2022 NHL Picks: Should the Calgary Flames be 2022 Stanley Cup Favorite?

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2022 NHL Picks: Should the Calgary Flames be 2022 Stanley Cup Favorite?

As most of the best 2022 NHL betting sites continue to spend time trying to figure out just how many teams are laying worthwhile betting odds to win the 2022 Stanley Cup, a more pressing development might just have slipped through the cracks. There may be a new 2022 NHL Stanley Cup favorite rising through the ranks.

This will be the primary subject of our latest round of 2022 NHL picks. We want to know if the Calgary Flames are, in fact, now the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, ahead of squads like the Colorado Avalanche and Toronto Maple Leafs, among many others.

We will also offer a handful of other best NHL bets for the action scheduled to take place on Friday, February 18 and Saturday, February 19. But first, here are the latest NHL betting odds for the next few days of games:

Carolina Hurricanes-158+143Nashville Predators
Florida Panthers-115+104Minnesota Wild
Vegas Golden Knights-160+144Los Angeles Kings
Dallas Stars-105+101Chicago Blackhawks
Colorado Avalance-175+155Buffalo Sabres
Winnipeg Jets-115+105Edmonton Oilers
Boston Bruins-113+125Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs-160+135St. Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings-120+140Arizona Coyotes
Calgary Flames-265+165Seattle Kraken
Vancouver Canucks-205+148Anaheim Ducks

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Calgary Flames Maybe the New Stanley Cup Favorite in 2022

Not enough people are recognizing how well the Flames are playing at the moment. Like, they went on an eight-game winning streak, through which they outscored opponents 37-13, and it felt like the national media wasn't really talking about it.

Perhaps Calgary's slower start to the season is holding them back when it comes to the attention they're commanding. That's fine when comparing them to the Avalanche or another powerhouse. But it's time to start acknowledging the Flames may be one of the top three or four Stanley Cup contenders this season. Their defense is aggressive and effective, and they're starting to gain real playmaking traction at the other end.

Going up against the Nashville Predators counts as a genuine test. Their defense verges on lockdown. But we just can't bet on anyone other than the scorching-hot Flames right now.

OSB Prediction: Calgary Flames (-158)

Calgary Flames To beat the Nashville Predators

Are the Florida Panthers Overrated?

The Florida Panthers may indeed be a forgotten powerhouse. They fell by the wayside as both the Flames and Avalanche have been tearing it up. But we're not going to dismiss them.

Florida has six players that have notched at least 15 goals on the year. There is just no stopping their offense. The Minnesota Wild can be feisty for games at a time, but they don't have the defensive depth away from the net to slow down the Panthers.

OSB Prediction: Florida Panthers (-115)

Florida Panthers To beat the Minnesota Wild

Don't Forget About the Colorado Avalanche

And now we get to the team that should probably be the true Stanley Cup favorite—and has been for a while.

Consider how well the Avalanche are faring since the start of December. They are averaging nearly four goals per game against around 2.4 scores allowed. Through this stretch, they have lost just three times while bagging 24 total wins. Seriously.

If we're being brutally honest, we're pretty shocked Colorado isn't a heavier favorite against the Buffalo Sabres.

OSB Prediction: Colorado Avalanche (-175)

Colorado Avalanche To beat the Buffalo Sabres

Roll the Dice on St. Louis Against Toronto

It may be taboo to say unflattering things about the Maple Leafs, but we're kind of there.

With the exception of Mitchell Marner, Auston Matthews, and Michael Bunting, this team's offense warrants more scrutiny and concern. Given how much deeper the scoring core stretches for the St. Louis Blues, along with the fact their goalies are notching a 95 save percentage over the past couple of weeks, we like the chance of an upset in this one.

OSB Prediction: St. Louis Blues (+135)

St. Louis Blues To beat the Toronto Maple Leafs

Anaheim is Undervalued vs. Vancouver

To be completely transparent, we are not quite sure why oddsmakers and media members are suddenly so obsessed with the Vancouver Canucks.

Yes, they have crept above .500 in recent weeks and are allowing fewer than 2.5 goals per game. But their offense goes through protracted stretches in which they fail to generate any shots on goal, let alone actually score.

The Anaheim Ducks are the better bet. Getting them at around 1.5-to-1 is a big deal when they're the team in this matchup that has earned points in a higher percentage of their games and is much better at killing penalties and derailing shot attempts closer to the net. It wouldn't even surprise us if the Ducks turn in something like a 2-0 shutout.

OSB Prediction: Anaheim Ducks (+148)

Anaheim Ducks To beat the Vancouver Canucks

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