Back Ferrari to win in the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull futures market

Back Ferrari to win in the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull futures market

Red Bull continues to dominate the 2023 Formula 1 season, and as a result, there is no longer any betting available on the Constructors Championship. But with Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, fighting it out for second place, the betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull futures market has come to life. Here we tell you who will win in our latest Formula 1 betting picks.

  • Red Bull has won all 10 Grand Prix races in the 2023 Formula 1 season and is now miles out of sight in the Constructors Championship
  • Sergio Perez has won two, and Max Verstappen has won eight, including the last six in a row
  • Three teams are fighting it out for second behind Red Bull. They are Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin

It’s no longer possible to bet on Red Bull to be the top Constructor in 2023. They already have a lead of over 200 points, and with the dominance of Max Verstappen, the lead is likely to keep growing.

So with no Constructors Championship betting available, attention instead turns to betting to win the Constructors Championship without Red Bull (basically, finishing second).

Aston Martin was the early favorite. But with Fernando Alonso getting little help from his teammate Lance Stroll, they have started to lose ground. Mercedes lead the betting. But with Ferrari improving, this could end up a market where it's possible to hedge our bets.

Betting to win the Constructors Championship w/o Red Bull

Yes, as just mentioned, it’s the Mercedes F1 team who is the favorite to win the Constructors Championship without Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton’s team is a -150 favorite with the best Formula 1 online betting sites.

Second, in the betting is Ferrari, who is now at +275. Making up the top three, and the only other team with a realistic chance of winning is Aston Martin at +300.

Okay, when we say winning, we mean winning the bet. No one is catching Red Bull. That’s for sure.

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2023 F1 Constructors Championship w/o Red BullBetOnlineBovadaMyBookie
Aston Matrin+300+300+300
Alfa Romeo+500000+500000+500000
Alpha Tauri+500000+500000+500000

Our Picks

As we mentioned earlier, this could potentially be a market where we can hedge our bets.

Starting with Aston Martin and with Lance Stroll not making any significant contribution, they're likely to continue drifting in the betting (they were previously joint favorites). The chances are they will lengthen in odds over the next few weeks unless Alonso can manage a couple of high podium finishes.

So it could be worth waiting to bet on Aston Martin, as they could be out at +500 or greater soon. As for Mercedes, there is little point in wagering on them to win at -150. There could also be slight doubts over the car. Although it's always possible Toto Wolff is bluffing.... again.

This just leaves us with Ferrari. The Italian giants has Carlos Sainz (83 points) and Charles Leclerc (74 points) contributing to their team effort. They do sit 46 points behind Mercedes, but if Charles Leclerc can improve his performance, there is a chance they could yet reel in the British-based team.

George Russell hasn’t been producing the goods this season, so it could be that now is the time to wager on Ferrari, and then hope that they can cash in on having Sainz and Leclerc pick up points, resulting in the team catching Mercedes.

Then when Mercedes go odds against, a bet can be wagered on them ensuring we cover the Ferrari bet at the very least.

Ferrari To win Constructors Championship without Red Bull

Betting to win the Drivers Championship w/o Verstappen

Like with the betting to win the Constructors without Red Bull, there is betting to win the Drivers Championship without Verstappen also available. For a long time, this has been dominated by the second Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez.

But in recent weeks, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc have started to pick up more points. In their last three races, Hamilton has 34 points, and Leclerc has 31. But Perez has also bounced back in that period, picking up 32 points.

The gap between Perez (156) and Leclerc (74) looks too big and probably explains why Leclerc is +5000 in the market.

But Lewis Hamilton has 121 points, and Fernando Alonso on 137 points are both still right in the mix. Both are a genuine threat to Perez and whenever one or the other is out at odds of +500 or greater, it is worth betting on them.

Ahead of the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix, Perez is the favorite at -200. Lewis Hamilton is +300, and Fernando Alonso is +500.

So if we keep placing small bets on Hamilton and Alonso when they drift to +500, if either of them can catch the stuttering Perez before the end of the season, it will pay off nicely.

Fernando Alonso To win Drivers Championship without Verstappen

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