NHL Big Bets Game 4 - Tampa Even Up

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NHL Big Bets Game 4 - Tampa Even Up

Come check out our NHL Big Bets for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final as Wednesday night looms large!

With the Stanley Cup online betting odds starting to turn, here are some early numbers for this contest between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche. Let's examine the numbers as Tampa tries to even up against Colorado.

The Tampa Bay Lightning Have Arisen

Now, the Tampa Bay Lightning have arisen! Keep in mind, Games 1 and 2 showed how dominant the Colorado Avalanche could be at even strength. Game 2 featured Colorado's special teams once more and Game 3 did as well. There was one difference. Tampa Bay woke up at even strength for 40 minutes anyway. It turned out the first two periods were more than enough to at least send this Stanley Cup Final back to Colorado on Friday night.

Our idea is to eye up the NHL Big Bets for Game 4 by potentially going to the well once more! Now, the speed and gaining the middle of the ice were paramount to success for Colorado. In Game 3, Tampa Bay found more lanes to the middle of the ice and got results. The Lightning even snapped an 0-16 power-play drought as they scored on the man advantage against the Avalanche. It was an important goal as Tampa Bay scored three times after each time Colorado tallied.

Tampa Bay from a numbers standpoint played much better during the first two periods on Monday. No one looked good from the Lightning in Game 2. Adjustments and home-ice last change played a vital, early role. Tampa Bay did not get jumped on at even strength by Colorado. They stayed the course, generated chances, got to the middle of the net, and produced. It took a superhuman effort from the champions but that is what the best teams do. They deliver at times like these!

Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final exacts some intriguing questions. Both teams are at a crossroads of a sort, but which one will deliver on Wednesday night? Online Sports Betting covers it all and looks at the top NHL betting sites.

Colorado And Tampa Bay Are Even Again In Game 4?

It is uncanny that the numbers for the two teams came out the way they did. Why are Colorado and Tampa Bay are even again in Game 4? That's an excellent question! For one, Colorado appears to have the higher gear more often in this series. On the other hand, Tampa countered with a few tactics that worked in Game 3. The reason why Game 3 was a 6-2 Lightning rout was timely goal scoring and Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Arguments that Tampa Bay should be favored in Game 4 are somewhat valid. The opening numbers being even between Colorado and Tampa Bay indicate something interesting. It is like bettors and bookies alike are waiting to see where the betting handle lies. The moneyline and puckline ultimately swung at the last minute on Monday to Tampa Bay. Game 3 closing odds were anywhere from -115 to -125 for the Lightning. Even some sites allowed considerable and profitable hedging.

Colorado Taught An Undeniable Lesson

Now, Colorado was taught an undeniable lesson on Monday night. Game 3 showed a Tampa Bay team that is very much alive in this series. Can Tampa even the series up is another question entirely? Tampa Bay displayed a full effort and sprinted out to a 6-2 lead after 40 minutes. The third period, however, became a dicey proposition for the team as "scoring effects" played a prominent role as the ice tilted.

Tampa Bay rode some fortunate bounces and breaks. Some will say that was luck but the Lightning were able to attack by using hard dump-ins to keep Colorado's breakout at bay. Tampa Bay expects to take advantage of that again. They know Colorado will adjust on Wednesday. The thought process dictates that Tampa's last line change looms large as NHL Big Bets Game 4 figures to be so pivotal. Now, what helps the most is that Tampa Bay looked so dominant in the last two rounds at home.

Tampa Bay Lightning To beat the Colorado Avalanche

Can Tampa Bay Even The Series?

Can Tampa Bay even the series in Game 4? Now, this depends on Andrei Vasilevskiy playing even better than the Russian goaltender did in Game 3. That sounds crazy. Keep in mind, Vasilevskiy stopped 37 of 39 shots in all on Monday night against Colorado. Not only did Tampa kill the last four Colorado power-play chances, the goaltender stopped six straight shots in all special situations after those early chances. Vasilevskiy could face an even more stern test on Wednesday night.

For those wondering, a quick breakdown of the goals in the series sets a potential "over" pattern. Despite that, the early numbers are entrenched at six. Even some books backed down to 5.5 before game time on Monday. Naturally, eight goals were scored in 40 minutes. Game 2 saw seven goals. Game 1 also saw seven goals. If not for Vasilevskiy, Colorado busts easily past the over of 2.5 goals for the road Avalanche. The goaltender remains the way Tampa can make this a long series.

Colorado and Tampa Bay Other NHL Top Playoff Bets

Colorado and Tampa Bay help us with other NHL Big Bets for Game 4. So, how about the over/under or maybe a prop or two?

Let's go to the well with the over at six goals on Wednesday. Expect the goals to still come in Tampa Bay as the Lightning will play with more urgency. Both teams scoring three or more goals is worth a look too. Colorado shot props from Nathan MacKinnon to Gabriel Landeskog can be considered more openly along with anytime goal picks.

Colorado's ability to score often, along with Tampa Bay's home-ice advantage, plays into our methodology.

Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche To score more than six goals

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