Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Picks Hamilton

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Picks Hamilton

Hey, Formula 1 fans. We're off to the United Arab Emirates this week! Online Sports Betting looks at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from the Yas Marina Circuit. Pre-race coverage begins at 7:00 am ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have Formula 1 Abu Dhabi picks for the Sunday morning race.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • WHEN: Sunday, November 20th, 2022, 8:00 am ET on ESPN
  • WHERE: Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets - Grand Prix Numbers

The Formula 1 season ends by traveling halfway across the world. The third weekend in November brings us the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This weekend's Formula 1 online betting choices are intriguing because there is a little sentimentality attached to this finale.

Last Sunday brought us a crazy race from Brazil. With all possible titles clinched, we now want to see whether Lewis Hamilton can win a race this season. It is time to look at the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix numbers for the contenders heading to the track on Yas Island.

Formula 1 2022 Abu Dhabi GPBovadaXbetBetOnline
Max Verstappen+125+125+125
Lewis Hamilton+250+250+250
George Russell+350+350+350
Charles Leclerc+1000+1000+1000
Sergio Perez+1200+1200+1200
Carlos Sainz+1600+1600+1600

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Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets - This Is It!

With the 2022 Formula 1 Championship decided, bettors now realize that this is itOkay, now what do we do? Almost everyone could not have anticipated Max Verstappen causing a collision and being off the podium. He is still favored to win number 15 this week, but his number has crept to the plus side at +125. There is some debate as to if the Belgian should even be the favorite.

Okay, Yas Marina Circuit features the Grand Prix layout. Last year, the course designers took out a few things. They decreased the severe hairpins, a banked curve was added, and the number of turns was decreased from 21 to 16. This was done to increase speed. Also, the overall lap length is now 3.281 miles compared to the previous 3.451 miles (2009-2021).

So, this 58-lap race will see more twists and drama. However, the weather will be mostly clear. Then again, there are all those subplots, including "team orders," a Perez-Verstappen feud, and would Russell let Hamilton win? That is only the beginning. Let's dig in!

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets - Can Hamilton Win A Race

Can Lewis Hamilton win a race for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Picks? Here is the problem. As mentioned above, he has been overtaken in the past few races. First, there was Max Verstappen, who has done it a few times, and then last week at Interlagos, George Russell did the deed. With that, victory number one in 2022 has been denied for Hamilton. The Mercedes driver has one more shot at crossing the checkered line first.

Last year, Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton by 2.256 seconds, with Carlos Sainz just behind in third place. The issue of a safety car marred the race. Verstappen used the benefit to end up ahead of Hamilton. The Belgian never looked back and went on to win the 2021 World Championship. It likely will be a sore spot until the end of time for Hamilton.

Max Verstappen reigned supreme here last year. The +125 is a bit attractive, but it is not as good as Hamilton's +250 for the Formula 1 odds. Yes, Hamilton has shown late speed in these races as the Mercedes looks poised to be in better form. After all, the two cars went 1-2 for the first time this season. A repeat at Abu Dhabi would not be as much of a surprise.

Again, looking at those 2023 Formula 1 Futures has us leaning on Verstappen at -150, but for how long? In the meantime, the final race has us peaking toward George Russell at +350 or the Hamilton. If a parlay is more your fancy, another Mercedes double podium will pay out at +400 if Russell wins but +1000 if Hamilton triumphs on Sunday. Now, that is worth a shot on a 0.1- or 0.25-unit wager. Our pick for Abu Dhabi is Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton To win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Then There is Max Verstappen And Sergio Perez

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets looks away from Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. The Red Bull drivers finished off the podium last Sunday and got into a few alleged heated exchanges after the race. No one could genuinely confirm the latter, but there were "race orders" during the race. Verstappen intentionally did not follow them, and the result impacted Perez. Perez had been a "good soldier" about these things when the roles were reversed. It was not the first or last time either.

Again, Verstappen is still the favorite, but that "Mad Max" drive to win may hurt again this week. Perez has never carried as much speed at Abu Dhabi, and his chances of even finishing on the podium are questionable. Also, it is safe to say that a safety car will not benefit the Belgian this time.

If Verstappen finds a way to win, try pairing it with a Hamilton second-place finish. That will also pay out +250.

Verstappen and Hamilton To finish 1-2

What About George Russell For The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets

So, let's ask the question. Could George Russell win again for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Bets? Russell had a fast car last year before his gearbox blew out. Given how well Mercedes tested out at Brazil and then Abu Dhabi, anything is possible.

George Russell To win at Abu Dhabi

Our Sunday Pick

Formula 1 Brazil Bets pick Hamilton, fending off Verstappen on Sunday.

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