Red Bull Nailing Down Another Formula 1 Constructors Title

Red Bull Nailing Down Another Formula 1 Constructors Title

Hey, Formula 1 fans, we are now three races into the 2023 season. It seems hard to believe, but the Formula 1 Constructor Bets for 2023 are taking shape! Online Sports Betting ponders trying to find ways to locate value for 2023. Some trends emerged early that have made betting one constructor in particular not worth the paper your ticket is printed on. Formula 1 numbers can always change. Keep that in mind.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 2023 Constructor Bets
  • WHEN: From April 16th to November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: Continuing in Azerbaijan and ending in Abu Dhabi 

Formula 1 2023 Constructor Bets Saw A Few Changes

The 2023 Formula 1 season started with a bang on March 5th. It is hard to believe, but we are a month into the campaign already. These top Formula 1 online betting options are a challenge because there have been a few significant changes tossed in.

So, what are those changes? Max Verstappen keeps seeing his numbers shorten for starters. This affected the early futures from a title standpoint but even more from a Formula 1 Constructor Bets perspective. However, it is early and that is where the good news lies.

Verstappen and Sergio Perez keep on finding ways to win. So far, the two Red Bull cars have gone 3-for-3 on the season. Verstappen won in Bahrain and Australia while Perez squeezed out a win in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah). This allowed the Red Bull numbers to shorten quite a bit.

Formula 1 Constructor FuturesBovadaBetUSBetOnline
Red Bull-2500-2500-2000
Aston Martin+2500+2500+2500

Betting bonuses and more online promotions help as Formula 1 heads on a bye week. This helps us in crafting even more Formula 1 wagers. Here are a few more reviews of the best online sportsbooks. Formula 1 betting sites are primed for Azerbaijan and beyond are at one's disposal.

Formula 1 Constructor Bets - Red Bull Rules The Roost

Naturally, this 2023 season means seeing Max Verstappen as a provisional favorite to three-peat. He moved down to -800 in the odds after a few races already. With the Formula 1 Constructor Bets, that means finding potential other ways to bet. Some asked why. Has anyone seen the standings so far when it comes to the Constructors? This is not for the faint of heart.

  • Red Bull - 123
  • Aston Martin - 65
  • Mercedes - 56
  • Ferrari - 26
  • McLaren Mercedes - 12

2023 sets up well for Red Bull already. The 25-year-old craves that three-peat along with another Constructors Title as well. Ferrari was up in the standings last year after the first three races. Remember, Charles Leclerc won two of the first three events including Australia as Red Bull had their issues. This year, Ferrari's second half issues spilled over into the opening month of the season.

So, Mad Max and even Sergio Perez take their share of risks. Yet, last weekend, it worked out. Perez could not stay on the track in practice and qualifying. He started from the back in pit row on Sunday. Despite that, he found a way to finish in fifth. Meanwhile, Verstappen, as we mentioned, won his second race. That lengthened his points league and the two results extended their constructors lead to 58 points already.

Red Bull started around -300 to -400 to win the Constructors' Championship in January. There were some doubts how the team would start the season. Remember there have been some spats between Verstappen and Perez. However, the two drivers put their problems aside well on race day. As a result, the team now becomes an early almost "lock" to win the championship again in 2023.

Red Bull To win the constructors title

Formula 1 2023 Constructor Bets - Can Ferrari Get Off The Mat?

Can Ferrari get off the mat in the Formula 1 2023 Constructor Bets? Sadly, that answers trends more and more towards no. Testing indicates that Ferrari has regressed a little more in the early going. However, the problems with mechanicals and bad luck have followed Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz into the early part of the season.

Pondering some of these bets become interesting because Ferrari was around +500 and the second best choice just a month ago. The good news is they are still tied for second but all the way down at +2500. That low amount represents some value for the team. Unfortunately, can Leclerc and Sainz's team be trusted?

If Ferrari's decisions were a little better, that would be encouraging. Unfortunately, Ferrari seems to never get out of its own way. Worse, their drivers kind of know it. Sainz pressed the issue in Australia and incurred a timed penalty which knocked him out of the points after Leclerc DNF'd. Talk about adding insult to injury as the Italian team fell a whopping 97 points behind the Red Bulls.

Again, this 2023 Formula 1 Constructor Bets has us lightly considering Ferrari at +2500, but for how long? In the meantime, if Ferrari keeps piling up results like the opening month, placing small wagers on other options becomes more practical. We will know quickly if the Italian led team and its drivers can get off the floor and mount a charge.

Ferrari To win the 2023 constructors title

How About Some More Juicy Options

Formula 1 Constructor Bets looms as we present some more juicy options. Again, Mercedes for the Constructors' Championship lengthened to +2500 along with Aston Martin. Aston Martin has Fernando Alonso carrying them but will that be enough? That is the question. Again, Ferrari likely has that 1-2 punch but again cannot help themselves.

Again, this leaves Mercedes as the only feasible option longer term. There is a nice way to get some safer value, via Bovada. One wager can focus on betting without Red Bull in the mix. That lowers the number and risk all the way back to the +135 some saw in January for the bet with every team included.

Now, options are plenty and later in the month, we may expand into season bets. In the meantime, this constructor bet carries potential.

Mercedes To beat everyone but Red Bull in points

So, A Parlay

Parlay the Red Bull Constructor Title with Max Verstappen winning the tile for marginally better odds.

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