2021 NCAA Football Futures: Predicting Every Major Division Winner

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2021 NCAA Football Futures: Predicting Every Major Division Winner

Time sure flies during the NCAA football season. This year's schedule is already more than one-quarter of the way done—and that arms us with plenty of information to dive into the NCAA football futures game. 

For most, this might mean focusing on the college football National Championship. But since we've recently done that, our latest 2021 NCAA football futures will instead be aimed at predicting every major division winner.

You read that correctly: We're providing college football picks for all five major divisions–the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12 and ACC. Let's start by looking at the latest NCAA football odds for the SEC, courtesy of BetOnline:

SEC WinnerBetOnline
Texas A&M+6000
Mississippi State+50000
South Carolina+50000

Please note these college football odds will continue to shift at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks throughout the season. This means you'll want to check all NCAA football futures before committing to any specific college football picks.

2021 NCAAF Division Predictions

All of our NCAA football future picks will be based on a variety of factors, including team performances in their first few games, their upcoming schedules, any major injuries and trends that we've noticed. 

Remember: We won't always roll with the favorite. These are 2021 college football predictions, and we're doling out our best picks regardless of the lines they're laying. 

Since we already took a look at the latest SEC odds, we'll start there and then go through the other four divisions.

SEC Division Prediction

Some thought this might be a down year for Alabama (-165). So much for that. 

The Crimson Tide currently rank fourth in points scored per game and are completing over 70 percent of their passing attempts. They remain a threat, like usual, to win it all.

And yet, they do feel more vulnerable than in years past. The defense is currently outside the top 25 in points allowed per game, and that's without playing a tough schedule.

For our money, we're actually inclined to take the George Bulldogs (+150), who have the nation's best defense and already showed they can hang with a powerhouse like Clemson.

OSB Prediction: Georgia (+150)

Georgia To win the SEC

Big 10 Division Prediction

Check out the latest Big 10 betting odds:

Big Ten WinnerBetOnline
Ohio State-125
Penn State+425
Michigan State+4000

Oddsmakers are being a little generous here with Ohio State (-125). The Buckeyes are no doubt the most talented team on paper, but their defense has real cracks, as they showed during their loss to Oregon in Week 2.

Risk-takers should look at Penn State (+425) and Iowa (+450). The latter, in particular, has turned heads by posting a top-three defense through four games. 

Is that enough for us to place Iowa ahead of Ohio State? Not quite. But it's worth consideration.

OSB Prediction: Ohio State (-125)

Ohio State To win the Big 10

Big 12 Division Prediction

Check out the latest Big 12 betting odds:

Big 12 WinnerBetOnline
Iowa State+600
Oklahoma State+1200
West Virginia+2000
Texas Tech+5000
Kansas State+20000

Be slightly wary of Oklahoma (-140) here. They have been largely unimpressive through four games. Though they remain undefeated at this writing, they've actually seen their overall ranking drop from second to sixth in the national poll.

On the bright side for Oklahoma, they don't have much competition in the Big 10. Texas (+400) is interesting but doesn't have the defense to warrant investment while Iowa State (+600) continues to struggle on offense.

OSB Prediction: Oklahoma (-140)

Oklahoma To win the Big 12

Pac 12 Division Prediction

Check out the latest PAC 12 betting odds:

PAC 12 WinnerBetOnline
Arizona State+600
Oregon State+4000
Washington State+20000

Lots of people are flocking toward Oregon (-125) after they upset Ohio State. We get it. But this team is too reliant on its rushing attack and, as of now, completing under 57 percent of their passes.

UCLA (+600) is next up in our books. Their loss to Fresno State was disappointing, but they've played out a fairly tough schedule and still have one of the most dangerous offenses in the country.

OSB Prediction: UCLA (+600)

UCLA To win the PAC 12

ACC Division Prediction

Check out the latest ACC betting odds:

ACC WinnerBetOnline
NC State+500
Virginia Tech+900
Miami Florida+1000
North Carolina+1600
Wake Forest+2000
Boston College+8000
Georgia Tech+10000
Florida State+50000

Clemson (-125) has seen their sure-thing status flounder to start the year. It'd be one thing if they lost to just Georgia. But they also dropped one to North Carolina State (+500)

Fortunately for the Tigers, a lot of their mistakes are correctable. The defense should cut down on the penalties, and after averaging under 200 passing yards per game so far, their offense has almost nowhere to go other than up.

Give North Carolina State a real look here. But we need to see them unseat a top-shelf offense first before we invest in them.

OSB Prediction: Clemson (-125)

Clemson To win the ACC

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