2022 NHL Betting Picks: Are the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Paper Tigers?

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2022 NHL Betting Picks: Are the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Paper Tigers?

Strap on those seatbelts, folks. Now that we're officially in 2022, we need to dive deeper into betting odds on NHL hockey. The regular season has just about reached the halfway point, which means the contenders are beginning to separate even further from the pretenders and every game carries with it more weight than the previous one.

While so many questions and observations are floating around this time of year, this latest batch of 2022 NHL betting picks will pay special attention to the Stanley Cup stock of the Colorado Avalance. Are they for real, like many believed they were last season? Or are they paper tigers—basically non-threats despite a high-powered offense? We're here to investigate.

First, of course, we need to take a look at the latest NHL betting odds:

Florida Panthers-205+168Dallas Stars
Minnesota Wild-178+146Anaheim Ducks
Colorado Avalanche-530+390Arizona Coyotes
Boston Bruins-152+126Nashville Predators
Carolina Hurricanes-240+195Vancouver Canucks
Washington Capitals-114-105New York Islanders

Always make sure you're double-checking these NHL betting lines prior to settling on NHL picks. They won't move much before the games start, but they are liable to shift right up until the opening faceoff.

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Will the Avalanche's Inconsistency Come Back to Haunt Them?

On the surface, there's little to worry about when it comes to the Avalanche. They are well over. 500 and bagging points in more than 70 percent of the games in which they play, one of the fattest marks in the league. A mid-January matchup against the Arizona Coyotes shouldn't phase them.

Then again, the Avalance have a maddening tendency to play down to the level of their opponents. Their record against teams with losing records isn't nearly as good as it should be. Naturally, after Colorado suffered an early 2021 Stanley Cups playoff exit, people are wondering whether this means they're more of a championship phony than a legitimate title contender.

Don't Worry: Colorado is Still for Real

It's fine if you have doubt about the Avalanche when they're facing fellow Stanley Cup hopefuls. But the Coyotes are no match for Colorado even on the latter's worst day.

Come hell or high water, we know the Avalanche are going to score. No team in the NHL is averaging more goals per game them. Arizona, meanwhile, has one of the worst defenses around. Colorado will be fine.

OSB Prediction: Colorado Avalanche (-530)

Colorado Avalanche To beat the Arizona Coyotes

Florida Easily Beats Out Dallas

The Florida Panthers are not receiving enough credit for their balanced play this season. They have a top-two offense that they pair with an above-average defense, and the Carolina Hurricanes are the only other team outscoring their opponents by at least one goal per game.

Maybe the Dallas Stars are able to pull of the surprise win here. As one of the most lackluster teams in the league so far, though, we wouldn't bet on it.

OSB Prediction: Florida Panthers (-205)

Florida Panthers To beat the Dallas Stars

Nashville Pulls Off Upset Over Boston

Pore over the advanced metrics, and you will see the Nashville Predators and Boston Bruins are wildly similar squads. 

Both teams have room for growth on the offensive end. Both also hang their hats on the defensive end. They have nearly identical points percentages to boot. It's almost scary.

Linemakers favor Boston by a health margin here. We disagree. This game will be one on the margins, and the Predators are more adept at converting on power plays and killing penalty minutes.

OSB Prediction: Nashville Predators (+126)

Nashville Predators To beat the Boston Bruins

Islanders Shock the Capitals

Don't look now, but the New York Islanders may be on the rise. 

Despite a rather unimpressive season, the Islanders are 6-2-2 over their past 10 games and showing signs of offensive life to go with an ascending defense. The Washington Capitals pose a real threat with their 3.31 goals per game, but they've struggled to convert during power plays and don't have the tighest defense after the first period.

OSB Prediction: New York Islanders (-105)

New York Islanders To beat the Washington Capitals

Carolina Takes Care of Business vs. Vancouver

Make no bones about it: The Carolina Hurricanes are a powerhouse.

No team in the NHL has a better point differential per game, and they've proven they can beat teams in a variety of different ways. From high-scoring affairs and incredible protection between the posts to strong shorthanded play and a knack for lighting up rival teams during power play stints, Carolina has shown time and again they are the NHL's best in 2022.

OSB Prediction: Carolina Hurricanes (-240)

Carolina Hurricanes To beat the Vancouver Canucks

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