Formula 1 Dutch Bets - Back Verstappen Again

Formula 1 Dutch Bets - Back Verstappen Again

Hello Formula 1 fans, this week we look at the Dutch GP from Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Dutch Bets - Grand Prix Numbers

The Formula 1 season comes right back with the Dutch Grand Prix. Let's dive into Formula 1 online betting mode for this weekend.

This year has been quite the wild one including some incidents last week at Spa. Unfortunately, the race for the championship is all but almost over now. We want to see whether Max Verstappen can keep on winning honestly. Now, it is time for us to take a preview at the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for the contending racers heading into this race.

Formula 1 2022 Dutch GPBovada
Max Verstappen-175
Charles Leclerc+350
Carlos Sainz+900
Sergio Perez+1000
Lewis Hamilton+1200
George Russell+1600

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Wagering on Formula 1 races requires serious patience. Look at how Max Verstappen won last time out despite starting in the back. He was up to third after just eight laps. This shows anything can happen. The Dutch driver is a lock to win more than ten races this season as he cruises to a repeat world championship performance.

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Formula 1 Dutch Bets - What Happened Last Year In The Netherlands?

Sadly, history sometimes just keeps repeating Even last week, it did when Charles Leclerc and his pit crew had more problems. Ferrari's poor decision making allowed Verstappen to waltz into the lead and win yet again. Then, Lewis Hamilton went a bit airborne. Now, Formula 1 Dutch Bets attempts to examine what happened in the Netherlands last year. Could what occurred last year change things on the 2.65-mile course this weekend? On the surface, that answer may be no.

Again, Max Verstappen won last year in the Netherlands behind good pit strategy and he was able to get on better tires again towards the end. Lewis Hamilton was on slower tires and like most everyone else just could not keep up with Verstappen. By the end, the young Red Bull driver led by more than 20 seconds and then yes set the fastest lap to boot just for show.

Again, with this 72 lap race there is always pit strategy and early tactics. Will the weather cooperate or will it turn ugly? The competition may need the latter as Verstappen tested far better with the new power box as far as speed here and late speed intervals too. That does not bode well for Charles Leclerc or anyone else.

Formula 1 Dutch Bets - Bet Verstappen Sunday

Perhaps our 1-2 bet this weekend is not practical, but betting Max Verstappen Sunday is worth a tiny wager. Why? Verstappen now has nine wins and 11 podiums on the season. He carries what feels like an insurmountable 98-point lead on Charles Leclerc and 93 over teammate Sergio Perez. Winning at Spa and Hungary when the Dutch racer should not have deflated Ferrari and other teams. This is Verstappen's title to lose as it has been for months.

Leclerc does not quite have acceleration on the soft and medium tires in testing needed to challenge Verstappen. Though the Ferrari's have been pretty fast, the Red Bulls have carried the most speed in the pivotal sectors. Red Bull has been the quickest led by Verstappen who very well could nab the pole on Sunday. Again, the 72 lap course has some solid pacing zones but several danger areas too. The weather forecast is something to always keep an eye on as it may change before Sunday.

Verstappen still holds consider momentum over Leclerc. Frankly, the -175 is a bit longer than expected for a number going into Sunday's race. Usually, this type of wagering illustrates that there is more room for movement. Could the Dutch driver move out to -180 or even -200? Yes, that is possible. Our simple instinct is to keep betting Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 Dutch Bets. The Red Bull racer knows this track inside out like no one else and it shows.

Max Verstappen To win the Dutch Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc And Ferrari Shots?

Charles Leclerc's has just eight races left for him and Ferrari to get things together. Formula 1 Bets shines a light on Charles Leclerc and Ferrari shots. The latest pit problems and strategy just are a repetitive microcosm of the season.

Every so often, Leclerc and the Ferrari team work well enough. The problem is that just happens far too rarely at this level of racing. Since France, the French driver has had consecutive sixth-place finishes where his teammate has a fourth and third. Bluntly, Carlos Sainz at +900 may be worth a gander.

Does the French driver even get on the podium this weekend? He might but also expect some to wager on Leclerc if his number can stretch out to +400 or more. Otherwise, maybe look to Seinz perhaps. His head to head matchup with Leclerc currently stands at +150.

Charles Leclerc To win the Dutch Grand Prix

What About The Longer Shots?

One of the other longer shots for Sunday's race has to be Lewis Hamilton. He knows the track well enough and the Mercedes driver has to be motivated after last week's incident with Fernando Alonso. At +1200, he may be worth a look.

Our Sunday Dutch Treats

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Dutch Treats bets for Sunday is Max Verstappen. Good luck and also start to look at some of the race specials. Tie in a tiny wager on one starting this weekend.

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