Max Verstappen To Be First Two Time Winner At Azerbaijan

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Max Verstappen To Be First Two Time Winner At Azerbaijan

Hello again, Formula 1 fans, we are less than a week away from another race at last. In the meantime, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets are upon us! Online Sports Betting take a look at some intriguing wagering points for the upcoming race. Pre-race coverage on April 30th begins at 5:30 am ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have some wagers for the fourth race of the 2023 Formula 1 season.

  • WHAT: Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets
  • WHEN: Sunday, April 30th, 2023 at 7:00 am EDT on ESPN
  • WHERE: Baku City Circuit, Baku, Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets - So It Has Been Awhile

So, yes, it has been awhile since we last had a race. April 2nd feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? It is hard to believe, but we are six days away from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets. Our goal is to again offer some different Formula 1 online betting options because of that pesky cancelled Chinese Grand Prix.

Now, one of the biggest concepts right now is just getting back into some sort of betting mode when it comes to Formula 1. There exist only so many ways to bet on a bevy of futures. With the feeling of race day being like no other, the most welcome site is hearing those engines rev up. Okay, maybe we missed that Martin Brundle grid walk too.

With form and predictability starting to rear its ugly head, we have to get a bit more creative in some of our wagering. Yes, Bovada and BetUs seem to have reverted to a similar betting pattern. With this marginal movement, here is our new table.

Formula 1 2023 Azerbaijan GPBovadaMyBookieBetUS
Max Verstappen-250-255-275
Sergio Perez+450+410+375
Fernando Alonso+1100+1025+1200
Lewis Hamilton+1200+1225+1400
Charles Leclerc+2200+2500+2800
Carlos Sainz+2800+3500+4000
George Russell+2800+2900+3300

Betting bonuses and more online promotions give us a boost with postseason basketball and hockey on the slate. These gift us in creating a few additional Formula 1 wagers. Do not forget more reviews of these prime online sportsbooks. Formula 1 betting sites most ideal for Formula 1 Azerbaijan are always raring to roll.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets - Red Bull Raceday Dominance?

Yes, the race at Baku has one unique wrinkle. No driver has won the race twice. Mercedes has won twice and Red Bull has triumphed three times. With the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets, that means finding some lucrative wagering optionsThe key with Verstappen comes down to rust and for Sergio Perez as well. The Red Bull has shown Raceday dominance the past two years. Now, it will be intriguing to see what happens on Sunday morning.

2023 at Baku gears up well for both Red Bull drivers. Last season, Verstappen nailed down a relatively easy win with Sergio Perez setting the fastest lap. For those wondering, the fastest lap is worth an extra point in the standings. Also, there occasionally is a prop on who will set that lap and by how much. Keep an eye out for that this week too. With the current setup, there looks to be a few ways to act on such news.

So, why wait until qualifying? What fun is that? Honestly, the Ferrari cars scare anyone with their issues on the track last year. Charles Leclerc endured a power box issue while the hydraulics finished off Carlos Sainz even faster (just eight laps in). There lies a scenario where Ferrari is fast early but Red Bull is faster late. Maybe, the first half of the race will be a bit more competitive this time around.

Verstappen came back down to -250, and even some -275 to -300 numbers were briefly seen. Even with the temptation to flirt with Ferrari, Sergio Perez (+450 on Bovada) carries better total speed the past two seasons than either Ferrari or Mercedes on the 3.73 mile course. Over 51 laps, there is pit strategy to consider too and Red Bull/Verstappen reign surpreme there as well.

Max Verstappen To win again at Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets - Hamilton Or Alonso?

Can Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso offer the surprise of the surprises in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets? Here is the problem. Alonso shows better speed and both of these drivers are very crafty on the shifty 20-turn course. Overall qualifying speed could help both of these drivers get near the top if Ferrari's problems continue.

Digging into the numbers is interesting as Alonso and Hamilton have podium potential at the least. Alonso possesses sneaky value at +1200 on BetUS. He finished seventh in the Alpine last year and that Aston Martin has shown speed with the Spanish driver occupying the podium spot a few times in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton ended up fourth last year. He seems to have the better Mercedes overall compared to George Russell in testing. After all, things are less south than last year. The +1400 to win looks reasonable via BetUS once again. Can Hamilton get the wheel package right and a few lucky breaks too? Mercedes and Aston Martin will need something to happen to Red Bull and Ferrari in order to win on Sunday.

Again, looking at those Azerbaijan Grand Prix bets has us looking at Hamilton at +1400, but for how long? In the meantime, if Alonso qualifies a little better, sprinkling the Spaniard in at +1200 may be possible too. For now, Hamilton is the slightly advantageous pick.

Lewis Hamilton To win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Do We Dare Trust Ferrari?

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bets asks about Ferrari and maybe the Charles Leclerc pole. Again, conditions expect to be a bit different in qualifying. Unlike last year, Leclerc is plus money just to take the pole. Red Bull are the ones with the minus on their side this time around.

Again, Charles Leclerc loves the need for speed in qualifying. Early in the season, the French driver has been fast. He knows this Baku circuit well and can probably turn in a time around 102 seconds again.

Hey, this beats trying to think about betting Leclerc for the race.

Charles Leclerc To win the pole in qualifying

Our Advice

Take Max Verstappen to be the first two-time winner in Azerbaijan.

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