The Edmonton Oilers are Genuine Stanley Cup Threats

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The Edmonton Oilers are Genuine Stanley Cup Threats

The start of the 2021-22 NHL regular season has predictably been a wild one. As it stands, 12 teams have yet to rack up their first loss while five squads are still looking to nab their first win. And though the Stanley Cup Finals feel forever away, we are starting to get a sense of the top-most contenders right out the gate.

One of those contenders will take center stage in this latest batch of NHL betting picks, because the Edmonton Oilers are genuine Stanley Cup threats, and it's time everyone took them seriously.

Let us first begin by taking stock of Thursday's NHL betting odds, courtesy of the folks over BetOnline:

New York Islanders-136+123Columbus Blue Jackets
Washington Capitals-120+109New Jersey Devils
Florida Panthers-112+102Colorado Avalanche
Ottawa Senators-109-101San Jose Sharks
Carolina Hurricanes-127+115Montreal Canadiens
Nashville Predators-108-102New York Rangers
Winnipeg Jets-191+172Anaheim Ducks
Chicago Blackhawks-128+116Vancouver Canucks
Edmonton Oilers-183+165Arizona Coyotes

Be sure to check that these NHL betting lines will hold. There can be last-minute shifts in NHL odds at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks prior to opening faceoffs.

NHL Betting Picks for Oilers, Rangers, Islanders, and More

Since there are 10 games on Thursday's docket, we have narrowed our NHL picks to our five best NHL bets. We will begin with the undefeated Oilers' matchup against the Arizona Coyotes and then move on to other marquee showdowns on the board.

The Oilers will Stay Undefeated Against Arizona

For so long, the Oilers have been the NHL's foremost underachievers. They have two perennial MVP candidates in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, but they always look better on paper than in practice. They have been, in essence, perpetual paper tigers.

That's not the case anymore.

Edmonton enters Thursday night with an undefeated record and has scored 14 goals through just three appearances. Their offense is to-die-for after a couple of solid offseason additions, and they're thus far posting a top-10 save percentage between the posts.

Beating the Coyotes will not technically be a telltale of anything. Arizona has a sloggy offense and leaky defense. In past years, though, you could count on the Oilers to be wild cards in such matchups. Now, however, they feel more like locks—which is the mark of a true Stanley Cup contender.

OSB Prediction: Edmonton Oilers (-183)

Edmonton Oilers To beat the Arizona Coyotes

Rangers to Stay Hot vs. Predators

After a slow start in which the New York Rangers went 0-1-1 through their first two games, they have picked up two straight victories on the back of the thrilling defense. Over the past two games, in fact, they have allowed just two total goals.

Granted, the Nashville Predators are supposed to present a tougher challenge. And yet, their offense has struggled to begin the year. Their shooting percentage ranks 26th in the league, which is actually a worse mark than the 24th spot occupied by the Rangers.

This is not to say New York should be trusted because of their own offense. They shouldn't. Even their goalie play has been a little spotty at times. But that hasn't been the case over the past two games, and more importantly, they do a good job of limiting mistakes such as penalties and turnovers.

OSB Prediction: New York Rangers (-102)

New York Rangers To beat the Nashville Predators

Islanders will Beat Blue Jackets with Ease

Most believed the New York Islanders were ready to take a leap this season after a deep 2021 playoff push. This thought-to-be up-and-comer has instead responded by getting outscored by four goals through their first three games and playing with a relative whimper on offense in general.

It's still early in the schedule—much too soon for us to draw sweeping conclusions. Perhaps New York's offense really is too young to expect consistency. It won't matter.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are due for a return to solid ground. They are shooting nearly 15 percent at the net on the season—a mark they don't have the talent to hold, and a mark that certainly won't sustain against New York's defense.

OSB Prediction: New York Islanders (-136)

New York Islanders To beat the Columbus Blue Jackets

Winnipeg Gets First Win Over the Ducks

The Winnipeg Jets still haven't grabbed their first win of the season. That tends to happen when you're shooting barely 10 percent on goal while allowing opponents to shoot better than 14 percent.

Fortunately for them, they're matching up with the rebuilding Anaheim Ducks on Thursday. And while the Ducks have played .500 hockey to date, they have one of the league's most forgiving defenses.

Winnipeg should feast.

OSB Prediction: Winnipeg Jets (-191)

Winnipeg Jets To beat the Anaheim Ducks

Vancouver will Upset Chicago

Get ready for a potential slog-fest between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. Both offenses are currently shooting under seven percent from the ice. Their games to date have been collectively ugly.

Oddsmakers ever so slightly favor the Blackhawks. We're attributing that to big-market bias. 

The Canucks have done a better job manning the posts and aren't committing as many penalties. We wouldn't be surprised if this ends in a draw, but we're thinking 1-0 in Vancouver's favor.

OSB Prediction: Vancouver Canucks (+116)

Vancouver Canucks To beat the Chicago Blackhawks

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