The Voice has taken over as America’s premier reality TV singing competition. Unlike singing competitions before it, The Voice has a unique format where judges, also singers, are blindfolded and must use only their ears to judge the contestants. These contestants are “undiscovered” or unsigned musicians. The Voice stands out in quality and is also an international sensation. With its global popularity, The Voice odds are extensive and widely played across sportsbooks everywhere.

The odds for The Voice aren’t currently available. However, as soon as the odds become available, we’ll be sure to update our table. This page was last updated on May 2, 2023: 

2023 The Voice winners odds 

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What to bet on for The Voice odds

The Voice began as an innovative singing competition from the Netherlands into what is the biggest international singing reality TV show across the globe. The Voice features hundreds of millions of viewers globally and has featured over 400 winners who have gone on to sign record deals or become their own superstar.

Due to its immense popularity, The Voice odds are offered across online sportsbooks everywhere. The Voice: USA and other popular iterations can be found in the most popular books with their own betting markets.

The Voice betting odds can even be released early just before the start of the show. They shift with each episode and can sometimes even play a part in altering the show’s format (if it becomes too predictable, the showrunners start to make changes.)

The Voice betting odds

Before diving into The Voice betting odds, learn the basics of the moneyline first:

The Voice betting odds: the Moneyline

The moneyline refers to the basic format of betting: picking the outright winner of a contest. In the case of The Voice, you will be wagering on who you think will win the contest or a certain portion of the contest.

Moneyline odds tend to be in American format: these are displayed as either minus odds (e.g. -150) or plus odds (e.g. +135).

  • Minus odds indicate a contestant is a favourite and they are expected to win 51% or more of the time.
  • Plus odds outline an underdog and they are expected to win less than 50% of the time.

These odds are a translation of probability. The more probable a contestant is at winning, the lower their betting odds. The less probable they are, the higher their odds.

Low odds will require more of a stake while high odds will yield more of a reward.

The minus number denoting favourites shows how much you need to wager to return $100. If a contestant is -150 to win, it means you will need to stake $150 to win $100.

But a plus number denotes underdogs and shows how much you will win when you wager $100. If a contestant is +135 to win, it means you will win $135 if you wager $100.

You can view these types of odds not just in the moneyline but other betting formats like props, totals, and futures.

Prop bets on The Voice odds

Prop bets are like the more fun and frivolous cousin of the standard moneyline bet. These bets, short for “propositions”, are where you bet whether something will or will not happen. The different events to bet on here can be limitless.

Oddsmakers usually open these types of bets for amusement. However, you can also request a prop from your sportsbook. These props are commonly based on trending topics in real life or during the contest. Sometimes they are not at all related to the outcome. Some examples may include:

  • What type of outfit a judge will wear
  • If a judge will block another judge from turning around
  • If a judge will pick a certain contestant
  • The viewership of the show (also a total (over/under) type of bet)

Due to how arbitrary these bets can be, the betting limits are lower. Many of the bets are also lopsided with one outcome being significantly favoured due to the unlikelihood of it happening or not happening.

The Voice vegas odds

Futures bets on The Voice odds

Futures bets are, as its name implies, a bet on an event that will take place at a later date. Traditional moneyline bets are usually made during the day of an event or a day prior. But a futures bet deals with an event that is still weeks, months, or even years away.

Just like props, futures bets tend to have lower betting limits. Oddsmakers can also pull down the odds (off the board) and/or change them. Likewise, you can cancel your bet at any time.

The Voice Totals (Over/Under)

Totals deal with betting whether the outcome will go over or under the oddsmaker’s prediction. This means totals are always numeric and are usually, but not always, lined at 50/50 odds. Examples of totals can include:

  • The number of contestants from a specific judge’s team who will advance
  • How many times a judge will turn
  • Viewership rating
  • Attendance figures

The latter two items will not be lined evenly as they are based more on hard data. You will essentially be betting on a rare deviation from the norm.

To avoid a “push” bet (when there is no winner due to the result being the same as the oddsmaker’s total), oddsmakers have begun adding decimals to totals e.g. +9.5, +80.5.

As an example, if the oddsmaker lines Team Kelly to have +1.5 members to advance to the finals, but only one advance, the “under” is the correct bet as one is less than 1.5.

The Voice odds: what to bet on

Dancing with the Stars is unlike many other entertainment shows save for the Got Talent brands (who have acts that are not dancing-related). The show is built on a single-elimination format every episode (until the Finals or special “Double Elimination” rounds) determined by a combination of judges’ scores and audience votes.

Betting on Dancing with the Stars can be a challenge depending on the markets you choose. But if you’re going for the winners, keep in mind some tips:

The Voice: USA

The Voice: USA has become the biggest version of the show that it has become synonymous to “The Voice” brand. Featuring some of the biggest musical artists as judges like Kelly Clarkson and John Legend (and formerly Adam Levine of Maroon 5), it’s clear why this show has international clout.

The Voice odds are usually about The Voice: USA unless otherwise stated. It depends on the sportsbook’s primary demographic. North American-focused books will offer these odds more extensively while European and international ones may defer to their own local versions if at all.

The Voice: UK

Arguably the second-most popular The Voice, the British edition also features many international talents as judges including American artists. Some contestants who auditioned in America also audition here and vice-versa.

The Voice: UK odds aren’t as commonly offered as the American show. However, some sportsbooks that cater to the British, Irish, and western European demographic may occasionally offer this.

The Voice

The Voice: Australia

The best singing competition down under is like an international edition as several of the judges are American, British, or from another country.

The Voice: Australia isn’t frequently offered, but sportsbooks specializing in the Australasian market will have these odds open on occasion. This also includes potentially other The Voice editions in the continent.

Other The Voice editions

While we’ve listed the most popular editions of The Voice, there are over 140 editions of it in total worldwide. The odds for these may be scarce coming from American or British sportsbooks. But they may occasionally be offered. Here are a few more The Voice editions to note:

  • The Voice: Holland (the original)
  • The Voice: Canada
  • The Voice: France
  • The Voice: Brazil
  • The Voice Kids
  • The Voice Seniors

Where to find The Voice betting odds

You will find The Voice betting odds from any Entertainment section of the top online sportsbooks around along with other entertainment-type competitions.

The Voice odds can even be featured upfront from select sportsbooks if it is a trending topic. Although a niche betting category, select books will feature extensive odds on The Voice.

The best way to find The Voice odds is to look through the online sportsbooks to get a read on which ones give the entertainment category some love. You can open the books listed above in our widget and go through each yourself, or you can read our comprehensive sportsbooks reviews to find a suitable one.

We recommend signing up to more than one book. Not only will you be able to avail of their bonuses but you will open yourself to more variety of betting odds.

Books generally match each other's odds. It's similar to "price-matching" when you shop from different stores. Some books even claim a best odds guaranteed policy meaning you can show them proof of a book with better odds and they will match. This is a good chance to get the best bang for your buck.

When going through these books, keep in mind your priorities. If you like to bet on mobile, focus on the books that offer the best mobile apps. If you like deposit bonuses, go for the ones that offer the most or the easiest.

When betting on The Voice, have fun. You can make some change betting on it but it's just a singing competition after all.

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