Bellator 276 Betting Picks: Mads Burnell has Edge Over Adam Borics in Featherweight Showdown

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Bellator 276 Betting Picks: Mads Burnell has Edge Over Adam Borics in Featherweight Showdown

Tired of waiting for the next round of betting odds on UFC pay-per-view events? Of course, you are. There are only so many of them each month. Luckily, you're also able to bet on Bellator MMA matches, which are usually scheduled for the week after a major UFC event (such as UFC 272).

Next up on the docket is Bellator 276. And for our Bellator 276 picks, we'll be focusing on the featherweight showdown between Mads Burnell and Adam Boric, as well as the other three primetime fights on the co-main card: Phil Davis vs. Julius AnglickasJohnny Eblen vs. John Salter, and Gadzhi Rabadanov vs. Jay Jay Wilson.

As usual, let's go over the latest betting odds on Bellator 276 before we dig into our picks:

Mads Burnell-230+190Adam Borics
Phil Davis-300+240Julius Anglickas
Johnny Eblen-300+240John Salter
Gadzhi Rabadanov-155+125Jay Jay Wilson

Always make sure to double-check Bellator betting odds. All of these betting lines are subject to shift right up until the opening bell of Bellator 276, which is set for Saturday, March 12.

It's likewise a great idea for you to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks while you're at it, too. Given the breadth of information we provide, you'll be able to discern the best Bellator betting sites in 2022 without much hassle. We also implore you to peruse our list of the best betting apps for UFC, as most of these mobile sites tend to run betting promotions and bonuses in advance of major Bellator events.

Mads Burnell May Cruise to Victory Over Adam Boric

Select bettors may flock toward Adam Boric (+190) because he sports a more pristine 17-1 record, with a bevy of knockouts also under his belt. We're not quite sold on that logic.

For starters, it's not like Madsen "Mads" Burnell (-230) is all that far off his pace. He enters with a lifetime 16-3 record in the octagon. And what's more, Burnell's victories have come against the much stauncher competition—guys who actually rank highly on the featherweight pecking order. Boric has for the most part capitalized on an easier slate of opponents.

Indeed, Boric's vertical power needs to be taken seriously. He can generate a lot of explosion off his back foot, and he's turned in some pretty convincing early-round victories. 

But Burnell doesn't rank second overall in Bellator's Featherweight Division by accident. He is an expert in surviving power, preferring instead to counter it with a skill set built around opportunism. Make one mistake, and he will exploit it. That's why we expect this to end by decision or submission in his favor.

OSB Prediction: Mads Burnell (-230)

Mads Burnell To beat Adam Boric

Phil Davis Should Get Easy W vs. Julius Anglickas

Phil Davis (-300) has not given up hopes of landing a Light-Heavyweight Title matchup, even though he enters this bout with Julius Anglickas (+240) at the age of 37. And if he wins here, he just might get his wish. After all, nothing sends a message quite like beating the fourth-ranked Bellator fighter in the Light-Heavyweight division.

Whether Davis can get that win is a separate matter. Oddsmakers believe he will. And at the moment, we're inclined to agree.

Fighting at the Bellator level allows Davis to adhere to a three-round format, which is perfect for his aging body. He doesn't have to worry about his strength ebbing out over a longer haul. And given how lethal he can be with both hands when he's well-rested, it's easy to understand why linemakers are awarding him the benefit of the doubt.

OSB Prediction: Phil Davis (-300)

Phil Davis To beat Julius Anglickas

Can John Salter Get the Upset Over Johnny Eblen?

By this point on the headlining card, bettors may be itching for an upset. But don't make the mistake of expecting it to come at the expense of Johnny Eblen (-300).

At 10-0, Eblen is still working with a perfect record. And while John Salter (+240) has dispatched bigger names than him in the past, he's looked a punch or three slow over his past few appearances. 

If you're really hard up for some more lucrative odds, try to find sportsbooks offering lines on the method of victory. These Bellator props usually drop the night of the event, and in our opinion, it'd be worth investing in the odds of Johnny Eblen knocking out John Salter.

OSB Prediction: Johnny Eblen (-300)

Johnny Eblen To beat John Salter

Jay Jay Wilson Looks to Surprise Gadzhi Rabadanov

Linemakers are clearly favoring experience here. Gadzhi Rabadanov (-155) has 21 fights and 16 victories on his resume, while Jay Jay Wilson (+125) enters with just eight matches under his belt. Many will also like that Rabadanov checks in 10 pound heavier than his younger counterpart.

Here's the thing: All eight of Wilson's fights have registered as victories. Combine that with his light-on-his-feet quickness and the speed with which he delivers his right-left-right combinations, we're tempted to overlook the relative infancy of his career.

OSB Prediction: Jay Jay Wilson (+125)

Jay Jay Wilson To beat Gadzhi Rabadanov

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