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NHL Rookie Of The Year Predictions

NHL Rookie Of The Year Predictions

Oliver Wahlstrom or Kaapo Kahkonen? That is the question being posed as we approach the end of the NHL Regular Season and it’ll be a hot topic again as two new rookies battle for the Calder Trophy in 2022. A month left of the season, Wahlstrom still holds the upper hand, but maybe another rookie will have the final word.

NHL Rooke Of The Year Monthly Ladder

The 2021 NHL season is coming to its conclusion, with the usual teams qualifying for the Stanley Cup playoffs. While there is still much to play for in the Regular Season, the NHL betting odds are already giving us a clear indication of the teams most likely to clinch the title this year.

The focus is on the Stanley Cup for now, but there is still a lot of value elsewhere in the National Hockey League, with the NHL Calder Trophy odds heating up across all major online bookmakers.

There have been a lot of opportunities for rookies this season, with the shortened season and the use of taxi squads. Teams have a lot more flexibility and the rotation of the squads has given the youngsters a chance to shine.

You could choose any match throughout the regular season and you’d find a top rookie on the roster. A few rookies have already cemented themselves in the starting lineups for NHL teams, which we’ll highlight in our picks from the NHL Calder odds.

1. Kirill Kaprizov, Minnesota Wild (RW) / -230

Without a doubt, the odds on favorite and this is something we’re unlikely to see much change with for the rest of the season. The pacey winger has produced some great performances this season and has carried on the form he had playing for CSKA Moscow in the KHL.

At 23-years old Kaprizov has been the spark in the Minnesota offence at times this season and has led them to the NHL playoffs. He’s excellent at finding his way into the pockets and opening up space for his teammates.

He’s a phenomenal player and has great control of the puck. He’s a very technical player with a great deal of skill—moreover, he’s a smart player. While it’s important not to get too far ahead, he may be one of the top talents in the world right now. We expect him to get his hands on the Calder Trophy this year.

2. Jason Robertson, Dallas Stars (RW) / +150

Dallas Stars forward has moved up the rankings in the NHL Calder odds and looks to give the Minnesota Wild player a run for his money. Robertson has seen a huge improvement in recent weeks, as the Stars challenge for the fourth spot in the division.

Kaprizov has been heavily favored throughout the season, but Robertson is more than capable of catching Kaprizov if he continues on the trajectory he has been on this past month. The Russian remains the leading goalscorer, but could Robertson tip him in the final weeks?

Robertson has caught the eye of the media, with many pundits and commentators commenting on his recent rise to stardom. While there’s still a long way to go, the speedy winger has what it takes and with 23 assists already this season he’s right behind Kaprizov in the scoring tables.

A string of injuries has helped Robertson to get game time and the young man has taken the opportunity. He ranks highly in the NHL and is one to keep an eye on as the regular season closes out.

3. Tim Stuetzle, Ottawa Senators (LW) / +1500

The first of two Sens players on our list of picks for this season. The winger has shown great form this season, scoring goals in consecutive games throughout the early parts of the season. The winger has been hovering up and down the scoring tables among the Rookies throughout the season.

Ottawa has not performed this season once again. But that hasn’t stopped the rookie in the squad from shining. Stutezle is a small player at 6’1”, but is incredible with the puck and has excellent stick control.

The Senators won’t make it to the playoffs, as they sit bottom of the North Division. However, they are building a team and the two rookies will be a key part of that development.

4. Josh Norris, Ottawa Senators (C) / +1500

Norris has been a top player at every level he’s played at, so to see him as one of the emerging talents in the NHL is no surprise at all. He’s played for the U.S. National Team and excelled at college-level hockey with Michigan.

Josh Morris has been scoring well throughout the season and on a Sens team that has struggled to make an impact on the season for some years now, it’s good to see a top power-play unit making an impact.

He’s been generating scoring chances for his team for a while now and has shown he can be useful in front of the net. He’s been centring the top line when he’s played and has made a positive impact when he’s come on, regardless of the fact he’s playing for a team that has struggled again this season.


1. Is the Calder Trophy a good betting market?

The Calder Trophy offers another avenue for bettors, rather than just following the main NHL betting lines, sportsbook users have a chance to enjoy a different kind of betting market.

2. Which is the best sportsbook for Calder Trophy betting odds?

It’s difficult to say exactly which is the best sportsbook for the Rookie of the Year odds, as there are so many different options available. However, there is a range of oddsmakers offering the odds, which all provide a unique opportunity to users. So, it’s always worth shopping about for the right odds for you.

3. Who was the NHL Rookie of the Year in 2020?

Cale Maker was the winner of the Calder Memorial Trophy in 2020.

4. What kind of odds are available for Calder Trophy betting?

There are pick odds, involving bettors choosing the correct position for the Rookies. As well as outright winners' odds, which entails selecting the rookie that will finish first in the rankings and win the Calder Trophy that year.

5. Why is the Calder Trophy named as such?

The Calder Memorial Trophy is named after former NHL president Frank Calder, who was a National Hockey League player and icon for the sport.

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