Strap in to your seat belts, folks. The betting odds on the 2022 NHL season are getting spicy. With more than half of March in the books, we're quickly approaching the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs territory. Key matchups that will determine seedings and overall postseason fates are happening every night. It's a wonderful time to watch NHL games and also jump on some betting odds for the 2022 Stanley Cup.

This rings especially true if you're a fan of the New York Rangers. They have surged up the standings in recent weeks, climbing all the way to second in the Metropolitan Division, trailing only the powerhouse Carolina Hurricanes.

Will the Tampa Bay Lightning be able slow them on Saturday, or are the Rangers destined to keep rolling ahead of the playoffs? We've got the answer. But first, here are the NHL odds for all the games taking place on Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19:

Calgary Flames-170+140Buffalo Sabres
Carolina Panthers-152+124Anaheim Ducks
Colorado Avalanche-180+145San Jose Sharks
Carolina Hurricanes-205+155Washington Capitals
Ottawa Senators-159+129Philadelphia Flyers
Boston Bruins-165+135Winnipeg Jets
Minnesota Wild-220+195Chicago Blackhawks
New York Islanders-125+105Dallas Stars
Edmonton Oilers-180+135New Jersey Devils
Vegas Golden Knights-140+115LA Kings
Pittsburgh Penguins-185+155Phoenix Coyotes
St. Louis Blues-115-105Columbus Blue Jackets
Nashville Predators-118+105Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens-119+108Ottawa Senators
Tampa Bay Lightning-160+120New York Rangers
Seattle Kraken-135+110Detroit Red Wings
Calgary Flames-105+100Vancouver Canucks

Remember to double-check these NHL betting odds prior to settling on any NHL picks. All hockey betting lines are subject to shift right up until the opening faceoff.

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The Lightning will NOT Slow Down the Rangers

After a back-to-back Stanley Cup championship the past two years, most expected the Lightning to be better than their New York counterpart this season. Indeed, entering the 2021-22 campaign, Tampa Bay had better Stanley Cup odds than the Rangers.

That's all a thing of the past now. The Rangers have proven to be one of the league's peskiest teams—one that profiles as a genuine threat to win a couple of playoff series.

No NHL team is posting a higher save percentage at the moment, which doesn't bode well for an Islanders squad that doesn't generate a ton of shots on goal in the first place. Some are still skeptical the Rangers have enough playmaking star power on the offensive end. That's fair. But they have upped their efficiency over the course of the season and are now putting in nearly 10.5 percent of all their shot opportunities.

Perhaps you still don't want to loop the Rangers into the league's crop of Stanley Cup contenders. That's fine. As far as this matchup with the Lightning goes, though, we're riding their momentum.

OSB Prediction: New York Rangers (+120)

New York Rangers To beat the Tampa Bay Lightning

Carolina Remains a Defensive Beast vs. Washington

Oddsmakers aren't showing a lot of faith in the Washington Capitals by earmarking them as an underdog that pays out much better than even money (+155). We get where they're coming from. The Hurricanes are a machine—the best team in the NHL.

Washington has shown some spunk in recent games against elite opponents. But ultimately, Carolina's defense is simply too much not just for the Capitals' offense, but every offense. The Hurricanes are second in save percentage (91.9), and they kill a league-best 89.37 percent of their shorthanded penalty minutes.

There are no cracks in the armor at the other end. Carolina won't wear you down with a high volume of shots, but they know how to make the most of their opportunities. They rank in the top seven of power-play percentage and are putting in nearly 10 percent of their shots overall.

OSB Prediction: Carolina Hurricanes (-205)

Carolina Hurricanes To beat the Washington Capitals

Edmonton's Offense will Cruise Past New Jersey with Ease

Though the Edmonton Oilers continue to register as one of the most topsy-turvy teams in existence, they have little to worry about against the New Jersey Devils.

New Jersey doesn't do a good job killing their penalty minutes. The Sabres are also among the worst teams in the league when it comes to converting on power plays and saving shots on goal during breakaway plays.

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise us if Leon Draisaitl or Connor McDavid drops in multiple goals for the Oilers.

OSB Prediction: Carolina Hurricanes (-255)

Edmonton Oilers To beat the New Jersey Devils

St. Louis Should Get By Columbus

Good luck spotting any major differences between the St. Louis Blues and Columbus Blue Jackets. They are among a smattering of teams that occupy identical spaces in the league's hierarchy—a tier of squads including the Pittsburgh Penguins, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators and a couple of others.

St. Louis' slightly superior offense wins out for us in the end. The Blues are an above-average team at converting on power plays, which is one of the areas in which a well-rounded Blue Jackets squad struggles most.

OSB Prediction: St. Louis Blues (-115)

St. Louis Blues To beat the Columbus Blue Jackets

San Jose Might Get the Upset Over Colorado

Call us stupid, but the San Jose Sharks are too tantalizing at +145 when facing a Colorado Avalanche roster that's been on the downslope in recent matchups.

Yes, the Avalanche have a bunch more wins. And their offense can be terrifying. But their goal differential is on the decline over the past few weeks. San Jose, on the other hand, continues to combat bad offense with great penalty-killing minutes and opportunism on power plays.

Roll the dice on an upset. We sure will be.

OSB Prediction: San Jose Sharks (+145)

St. Louis Blues To beat the Los Angeles Kings

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