Tired of the same old, season-long fantasy football competitions? You know, the ones that stick with you with same players for an entire schedule, barring any trades? The same ones that force you to invest a ton of time—months and months!—for what is usually a small-time payoff?

Well, then, daily fantasy football betting sites are for you.

Some people are fine competing in season-long leagues, and that’s cools. For the rest, daily fantasy football betting provides a more fluid, often more lucrative, experience that allows for maximum options with minimal commitment.

Rather than drafting a team and being stuck with it all season, you assemble a new squad every week, the primary object being to outscore opponents in your field. Unlike regular fantasy football competition, you’re going up against a bunch of people, as opposed to head-to-head matchups, and finishing within a certain percentage of that field ensures you win some money.

Basically, a wider competition field means more opportunities make money. And that’s never a bad thing.

Best Online Fantasy Football Leagues

Online fantasy football betting is an exclusive club. For starters, you’re dealing with a maximum of two leagues, college and the NFL—and it’s mostly the NFL. Moreover, there aren’t a ton of places to go with your money. Draft Kings, FanDuel, DraftToday and Fantasy Draft have cornered the market, so check each of those places out, and see if one is a right fit for you.