As it’s been well documented over decades, when it comes to online sports betting, the Province of Québec marches to the beat of its own drum. Known as the birth-place of sports lotteries in Canada, Internet wagering has evolved into the Mise oJeu option offered by Loto-Québec today. Online sports action can also be accessed through the "Espace Jeux" website, and at land based lottery shops throughout the Province.

Online Sports Betting Sites

For information on more traditional, as well as modern, online sports betting sites, please refer to the table below for the OSB Top 3 sports wagering websites that are available to Québec sports gambling fans.

      Quebec Sports Betting Sites

      When it comes to online gaming, the website is the main portal to the Québec sports betting scene. Wagering enthusiasts can get current odds, 24 hours before the start of most contests, at the Mise o Jeu betting site.

      Loto Quebec Sports Betting

      All things Québec sports betting related are offered by the Loto-Québec, which was founded in 1969. Sports players can view live gambling odds, 24 hours prior to most events, and they can print their betting slip through the Loto Québec website. From there, the ticket must be submitted and paid for at any of a number of sports betting retail outlets that dot the region. The four land based Casinos in Québec house kiosks that also serve sports punters from ‘La Belle Province’.

      Loto Quebec Mise o Jeu

      From the main gateway at bettors have easy access to the Mise o Jeu family of sports betting. Still slightly behind the sports wagering times,the MiseOJeu website is an odds posting board and sports handicapping information site. Live sports betting through Loto-Québec, similar to what can be found in British Columbia, is rumored to be on the way to the Québec gambling community.