Hollywood Planet Sportsbook Review

Certain spots in Las Vegas are synonymous with the culture of what it means to be in Sin City. The Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino is among these places. People don’t just stay and play there for the amenities—though that’s part of it—but because of what the overall experience represents. A hotel that is synonymous with one of the most famous cities on the planet, you don’t think of Las Vegas without Planet Hollywood crossing your mind.

If you don’t quite understand what that means, don’t worry. Our Planet Hollywood sportsbook review will cover everything and anything you need to know in a way that helps you get what makes this particular hotel and casino so darn special

The Planet Hollywood Sportsbook Experience

From the decor to general set up to the overall vibe, you're going to feel at home when inside the Planet Hollywood sportsbook. The same goes for the casino and the hotel. Even the location is something to celebrate. Let's dive into why.

Pros of Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino

  • Close to McCarran International Airport
  • Pop-culture ambiance
  • Extended weekend sportsbook hours

Cons of Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino

  • Under 100 seats located in the sportsbook
  • Not as many main screens in the sportsbook
  • Pricey daily resort fee

Planet Hollywood Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Sunday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Location of Planet Hollywood Sportsbook

Arriving at Planet Hollywood from the McCarran International Airport will take almost no time at all. It's under three miles away, which amounts to about an eight-minute drive in normal traffic.

What's more, the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino is basically as centrally located as it gets. You're nearly equal distances away from the left and right ends of the strip. It makes getting around super easy. Everything is basically within walking distance, which limits the need to rent a car or even use rideshares.

If you do opt for a car rental, Planet Hollywood is offering free self-parking to start the 2021 calendar year. Valet parking is extra, and self-park itself could see a price attached by 2022. But for now, if you have a car, guests have the ability to park it on the property for free.

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Sportsbool

Place Your Bets at Planet Hollywood Sportsbook

Many hotels and casinos use their sportsbooks as a primary draw. The Bellagio and Mandalay Bay are two examples. But Planet Hollywood is closer to the Cosmopolitan, in that they focus more on the overall experience within the casino and hotel itself.

That doesn't mean the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas sportsbook isn't serviceable. It is. It's just a little smaller than many others in Sin City.

The room is populated by just 50 seats and 33 TV screens—two of which are massive and will show the primary games, matches, or events happening at the time. But don't let this relatively small scale fool you. The Planet Hollywood sportsbook still offers some cool extras, like private seating for those betting on horse races, replete with individual screens so that you can monitor how your investment pans out.

Because the sportsbook is more of a secondary feature of the hotel and casino. they are more flexible than other Vegas spots—even those off the strip, like the Golden Nugget—about hosting special events and contests throughout basically any part of the year. The intimate setting also ensures their higher rollers and winners will stand out more, increasing the frequency with which people earn comps.

Planet Hollywood's extended sportsbook hours on the weekends are a godsend, most notably during the NFL and college football seasons. You can capitalize on early-bird lines from Friday through Sunday without issue, and we really mean it when we say "early bird."

Many sportsbooks guarantee to have their lines posted by 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. and use the first hour or so after they open to dole out winnings from past wagers and take gambles on whatever lines might be available. Not Planet Hollywood. They will have all their own lines up to date by the time they open the doors. These odds are also displayed across multiple screens, so you'll have no trouble getting the latest info.

Since the sportsbook is so small, it doesn't include a bar or grill within it. You can, however, get food and cocktails from spots on the main casino floor and bring it with you. 

Another sneaky benefit of Planet Hollywood's intimate setting: They tend not to get overcrowded for huge games. Sure, there will be only standing room available during events like the Super Bowl or college football National Championship. But you shouldn't have an issue kicking back and relaxing for a World Series or NBA Finals game.

Bettors can also invest in futures with confidence. You don't need to be present to collect your winnings. Planet Hollywood offers a pay-by-mail service. You have the option of using Caesars' sportsbook app to place wagers, as well. But while you don't have to be in Nevada to use it, you do have to be in a state in which sports gambling is legal, otherwise, the app won't allow you to place bets.

If you can't get to the Planet Hollywood sportsbook or you are limited by your location, you still have access to the fun. We've made a list of the best online sportsbooks that should work just about anywhere:

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    planet hollywood casino

    Planet Hollywood Casino

    Unlike the sportsbook, Planet Hollywood's casino is designed to wow.

    At over 100,000 square feet, there is plenty of room to handle the hustle and bustle. Planet Hollywood uses the space well. You never feel like the slots or tables are on top of you, and yet, there are still so many gaming options to choose from.

    Name what you're looking to play, and Planet Hollywood will have it: slots, video poker, table games like roulette, blackjack, craps, Texas Hold 'Em—they have everything. They also have high roller sections in both the slot and table areas for those ready to up their risks and potential profits.

    Though many hotels have switched to a voucher drink system for the casino floor, Planet Hollywood isn't one of them. This is fantastic news for guests. You can get complimentary drinks at the tables and slots no matter how much you're betting. You just have to be playing at all.

    Our ultimate Vegas hack: Tip your servers when they bring you free drinks—and tip them well. This both ensures they keep coming back and that they throw you some extras, like perhaps substituting house liquor for the top-shelf stuff.

    Players at Planet Hollywood should sign up for Caesar's reward card. This program gives you points when you spend money at the slots and table games—though, it, unfortunately, doesn't work at the sportsbook—that you can redeem for prizes like free tickets to events, rooms, meals, and bets.

    And since they fall under the gargantuan Caesar's umbrella, you can even apply for a credit card that earns you points you can redeem towards other awards—like travel accommodations.

    Staying at Planet Hollywood

    Booking a room at Planet Hollywood promises the ultimate Vegas experience. Everything you need to enjoy yourself is on the property, and because you're essentially smack dab in the middle of the strip, you're close to any other hotels and casinos you may want to visit.

    Pricing is reasonable. You can get a room during certain times of the year for under $80 per night. However, this does not factor in a $41.95 resort fee that will be charged daily. While this is steep, it is in line with what other hotels charge and gives you access to high-speed internet, a fantastic pool area with cabanas, a state-of-the-art gym, a business center, and even a spa.

    The resort fee also isn't that bad when you factor in your surroundings. Planet Hollywood is attached to the Miracle Mile Shops, which is an expansive small with a stunning ceiling that's jam-packed with stores and eating options for everyone. 

    Beyond that, you have to consider the room amenities. They are bigger than your average non-suite, and they all come with at least one 42-inch plasma TV. Many other hotels will offer crampy regular rooms with less-modern TVs. Their room service has received rave reviews, and because they're such a landmark on the strip, outside eateries have no problem delivering food if you get a late-night craving you can't satisfy on-site.

    Planet Hollywood really brings it home with its nightlife. They offer plenty of shows on the property every day of the week, and they have a number of restaurants connected to their casino, in addition to all the ones that can be found inside the Miracle Mile Shops.

    It is almost impossible not to enjoy a stay here. Planet Hollywood really gets the details right. They even have frozen drink stations set up, where you can purchase larger and fancier cocktails. Overall, this is a fantastic place to both stay and play.