2022 College Football National Championship Betting Odds and Predictions

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2022 College Football National Championship Betting Odds and Predictions

Another college football season is bearing down upon us, and the National Championship betting field is, predictably, quite hot. It only makes sense we strike the iron ourselves, so we've got 2022 college football National Championship betting odds and predictions of our own to show you.

More than 75 schools are currently laying title odds over at BetOnline. Below are the moneylines for every single one of them:

Team to WinBetOnline

Anyone planning to make college football National Championship picks will want to double-check these NCAAF odds before doing so. They will move throughout the season at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks.

2022 NCAAF National Championship Betting Breakdown

Every college football bettor would do well to remember that all National Championship odds and picks represent the potential payout if a team makes it through the college football playoffs and is the last school standing.

This year, though there was a proposal to change the college football playoff to a total of 12 teams, the setup will remain the same. Four schools will be seeded No. 1 through No. 4 at regular season's end by a panel of judges who weigh all different sorts of criteria. From there, two single-elimination playoff games will take place. The winner of each contest will move on to face each other for the 2022 college football National Championship.

Now, let's get to our best college football National Championship bets before finishing with our final prediction.

alabama crimson odds

Can Alabama Repeat as National Champs?

Since the college football field is so massive, even the most convincing juggernauts tend to pay out rather well prior to the start of the season. That explains Alabama (+260) coming in at nearly 3-to-1.

The Crimson Tide went undefeated last season while sporting the second-best offense in the nation at 48.5 points per game. They are also returning a crux of their core on top off adding two five-star recruits and nine four-star names.

Many places still don't have them pegged as the best bet around. In fact, most power rankings have them as the third- or fourth-best team in the nation. But the sheer amount of people who invest in Alabama each year forces oddsmakers to bill them as utmost favorites. And while that does increase the risk, it's hard to hate their payout here.

Alabama To win the National Championship

Is Clemson Undervalued?

This seems like a ridiculous question on its face. Clemson (+500) is yet again laying top-two odds, just like they were last season. 

That's how it goes in college football. Clemson and Alabama have dominated the field since the playoffs were implemented, having won five of the past six titles.

The Tigers enter 2022 on the heels of a Sugar Bowl loss last year, and following a recruiting class over the offseason that barely ranked inside the top 10. Still, most of those responsible for piloting their top-four offense in 2021 are returning to the fold, and they had one of the nation's more underrated passing defenses for much of last season.

If push comes to shove, Clemson might be a touch overvalued. Rest assured, though, it's not by much.

Clemson To win the National Championship

Better Bet: Oklahoma, Georgia or Ohio State?

There always seems to be a cluster of teams near the top of the college football pecking order that could be interchangeable. This year that gaggle includes Georgia (+650)Oklahoma (+650) and Ohio State (+700).

Lots of people remain high on the latter. Ohio State is working off a National Championship loss to Alabama and still projects to be an every-week threat. But they seemed to benefit from a shortened schedule and strength-of-opponent bump in 2021. They won't get both this year.

georgia bulldogs odds

Oklahoma intrigues us the most. Their schedule this season is quite favorable, and while they didn't add a single five-star recruit, they did add a quartet of four-star prospects. 

Oklahoma To win the National Championship

Is Notre Dame in the Mix?

After making it all the way to the playoffs last year, ultimately losing in the Rose BowlNotre Dame (+6600) isn't given much of a chance in the latest odds. This makes sense.

The Fighting Irish lost a ton of upperclassmen from last year and skew much younger now. And yet, they might still be undervalued. Most believe they're welcoming the country's top recruiting class, a batch of newcomers that includes 14 four-star prospects and 10 three-star names.

Don't view Notre Dame as a favorite. They are, however, a viable dark horse. 

Notre Dame To win the National Championship

2022 National Championship Prediction

Picking against Alabama is tough. But we haven't seen a repeat champion since 2011 and 2012, when the Crimson Tide themselves accomplished the feat. That matters.

More importantly, we're really into Oklahoma. They seem like the type of team that could finish with a top-five offense and top-20 defense while up against a friendly schedule. Scooping them up at +650 is, in our opinion, a steal.

OSB National Championship Prediction: Oklahoma (+650)

Oklahoma To win the National Championship

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