the NCAA Tournament showed the team they had a long way to go. With this season comes a bit more growing and greater expectations.

The Terrapins were as short as +3300 on BetOnline and then +6000 on Bovada. Now, that spread remains less divergent compared to St. John's. However, it is common to see numbers like this among teams in this second tier. Maryland seems to have an early calmness about them. That starts with Willard and has spread down to the entire roster. With an ability to play more athletic, this Terrapins team could challenge for the Big Ten title potentially.

Again, Purdue, Indiana, and others do not scare us as much like last season. Maryland gets a nice number on Bovada which is worth a modest bet.

Maryland Terrapins To win the 2024 College Basketball Men's Title

One More Longer Shot For The 2024 College Basketball Future Picks?

So, what about one more longer shot for the 2024 College Basketball Future Picks? The intriguing part about speculating like this is all the teams start out 0-0 heading into the 2023-24 campaign. Truthfully, anything is possible and so much can happen. Even some still believe in Gonzaga for example. At Online Sports Betting, we would not, but again optimism reigns supreme in October.

The West Virginia Mountaineers remain quite the longer shot of wagers heading into the start of the season. With Bob Huggins dismissed due to numerous personal issues, Josh Eilert takes over after spending 16 years as a member of West Virginia's staff. It is his team now and the feeling is a new beginning could help the Mountaineers. Now, the thought process is that West Virginia will not go 7-11 in the Big 12 again.

Although, the Mountaineers come in as short as +4500 on Bovada, this season they ballooned to +8500 on MyBookie which hooks wagerers in with that value. Finally, the +2000 to reach the Final Four is very enticing. Most books were offering far shorter odds.

West Virginia Mountaineers To win the 2023-24 Men's NCAA Basketball Title

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