2022 Olympics Betting: Can Team USA Hockey Contend for Gold Medal?

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2022 Olympics Betting: Can Team USA Hockey Contend for Gold Medal?

At long last, it's time to begin betting on the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Not every event is laying odds, of course. The 2022 Winter Olympics don't officially begin until Friday, February 4, and we're still in the month of January at this writing. More 2022 Olympics odds will drop in the coming weeks.

There is, however, already odds on the Olympics' gold medal winner in men's hockey. So, that's where we'll begin. And while they aren't among the top Olympics betting favorites, we can't help but wonder whether Team USA Men's hockey has a legitimate crack at winning a gold medal.

First thing's first, though. Let's take a gander at the latest 2022 Olympics hockey betting odds:

Pick to Win Hockey Gold MedalBetOnlineBovadaBetNow
ROC (Russia)+160+150+150
Czech Republic+900+1000+800
Team USA+1600+1200+1500

All of our 2022 Olympics hockey predictions will be based on Olympics betting odds that were published heading into Friday, January 27. If you're placing a wager thereafter, be sure to double-check these hockey betting odds before settling on any picks.

And since the Olympics are a bi-annual event, you'll definitely want to read through our reviews of the best online sportsbooks in order to find the best Olympics betting sites in 2022. In this case, relying on the regular NHL's best 2022 betting sites won't cut it. The NHL isn't sending players to Beijing. We're instead seeing NCAA hockey players headlining the 2022 Olympics for Team USA. It's imperative you do your research to spot which sportsbooks are best suited to handle your 2022 Olympics hockey betting, and our reviews will help.

Does Team USA Have a Shot to Win Gold Medal?

Team USA would have more gold medal appeal if NHL players were being sent to the Olympics. They'd easily have one of the best defensive lines in Beijing, not to mention one of the deepest goalie rotations. 

Alas, NHL players are not headed to Beijing given how the pandemic turned their regular season upside down. The United States will instead send college players to represent the country. And while the projected roster is brimming with puck-handling talent and some truly crafty scorers who play at breakneck speeds, Team USA now lacks the defensive depth to be a true favorite option.

Still, at 16-to-1 odds, Team USA is worth a betting flier. High-powered offenses can make a lot of noise, and the United States is certainly built to do that.

Team USA To win Gold Medal in 2022 Olympics Hockey

Should ROC be the Olympics Hockey Gold Medal Favorite?

Since Russia is banned from playing under their official name, they have athletes head to Beijing under the ROC banner. Though this has precluded some hockey players from participating, it has done little to compromise the actual depth of the roster.

ROC appears to have the best goalie rotation in the Olympics and is fielding a handful of ultra-physical defenders who do a great job of limiting shot opportunities for their opponents. The offense could be touch-and-go, but there are four to five players on the ROC roster who move the puck extremely well. Playmaking-by-committee should give them the inside track against a bunch of opponents, especially earlier in the tournament.

ROC To win Gold Medal in 2022 Olympics Hockey

Better 2022 Olympics Bet: Team Canada or Sweden

If the NHL were sending players to the 2022 Winter Olympics, Team Canada (+700) would no doubt be the favorite to take home the goal medal. Instead, they're barely laying top five odds and find themselves behind should-be longer shots like Sweden (+500).

Indeed, it definitely hurts Canada that so many of their top professionals are currently playing stateside. But they have one of the deepest, most talented international leagues in their own country and will be welcoming a sizable list of players from Russia's primary professional league.

Without question, Team Canada offers more value than Sweden right now.

Canada To win Gold Medal in 2022 Olympics Hockey

2022 Olympics Hockey Gold Medal Prediction

There's no use fighting ROC's gold medal candidacy at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Take one look at their roster, and you'll see that the ROC has more professional players in their prime than any other country on the Olympics docket. They also have a goalie rotation that has combined to stop 93-plus percent of all the shots that have come their way.

Banking on the field to yield a better option is always a safer play. But from where we're standing, the absence of NHL players should make ROC an even heavier favorite.

ROC To win Gold Medal in 2022 Olympics Hockey

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