2022 NHL Futures: Should Colorado Avalanche be Odds-On Favorites to Win Stanley Cup?

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By , Updated on: Sep 4, 2022 08:00 PM
2022 NHL Futures: Should Colorado Avalanche be Odds-On Favorites to Win Stanley Cup?

With the 2022 NHL playoffs mere days away from the beginning, now's a great time to go shopping for betting odds on the Stanley Cup

Colorado Avalanche+320
Florida Panthers+550
Calgary Flames+900
Tampa Bay Lightning+1000
Toronto Maple Leafs+1100
Carolina Hurricanes+1200
Boston Bruins+1600
Minnesota Wild+1600
New York Rangers+1600
Pittsburgh Penguins+1800
St. Louis Blues+2000
Edmonton Oilers+2500
Washington Capitals+3000
Nashville Predators+5000
Dallas Stars+5000
Vegas Golden Knights+20000

In fact, many may argue this is actually the best time to invest in 2022 NHL Stanley Cup betting odds. The lines won't be as lucrative as they were at the start of the season, but they are glitzier than they'll be in the middle of the playoffs, and you have the benefit of a noticeably narrower field.

We've decided to capitalize on this happy medium with a fresh batch of 2022 NHL futures in which we'll be tackling all the biggest questions and best Stanley Cup bets. Should the Colorado Avalanche be the odds-on favorite to win it all? Do the Tampa Bay Lightning have a chance to three-peat? Are the New York Rangers a Stanley Cup sleeper? We've got all these topics covered—and more.

But let's pause there. We have to look at the latest betting odds on the 2022 Stanley Cup before we go any further:

It is imperative that you double-check these odds on the NHL if you're not immediately placing your wager. All NHL betting lines are subject to shift often and significantly as the postseason starts and series outcomes are decided.

The start of the NHL playoffs also just so happens to be a great time to peruse our online sportsbooks reviews. We cover all the necessary bases so that you can easily spot the best betting sites for the NHL in 2022, as well as the best sportsbook bonuses and promotions in the business.

Should the Avalanche be Favored to Win it All?

It is interesting that oddsmakers are giving the Avalanche (+320) the best Stanley Cup odds of anyone. They absolutely deserve to be in the discussion, but both the Florida Panthers (+550) and Calgary Flames (+900) grade out higher than them in most advanced metrics. Colorado also happens to be working off a disappointing playoff push last year after entering as the odds-on favorite to win it all.

None of which should talk you out of the Avalanche. Not even close. This is largely the same team from last year; they're just better. Colorado's goalies are saving 91.3 percent of the shots that come their way, and the team scores on nearly 25 percent of their power play opportunities.

Somebody has to win this year's title. And it very well could be the Avalanche.

Colorado Avalanche To win the 2022 Stanley Cup

Do the Lightning have a Chance to Three-Peat?

Three-peats don't happen in the NHL. They just don't. Yet here are the two-time reigning champion Lightning (+1000), still alive and not at all a pushover heading into the postseason.

Yes, this regular season was definitely choppier for Tampa Bay than the previous two. That comes with the territory. They're working off two deep-as-can-be postseason pushes, the lengths of which invariably take their toll.

Still, the Lightning have once again cobbled together a top-seven offense and defense, making them one of very few teams to do so. They need to be on your Stanley Cup radar. Again.

Tampa Bay Lightning To win the 2022 Stanley Cup

The Rangers Have a Real Chance to Win It All

The Rangers (+1600) are entering this conversation almost out of nowhere. After a touch-and-go start to their year, they really settled down over the past few months, defending better than any team in the league both during full-strength and shorthanded minutes.

Generating consistent offense will always be an issue for this squad without material changes or leaps from within. But the Rangers have upped their scoring ante to close the season. Combine this with the third-highest power play percentage in the league (26.19), and they're a great option for their 16-to-1 price point.

New York Rangers To win the 2022 Stanley Cup

Florida Deserves More Respect in the Stanley Cup Discussion

It doesn't feel like the Panthers (+550) are laying the second-best Stanley Cup odds, mostly because almost no one is talking about them. They just pieced together wire-to-wire dominance all year, averaging more goals than any other team, but somehow still seem to be flying under the radar.

Perhaps they like it that way. Florida entered the year facing massive expectations, the likes of which they've arguably never encountered before. They ended up obliterating even the most optimistic projections.

This is all to say: The Panthers aren't just Stanley Cup candidates; their offense alone gives them a case to be Stanley Cup favorites.

Florida Panthers To win the 2022 Stanley Cup

Edmonton Oilers are Intriguing Dark Horse

Oh, we're going here.

A good rule of thumb is to never trust the Edmonton Oilers (+2500), who might be the most Jekyll and Hyde contender in recent memory. For the first time, though, we cannot bring ourselves to care.

Edmonton is currently playing scorching-hot hockey, and we can't shake the feeling that having two top-five superstars, in Conor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, will be a huge playoff boon.

Edmonton Oilers To win the 2022 Stanley Cup

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