2022 NHL All-Star Game Predictions: Ranking Best Bets to Win 3 vs. 3 Tournament

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2022 NHL All-Star Game Predictions: Ranking Best Bets to Win 3 vs. 3 Tournament

Investing in betting odds on the 2022 NHL All-Star Games offers a nice break from the grind of the regular season—particularly now, with it scheduled on February 5, when it's the dog days of the schedule and nightly NHL betting picks can become a chore.

Of course, NHL All-Star festivities are also interesting because of their unique structure. The league has ditched the pure Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference format, opting instead for a four-team tournament in which each squad fields three players on the ice at a time.

How should your 2022 NHL All-Star Predictions play out? We have the inside track. We're ranking all four teams in terms of the likelihood they'll emerge as the last unit standing. But first, just below is where you can find the 2022 NHL All-Star betting odds once they become available, which should be sometime in the near future, with the festivities roughly one week away:

To Win 2022 NHL All-Star GameMyBookieEveryGameBetNow
Atlantic DivisionTBATBATBA
Central DivisionTBATBATBA
Metropolitan DivisionTBATBATBA
Pacific DivisionTBATBATBA

As always, once 2022 NHL All-Star betting lines go live, you'll want to double-check them for accuracy before committing yourself to any NHL All-Star picks. All NHL All-Star odds are subject to change right up until opening faceoff, and historically, NHL All-Star Game betting odds are prone to wild swings due to last-minute changes in player availability.

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Ranking the Best 2022 NHL All-Star Bets

Our criteria for determining the most likely winner of the 2022 NHL All-Star Tournament is based purely on roster construction rather than any past results or players' familiarity working alongside of one another.

These exhibition displays, after all, aren't about continuity or play style. They're about having the most talent, period.

4. Atlantic Division is the Biggest All-Star Underdog

There is obviously a lot to like about the Atlantic Division squad. Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the captain, arms them with one of the best all-around players in the game, and they have a stellar one-two punch between the posts in goalies Jack Campbell of the Maple Leafs and Andrei Vasilevskiy of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Victor Hedman, also of Tampa Bay, will ensure some heady end-to-end defense.

Still, in a setting that prides itself on high-scoring affairs, the Atlantic Division All-Stars want for enough self-creation and overall firepower. Their chances rest on defenders actually playing at a high level in a game that doesn't matter to the standings—a shaky dynamic at best.

Atlantic Division To win the 2022 NHL All-Star Tournament

3. Central Division Needs More Star Power

The Central Division should consider themselves lucky that they didn't earn the last place spot. Captain Nathan MacKinnon from the Colorado Avalanche isn't expected to play due to an injury, and that leaves this team uncomfortably thin on the offensive margins.

However, with Cam Talbot from the Minnesota Wild in between the posts and both Cale Makar and Jordan Kyrou, also from the Avalanche, suiting up for them, the Central Division has some real two-way depth to them—even without their best-selected player.

Central Division To win the 2022 NHL All-Star Tournament

2. Can Metropolitan Division Overcome So Many Rivalries?

Many people aren't sure whether the Metropolitan Division's on-site chemistry will be derailed by the presence of so many rivalries. Four total players from the New York Rangers, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils are scheduled to make the trip to Las Vegas, and the chosen participants have gone head-to-head in impassioned regular-season games before.

We're not quite worried, in large part thanks to the rest of the docket. Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, the Atlantic Division captain, remains a superhuman, and both Sebastian Aho from the Carolina Hurricanes and Claude Giroux from the Philadelphia Flyers are perfect players for an All-Star-Weekend setting.

Metropolitan Division To win the 2022 NHL All-Star Tournament

1. Pacific Division Looks Like NHL All-Star Juggernaut

Truth be told, it's hard for us to consider picking anyone over the Pacific Division.

Connor McDavid, the captain, and Leon Draisaitl are both from the Edmonton Oilers and have always dominated offensively when on the ice together. Tim Meier from the San Jose Sharks and Troy Terry from the Anaheim Ducks are having career-scoring years at forward. And Jordan Eberle is quietly having a caps-lock AMAZING season for a struggling Seattle Kraken squad. 

On a game-to-game basis, it's difficult to imagine any of the other three teams outscoring this one. The Pacific Division is built to run up the score and, by extension, reap the spoils of the 2022 NHL All-Star Weekend.

Pacific Division To win the 2022 NHL All-Star Tournament

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