Latest Olympics Betting Odds and Picks for Swimming, Volleyball and Baseball

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Latest Olympics Betting Odds and Picks for Swimming, Volleyball and Baseball

While the Tokyo Olympics are nearing their close, there is no shortage of worthwhile events on which to still bet. Gold medals still need to be handed out in some of the main attractions like swimming, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and baseball, just to name a few.

In order to make sure you can still capitalize on the top remaining sports, we've parsed the Olympics schedule for the best value. What we've settled on is the latest Olympics betting odds and picks for swimming, volleyball and baseball.

Let's start with the odds to win a gold medal for men's baseball, courtesy of BetOnline:

To Win GoldBetOnline
Dominican Republic+1000
South Korea+1800

Like always, you'll want to double-check these Olympic odds. There's a chance they will move at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks between now and the opening pitch.

Olympics Betting Breakdown

Please note that all of the betting odds on these Olympic events are for gold medal victories, not just preliminary wins or podium placements. We'll begin with men's baseball, since that event it slated to close first, and then get to the rest.

Men's Baseball Winner

Five countries currently remain in the hunt for gold in the men's baseball division: Japan (-200), Team USA (+175), Dominican Republic (+1000), South Korea (+1800) and Israel (+4000).

Currently, Japan enters the running as the heavy favorite on the back of their electric offense. They have scored more runs through their first two games than the rest of Group A—which includes the Dominican Republic and Mexico—combined.

Still, Team USA is generating some buzz after their dominant victory over South Korea. They actually have the highest run differential of any team in the Olympics. We're rolling with the slight long shot here.

OSB Prediction: Team USA (+175)

Team USA To win gold in men's baseball

Men's Gymnastics: Horizontal Bar

Here are the latest Olympic betting odds for the horizontal bar division:

We don't really see this one as much of a competition.

Men's Acropatic Olympics

Takeru Kitazono (+400) of Japan has showcased interesting form in previous events, but Daiki Hashimoto (+120), also of Japan, has pieced together a truly dominant stint in Tokyo. He won the all-around event in a relative landslide, and the horizontal bar is among his biggest specialties.

OSB Prediction: Daiki Hashimoto (+120)

Daiki Hashimoto To win gold in men's gymnastics

Women's Marathon Swimming

Check out the latest odds for the women's 10 kilometer marathon swimming event:

To Win GoldBetOnline
Xin Xin+200
Haley Anderson+500
Ana Marcela Cunha+550
Rachele Bruni+650
Sharon Van Rouwendaal+650
Lara Grangeon+1200
Finnia Wunram+1400
Kareena Lee+1400
Leonie Beck+1400
Anna Olasz+1600
Paula Ruiz+2000
Alice Dearing+2500
Kate Sanderson+2500

You can understand the oddsmakers' fascination with Xin Xin (+200) of China. She qualified for her first Olympics in the age of 15. Then, in 2020, she finished fourth in this very event.

Haley Anderson (+500), of the United States, should be able to give her a run for her money. She placed second in the 10 kilometer marathon event during the 2012 Olympics. All said, though, it's tough to bet against Xin Xin's youth and trajectory in marathon swimming.

OSB Prediction: Xin Xin (+200)

Xin Xin To win gold in women's gymnastics

Men's Marathon Swimming

Below are the latest odds for the men's 10 kilometer marathon swimming event:

To Win GoldBetOnline
Florian Wellbrock+350
Marc-Antoine Olivier+350
Ferry Weertman+500
Gregorio Paltrinieri+500
Kristof Rasovszky+500
Jordan Wilimovsky+700
Rob Muffels+700
Mario Sanzullo+1300
Alberto Martinez+1500

Oddsmakers are once again going with someone sporting a relatively proven track record. Florian Wellbrock (+350), from Germany, took home the Bronze medal in the 1,500-meter race back in 2016. That being said, it's a tad odd that he checks in as a co-favorite, when his peer, Marc Antoine-Olivier (+350) of France, specializes in these longer-distance-type races.

Latest Olympics Betting Odds and Picks for Swimming, Volleyball and Baseball

And yet, the participant with the most proven track record of all is Dutchman Ferry Weertman (+500). He took home the gold medal in this very race during the 2016 Olympics. Though most tend to bet against repeat bids in marathon swimming events, we don't subscribe to such theories. We're taking him.

Ferry Weertman To win gold in men's swimming

Women's Volleyball

Here are the latest odds on who will take home the gold medal in the women's volleyball event:

To Win GoldBetOnline
ROC (Russian Olympic Committee)+1600
Dominican Republic+10000
South Korea+15000

Team USA (+140) is essentially a dynasty when it comes to Olympic volleyball. It's almost surprising that they're laying better than even money despite checking in as favorites.

Then again, people are right to be worried about their one loss in five games. Their serve percentage doesn't look all that great now, and they've shown some weaknesses when defending third hits. 

Brazil (+250), on the other hand, remains undefeated and has done a great job keeping their opponents on tilt with deep serves and spikes working the baseline. Oddsmakers have deemed this an upset. We think they're the true favorites.

OSB Prediction: Brazil (+250)

Brazil To win gold in women's volleyball

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