UFC Betting Odds and Picks for June 26 Fight Night

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UFC Betting Odds and Picks for June 26 Fight Night

UFC Gane vs Volkov & Other Fights Betting Picks

Savvy bettors and fans know to pay attention to UFC fight nights. They do not offer the same glitz and glam of the red carpet events, but they are always filled with a couple of key matchups and some notable up-and-comers. This is our way of saying you'll want to stick around for our UFC betting odds and picks for June 26 fight night.

Let's begin where we always begin: with the latest UFC betting odds. These come courtesy of BetOnline:

Ciryl Gane-160+140Alexander Volkov
Maxim Grishin-110-110Ovince Saint Preux
Ramazan Emeev-130+110Warlley Alves
Renato Moicano-250+210Jai Herbert
Raoni Barcelos-230+195Timur Valiev
Shavkat Rakhmonov-255+215Michel Prazeres
Tim Means-155+135Nicolas Dalby

Since there is a healthy amount of time between now and the June 26 festivities, please remember to confirm these UFC fight night odds before deciding on any wager. We also strongly recommend poking around the top UFC betting apps so you can capitalize on the best available specials.

UFC Fight Night Picks for June 26

Although the matchup between Alexander Volkov and Cyril Gane is headlining UFC's June 26 fight night, we're not here to only focus on the main card. Every single one of the seven fights on the docket presents an opportunity.

So, it's only right we take a stab at predicting them all.

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Ciryl Gane (-160) vs. Alexander Volkov (+140)

Ciryl Gane feels really overvalued at -160. He doesn't fight at nearly the same speed as Alexander Volkov and can also struggle to generate similar power.

Granted, Volkov can take too many chances. He is absorbing nearly 2.5 significant strikes per minute. But he's won two of his last three fights in convincing fashion, including one by total knockout, and for all his risk-taking, he is the more accurate striker and grappler of these two.

OSB Prediction: Alexander Volkov (+140)

Alexander Volkov To beat Ciryl Gane

Maxim Grishin (-110) vs. Ovince Saint Preux (-110)

Despite the dead-even odds for this showdown, Max Grishin seems to have the decided advantage.

At 38 years old, Ovince Saint Preux is no longer the most effective vertical defender. Opponents are landing roughly 54 percent of their significant strikes against him, one of the largest marks in all of UFC. Don't be shocked if this match doesn't last very long. 

OSB Prediction: Max Grishin (-110)

Max Grishin To beat Ovince Saint Preux

Ramazan Emeev (-130) vs. Warlley Alves (+110)

Ramazan Emeev is working on a two-fight winning streak and continues to assert himself as one of the best wrestlers in UFC. If he can turn your match into a slog on the mat, you're out of luck.

To Warlley Alves' credit, he is among the best in the business at warding off takedown attempts. At the same time, he isn't nearly efficient enough on his strike combinations to earn strong upset consideration.

OSB Prediction: Ramazan Emeev (-130)

Ramazan Emeev To beat Warlley Alves

Alves Renato Moicano (-250) vs. Jai Herbert (+210)

We don't have much of a sample size from Jai Herbert off which to work. He has a 10-2 lifetime record overall but just one official fight listed on UFC's own page. 

In that fight, meanwhile, he failed to showcase the agility necessary to fend off Alves Renato Moicano, who is landing a whopping 5.40 significant strikes per minute during his UFC career.

OSB Prediction: Alves Renato Moicano (-250)

Alves Renato Moicano To beat Jai Herbert

Raoni Barcelos (-230) vs. Timur Valiev (+195)

It doesn't feel like Timur Valiev is getting enough love from the oddsmakers. His last two fights, a no-contest, and an outright victory have seen him uncork a nice blend of speed and power. He is landing 5.50 significant strikes per minute.

Still, he finds himself going up against someone who not only mirrors his skill set but deploys it better. Raoni Barcelos is quick and surgical. He is landing more significant strikes per minute than Valiev and is also the better overall defender, both vertically and in takedown situations.

OSB Prediction: Raoni Barcelos (-230)

Raoni Barcelos To beat Timur Valiev

Shavkat Rakhmonov (-255) vs. Michel Prazeres (+215)

Shavkat Rakhmonov enters this fight with a perfect 13-0-0 record. We don't believe he's about to suffer his first loss now.

ufc fight night players betting odds

Michel Prazeres, at 39, is 13 years Rakhmonov's senior and not nearly as strong or accurate with his strike combinations. His lateral footwork can be clumsy, too.

We don't want to say he doesn't stand a chance, but this could be a TKO situation.

OSB Prediction: Shavkat Rakhmonov (-255)

Shavkat Rakhmonov To beat Michel Prazeres

Tim Means (-155) vs. Nicolas Dalby (+135)

Tim Means continues to be a high-risk, high-reward betting option.

One fight, he'll forget how to deflect punches, look sluggish and lose in discouraging fashion. The next fight, he'll land fast and furious combinations while keeping his opponent on tilt for the entire match. There never appears to be an in-between.

His brand of fighting can get him into trouble against certain rivals. Nicolas Dalby isn't one of them. He's yet to expand his offense to include more attacking stances, and he continues to absorb far too many punches on a per-minute basis.

OSB Prediction: Tim Means (-155)

Tim Means To beat Nicolas Dalby

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