Unfortunately the Caliente online sportsbook doesn’t accept US-based players (Mexicans only). We therefore refer you to one of top offshore sportsbooks listed below to have instant access to great betting action. Fantastic sports wagering awaits! Check out the options available in the United States in the table below! 

Veteran sports bettors in Southern California, along with the other US towns that border Mexico, are probably well aware of the sports book offerings of the Caliente Group. However, the majority of Americas know very little about these fantastic betting destinations. Operated by a private company, Caliente offers over 55  sportsbook locations, many of which are just a hop, skip, and a jump from major cities such as San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona. Caliente has 12 sports book locations in Tijuana alone, which are a short walk across the San Ysidro border in Southern Califormia.


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Caliente Sports Book Locations

The Caliente group has over 60 sportsbook locations. With 12 locations available in Tijuana and additional locations close to San Diego, Tucson, and Laredo, almost anyone has instant access to the hottest land based gaming action around.

Review of Caliente Sportsbook

On any given day, the Caliente Sportsbooks are packed with American sports betting enthusiasts. Nationals who frequent these establishments call them “libro foranei” which essentially means “foreign book”. US dollars account for as much as 40% of the take in Tijuana locations. Although Americans contribute the majority of cash to Caliente Sports Book’s bottom line, the business is becoming increasingly popular among the younger Mexican nationals. American sports have always been popular in Mexico. Mexican newspapers are covered in statistics gleaned from American sports arenas such as the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL puck betting.

Caliente Sports Book patterns itself after the more widely known Las Vegas gambling establishments, but there is one facet of the business that is completely original. Betting limits are much higher. Customers at Caliente Sportsbooks can wager as much as $20,000 in American dollars. Casinos in Las Vegas often receive lots of press over large payouts, but few people realize Caliente Sports Book paid out a large amount of cash to a Mexican National who cashed in winnings on a $50,000 futures bet on the 1988 Kentucky Derby.