Entering 30 seasons in 15 years, Dancing with the Stars remains one of the most popular shows in North America. The iconic reality TV show pairs celebrities from all backgrounds – athletes, actors, music artists – with the best professional dancers to win both the judges and audience and be crowned champion. Dancing with the Stars odds are a popular bet in the entertainment category and have a wealth of markets. Let’s review them.

What are the Dancing with the Stars betting odds

In lieu of its popularity, you can find a nice selection of Dancing with the Stars betting odds. From the opening rounds to the final rounds, you will find several markets to bet on.

The obvious markets are when you choose your winners from the crop of contestants. However, you can also bet on each contestant and how far they will make it. Sometimes the contestants’ betting odds are lined like horse racing where you predict a finish. The odds were last updated on May 2, 2023: 

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Dancing with the Stars Vegas tends to be unpredictable and there are many “upsets.” This is the nature of the reality TV contest where the audience’s voting plays a major factor.

dancing with the stars betting odds

Dancing with the Stars betting odds: the Moneyline

The moneyline is the most basic form of betting you can make. It is when you bet on a contestant to win outright, with no extra conditions. They just have to win.

Moneyline betting is traditionally between two competitors, especially in traditional sports like football or boxing. But in contest shows like Dancing with the Stars, you will be picking from the group whether it’s the finals with four contestants or the opening round with all 12 participants.

You may be familiar with the minus and plus numbers displayed for the moneyline odds. These are known as the American format and are based on a standard $100 bet.

Minus odds represents low odds and indicates a high probability of winning – at least over 51%. These odds indicate how much you have to wager to win $100.

  • If Ally & Sasha are lined at -150 to win, it means you need to wager $150 to win $100.

Plus odds represents high odds and means a low probability of cashing – at least under 50%. These odds signify how much you win when you stake $100.

  • If Kel & Witney are lined at +450 to win, it means you need will win $450 if you bet $100.

These type of odds will appear for other variations of betting including props, futures, and totals (over/under).

Prop bets on Dancing with the Stars odds

Dancing with the Stars odds also include a nice selection of props. These are short for “proposition” and as its name suggests, it is a side bet you make for something to happen or not happen.

Prop bets vary per season and may even change from week to week depending on the betting public. Oddsmakers usually open prop bets when a contestant or event is trending.

In Season 11, infamous Jersey Shore cast member Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was a contestant. A prop bet was opened:

  • Will Mike “The Situation” be the first contestant eliminated?

The prop bet is specific to The Situation. *Spoiler alert*, he wasn’t the first contestant eliminated so a vote of “No” would’ve cashed out.

Prop bets are usually meant for amusement and have lower betting limits than their traditional moneyline bets.

You may even be able to open your own prop bet if you connect with your bookmaker.

dancing with the stars odds to win

Dancing with the Stars Futures

This is a variation of a prop bet and deals with events that are still in the distance. This can include next season’s Dancing with the Stars or even the literal future of the show e.g. will there be a 30th Dancing with the Stars season?

Like props, futures have low betting limits and are highly variable. They depend on news reports and Internet rumblings. And oddsmakers can change the odds or take them off the board at any moment. Likewise, you can cancel your bet at any time.

Dancing with the Stars betting odds: Totals (Over/Under)

Totals or over/unders are popular alternatives to outright betting odds. With Dancing with the Stars betting odds, totals usually deal with the total score of contestants or other stats such as viewership rating or the TV share. You win the bet by correctly predicting if the actual score will go over or under the oddsmaker’s total.

To avoid ties, which happen if the actual score is equivalent to the oddsmaker’s, over/unders are lined with decimal points e.g. +28.5, +46.5. Here is an example:

  • Total judges’ score for the winning couple in the final round: +49.5

The actual total score ended up being 50. So a bet of “over” would’ve cashed as 50 is greater than 49.5.

Totals are sometimes lined evenly when they open. However, as betting odds work, whichever side gets more betting action will go lower in odds. Coincidentally, the other side will go up in odds.

Dancing with the Stars odds: tips on betting

Dancing with the Stars is unlike many other entertainment shows save for the Got Talent brands (who have acts that are not dancing-related). The show is built on a single-elimination format every episode (until the Finals or special “Double Elimination” rounds) determined by a combination of judges’ scores and audience votes.

Betting on Dancing with the Stars can be a challenge depending on the markets you choose. But if you’re going for the winners, keep in mind some tips:

Bet on underdogs

With Dancing with the Stars, there is usually a favorite. However, it is rare where there is a runaway favorite like Nicole Scherzinger in season 10 or Donald Driver in season 14. Some contestants are just a cut above (especially if they’re already trained to dance like Nicole).

However, underdogs have come through frequently enough to warrant some bets. Bobby Bones shocked audiences with his upset win in season 27 while the show’s inaugural winner, Kelly Monaco, was a longshot when betting odds first opened.

dancing with the stars odds

Look up each contestant’s vital statistics

This is Biblical with sports bettors and it also applies to this show. Not all contestants are skilled the same way. Some are at their physical prime while some should qualify more for a senior’s version if it existed. Others are more athletic while others, not so much.

Being youthful, athletic, and talented is not everything. It gives the contestant a major edge, especially with judges. There’s a reason why football players and athletes have placed in the top three in at least a quarter of the show.

Analyze the voters’ demographic

Upsets happen in this show because the oddsmakers and the betting public underestimated the impact of the voters. They account for at least 50% of the decisions. It only makes sense to analyze where these votes are coming from.

A sizable portion of voters come from the female and “aged 18 to 45” demographic. It’s no wonder likable and charismatic leading men usually go far similar to reality TV stars from Bachelor/ette and its kin.

Be aware that odds can drastically shift each episode

Judging can be a loving wife one week and a cruel mistress the next. Plenty of contestants have dominated judges’ scorecards and looked like locks only to be shockingly eliminated because of a lukewarm performance in one week.

No one is safe from the arbitrary hands of judges. Contestants would have to be consistent to keep themselves safe as failing in the bottom three could mean getting the ax even if they are generally liked by everyone.

How to find Dancing with the Stars odds

Find Dancing with the Stars odds from the Entertainment section of your any of the top online sportsbooks. We've collected the best in this widget below so you can quickly find the most intriguing one for you.

Dancing with the Stars and other events under entertainment are niche and don't attract as many bettors as popular sports, but they are still a staple in every major sportsbook. So you should find Dancing with the Stars odds.

Select the book of your choice to review it or to sign-up. If you want to compare books, open each one in a different tab, and read through their bonuses, conditions, and selection of odds. Or read our comprehensive unbiased reviews.

Ideally, you can open an account for more than one book. This way, you can avail of the bonuses and shop for a wider selection of odds.

Sportsbooks generally keep tabs on each other and will adjust their odds based on the most competitive prices. Think of it is "price-matching" when you shop at department stores. Some books even guarantee the best odds so you can contact them if you find odds that are better.

Remember, when betting Dancing with the Stars, to have fun first. Unlike sports, reality TV shows like these can be arbitrary as they are based on the fickle minds of voters. Bet a little bit and leave the sweating to the contestants.


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