Betting Odds and Predictions for Fight 2 Win 179

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Betting Odds and Predictions for Fight 2 Win 179

Fans of UFC betting may have one complaint: There aren't enough events. Even at the height of summer, with various fight nights and big-time spectacles like UFC 265 happening weekly, there can still be a shortage of matches to watch and wager on. That's where various other mixed martial arts leagues come in. And our betting odds and picks for Fight 2 Win 179 should serve as a nice alternative for all you MMA heads out there.

Let's first take a look at the latest Fight 2 Win betting odds before going any further, focusing initially on the main event between Jaime Caruto and Jeferson Guaresi. These come via BetOnline:

Canuto by Decision-115
Canuto by Submission+300
Guaresi by Decision+300
Guaresi by Submission+400

Make sure, as always, to confirm these MMA betting odds before deciding on a wager. BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks will shift the lines between now and the opening bell. 

We also highly recommend checking out the best UFC betting apps for any specials. All Fight2Win events should allow you to capitalize on any bonuses that apply to UFC.

Fight 2 Win 179 Betting Breakdown

For anyone not familiar with Fight 2 Win, it is a top-rated Jiu-Jitsu promotion company that focuses on the growth of—you guessed it—Jiu-Jitsu.

Though their popularity pales in comparison to UFC, Fight 2 Win is starting to gain real recognition on an international scale. For U.S. bettors specifically, an increasing number of events are being scheduled across the United States.

Betting on this style of MMA isn't all that different from wagering on UFC. You have to consider a lot of the same factors, and many similar metrics go into measuring a fighter's value. We've taken all of this into account when coming up with our picks for the three main events at Fight 2 Win 179.

Jaime Canuto vs. Jeferson Guaresi

fight 2 win odds

The 32-year-old Jamie Canuto still continues to make waves on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu circuit.

Sure, his heyday came in the mid-2010s, peaking somewhere around 2017. But he has still racked up serious accomplishments in the intervening years. Most recently, he won the IBJJF South American Championship.

That longevity helps explain why he's the favorite to win by decision. Jeferson Guaresi, 23, is a quality opponent with a decided speed advantage. His resume is extensive for someone so young. But he also hasn't finished in a pole position in any event since 2019.

Canuto, meanwhile, has 173 total career wins under his belt—and roughly 43 percent of them have come via submission. That is categorically absurd, and it's why we're taking him to win in that fashion.

OSB Prediction: Jaime Canuto by submission (+300)

Jaime Canuto To beat Jeferson Guaresi by submission

Karen Antunes vs. Gabi McComb

Check out the latest betting odds for Karen Antunes vs. Gabi McComb:

Antunes by Decision-105
McComb by Decision+265
Antunes by Submission+275
McComb by Submission+425

Karen Antunes is just a slight favorite by decision at -105. Our guess is oddsmakers are giving her experience the benefit of the doubt. Gabi McComb has only more recently burst onto the scene, turning heads with her Jiu-Jitsu mechanics and for the sheer amount of events she's won.

Still, while we cannot argue with Antunes' more extensive resume, we're inclined to go with a fresher face here.

McComb has taken down opponents with far more experience than her, and she's been on a relative tear since the middle of 2019. Antunes, on the other hand, has yet to place in a major event since 2018. 

To the latter's credit, she is going to be the better grappler. But McComb's aggressive offense overwhelms even the most fundamentally sound vertical fighters. She also has some power to her, as well. It wouldn't surprise us if she pulls off the upset via submission—although that's not what we're predicting.

OSB Prediction: Gabi McComb by decision (+265)

Gabi McComb To beat Karen Antunes by decision

Kennedy Maciel vs. Josh Cisneros

Josh Cisneros odds

Here are the latest betting odds for Kennedy Maciel vs. Josh Cisneros: 

Maciel by Decision+175
Cisneros by Decision+200
Maciel by Submission+225
Cisneros by Submission+300

Kennedy Maciel has more than tripled the number of victories (56) of Josh Cisneros. The former's resume, in fact, includes 15 first-place finishes at major events.

That's not necessarily bad news for Maciel. He has more victories under the Fight 2 Win umbrella, having picked up a victory in the 145-pound division back in 2019.

Neither fighter is used to going at it for very long. Nearly half of their career victories have come by submission. Our concern lies more so with Cisneros, though. Maciel is the toughest opponent he's ever faced and has taken a larger percentage of his fights the distance. 

This seems like it could be another submission situation. Even if you're hesitant, you might as well roll the dice. Maciel by decision pays out +175. It jumps to +225 if you bump it to a submission victory.

OSB Prediction: Kennedy Maciel by submission (+225)

Kennedy Maciel To beat Josh Cisneros by submission

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