Buckeyes to get revenge in rivalry game against Wolverines

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Buckeyes to get revenge in rivalry game against Wolverines
  • What:  #2 Ohio State vs #3 Michigan
  • When: Saturday, November 25th, Noon ET
  • Where: Michigan Stadium "The Big House" - Ann Arbor, MI

Sparks fly when the No. 2 Michigan Wolverines and No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes square off on the final weekend of the regular season. This isn't just a game, it's The Game. 

In the grand arena of college football's most anticipated face-off, my money's on the Ohio State Buckeyes to outshine the Michigan Wolverines and beat the spread of 3.5.

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Game Preview (Spread)

The stakes are sky-high and the energy is palpable, even to those watching from the comfort of their couches. Yet, even amidst the chaos and the tension, there's a method to the madness.

My pick for this showdown? Ohio State Buckeyes. Here's why.

Ohio State +3.5-115-120-120
Michigan -3.5-105+100+100

Let's talk about defense. This game is shaping up to be a defensive battle royale, where big plays are more precious than gold.

Whoever can squeeze out even a couple of these game-changers will have the upper hand. 

This is where the Buckeyes come into play. Ohio State has been a brick wall for opponents this season, yet to allow more than 17 points in a game. 

They've held 7 of their 11 opponents to 10 points or less, and in the last two weeks, they've only allowed six points total. That's not just impressive; it's downright scary.

But let's not forget about the offense. Sure, this year's Buckeyes squad might not be churning out 40-point games like they used to, but when they need a big play, they have the personnel to make it happen. 

Running back TreVeyon Henderson and wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. are the Buckeyes' secret weapons, capable of turning the tide in an instant. The question, of course, is whether their offensive line can hold up against Michigan's defense.

Wolverines -3.5 points Ohio State vs. Michigan

Now, I hear you. Michigan has been on a roll, with a 23-game win streak against Big Ten opponents. 

But streaks are meant to be broken, and let's remember that Ohio State had a 29-game win streak that ended in 2021 when it lost to... Michigan. It seems only fitting that the Buckeyes return the favor this year.

In a game with high stakes like this, it's never about who has the best record or the most potent offense. It's about who can rise to the occasion when it matters most. 

As we head into this weekend's game, I firmly believe Ohio State has the edge. Their stellar defense and game-changing offensive players like Henderson and Harrison Jr. make them a formidable contender.

Sure, the Wolverines are a tough team, but in a game where every point counts, the Buckeyes have shown they can keep their opponents' score low while delivering when it matters most. 

The stakes are high, the pressure is on, and I'm putting my faith in the Buckeyes in this battle of the titans.

The Michigan Wolverines might have home advantage, but the Ohio State Buckeyes have the edge where it counts.

So, my fellow sports aficionados, get ready for a nail-biter.

This isn't just another game; it's The Game. And in this clash of titans, I'm backing the Buckeyes to cover and even sprinkle on the money line for an outright upset win. 

Buckeyes +3.5 points Ohio State vs. Michigan

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Total Points

Despite the historically high point totals in recent matchups, I don't anticipate the same trend continuing this weekend.

Over 47 Points-112-110-110
Under 47 Points-108-110-110

Michigan boasts an exceptional defense featuring multiple future draft picks across all three levels.

Although Ohio State's offense is expected to present the toughest challenge yet for Michigan, the Wolverines may not perform as dominantly.

The Buckeyes' offensive strategy, led by Kyle McCord, has been relatively conservative, relying on running plays and safe throws.

McCord, still relatively inexperienced, struggled in high-pressure environments, as seen in the game against Notre Dame in Week 4, where Ohio State scored only 17 points.

Similar offensive performances were noted against Penn State and Wisconsin, with scores of 20 and 24, respectively.

On the other hand, Michigan exhibited a cautious offensive approach in the second half against Penn State, refraining from passing except for one attempt that resulted in a pass interference call.

The Wolverines' formidable offensive line played a significant role in this approach, showcasing their ability to control the game.

However, concerns about pass protection, evident in the game against Penn State, might be exploited by Ohio State's formidable pass rush.

While Ohio State needs to halt Michigan's running game to be effective defensively, an increase in run plays may contribute to a lower-scoring game.

Considering these factors, I'm taking the Under 47 points for this matchup at -110 odds at Bovada.

Under 47 Points Ohio State vs. Michigan

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