UFC Betting Odds and Picks for July 31 Fight Night

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UFC Betting Odds and Picks for July 31 Fight Night

The UFC has done a great job loading up their non-main events throughout the summer of 2021. And the July 31 fight is no exception. They've stacked the deck with seven tantalizing matchups, headlined by the Sean Strickland-Uriah Hall battle, making this the perfect lead-in to UFC 265 the following weekend.

To answer your question: Yes, we absolutely do have UFC betting odds and picks for the July 31 fight night.

Like always, let's first take a look at the latest UFC betting odds for July 31, courtesy of BetOnline:

Sean Strickland-225+180Uriah Hall
Chris Daukaus-185+160Shamil Abdurakhimov
Danny Chavez-140+120Choi Dooho
Nicco Montano-170+140Wu Yanan
Kang Kyung Ho-200+170Rani Yahya
Mounir Lazzez-125+105Niklas Stolze
Ashley Yoder-140+120Jinh Yu Frey

Since there are still nearly two weeks to go at this writing before the opening bell, you'll want to double-check these UFC betting lines before deciding on any wagers. The odds at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks will shift between now and the Saturday night shindig. We also recommend checking out the best UFC betting apps and trying to capitalize on some of their MMA-specific specials.

UFC Fight Night July 31 Betting Breakdown

If you're thinking this is just a teensy-tiny edition of UFC betting picks, think again. We're not just singling out our favorite fights. 

We're predicting every fight—all seven of them.

We'll begin with Strickland vs. Hall since that's the main event. The other six will follow immediately after.

Uriah Hall odds

Sean Strickland (-225) vs. Uriah Hall (+180)

Holy winning streaks, Batman.

Both Strickland and Hall enter the octagon having won their past four fights. And all of them have been impressive victories. Strickland has two TKO wins over this span while Hall has three to his name.

The additional power Hall packs with both his right and left-hand make going with the upset a viable option. But Strickland is by far the more precise fighter. He's landing 5.14 significant strikes per minute and blocking 82 percent of all opponent takedown attempts.

OSB Prediction: Sean Strickland (-225)

Sean Strickland To beat Uriah Hall

Chris Daukaus (-185) vs. Shamil Abdurakhimov (+160)

We would be more intrigued by Shamil Abdurakhimov in this fight if he weren't working off a loss to Curtis Blaydes. It isn't so much the loss itself—which came by TKO—but the when of his letdown. This is Abdurakhimov's first official UFC roll call since September 2019.

Given that Chris Daukaus last fought in February, and that he has some of the quickest combinations in the sport, this really isn't much of a decision.

OSB Prediction: Chris Daukaus (-185)

Chris Daukaus To beat Shamil Abdurakhimov

Danny Chavez (-140) vs. Choi Dooho (+120)

Danny Chavez is getting a vote of confidence from the oddsmakers in large part because he fought in February—a loss by decision to Jared Gordon. Choi Dooho, meanwhile, hasn't fought at the official UFC level since December 2019.

That much time away from the pinnacle of the sport can wreak havoc on timing and speed. In Dooho's case, he may be more susceptible to unforced errors because of all the offensive gambles.

Still, we like him in this one after looking at past film. He is so quick to recover that he can take more risks than most and live to tell the tale.

OSB Prediction: Choi Dooho (+120)

Choi Dooho To beat Danny Chavez

Nicco Montano (-170) vs. Wu Yanan (+140)

Nicco Montano is getting her first crack at a higher-level UFC event since losing to Julianna Penna in July 2019. Chances are she'll make the most of it.

With all due respect to Wu Yanan, who has shown a capacity to hang in the ring during grueling decision fights, Montano is the more polished fighter. She is blocking nearly 65 percent of opponent strike attempts while landing more than five per minute of her own.

OSB Prediction: Nicco Montano (-170)

Nicco Montano (-170) To beat Wu Yanan

Kang Kyung Ho (-200) vs. Rani Yahya (+170)

Kudos to Rani Yahya for picking up a victory in March, but he's overmatched here.

Opponents are successfully taking him down to the mat on more than 60 percent of their attempts, and he's landing fewer than two significant strikes per minute over his last few fights. He should be a tune-up match for Kang Kyung Ho.

Rani Yahya odds

OSB Prediction: Kang Kyung Ho

Kan Kyung Ho To beat Rani Yahya

Mounir Lazzez (-125) vs. Niklas Stolze (+105)

On the one hand, Mounir Lazzez is coming off a TKO loss in which he was a minus-15 in the strikes-landed department. On the other hand, Niklas Stolze hasn't gotten any official UFC run in over a year.

The oddsmakers have it right here. This feels like it'll be a tight one. But Lazzez is both the more experienced martial artist and a more accurate striker. He's our guy.

OSB Prediction: Mounir Lazzez (-125)

Mounir Lazzez To beat Niklas Stolze

Ashley Yoder (-140) vs. Jinh Yu Frey (+120)

If you're looking for good underdog value, Jinh Yu Frey brings a ton of it.

Ashley Yoder lost the strikes-landed battle by an ungodly amount in her last fight. Angela Hill landed two strikes for every one of hers en route to a decision victory.

Though oddsmakers appear to be weighting Yoder's extra experience and speed, Frey is devastatingly powerful on four-punch combinations and when on the mat.

OSB Prediction: Jinh Yu Frey

Jinh Yu Frey To beat Ashley Yoder

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