The odds are stacked against bettors who dabble on multiple team parlays, round-robin betting is steadily growing in popularity. This is where you take a larger parlay, often three teams or props, and split it into multiple two-team ones. This can act like a hedge against having to pick every team right in a parlay, because one miss is allowed in round-robin betting as all three of your teams are paired in twos. Covering five or six teams is also easily done – with an all-in-one ticket price.

How Round Robin Bets Work

Let’s say you like the Bears, Cowboys and Steelers against the spread on an NFL Sunday but are having second thoughts one of them. Instead of banking on all three to cover, a round-robin wager would pair the Bears-Cowboys, Bears-Steelers and Cowboys-Steelers in parlays with better odds thought smaller payouts. All top online sportsbooks will offer exciting Round Robin wagering. 

      Round Robin wagering equates to parlay speed betting online

      Round-robin betting is akin speed dating as it quickens the wagering process on parlays, whether you are betting in a brick and mortar casino or at an online sportsbook.

      On any given Saturday night during the college basketball and NBA seasons, there are thousands of betting options among the point spreads, money lines and team/player props on the dozens of games — it should be noted normally only major NCAA football and basketball games offer props, as it would be near impossible to do so on every Division I match up. Round Robin betting is always available for NBA, NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball and major Soccer contests.

      Clearly it would be difficult to get down, say, five two-team parlays on games that all are due to begin at a certain time, even with the best homework. It’s almost physically impossible. Why bother taking the time to bet those five separately when you can group the five parlays into a single round-robin parlay?

      A time crunch can also come into play due to the ever-more popular live betting function at sportsbooks – round robin betting can often solve the problem. Round robins are not available for circled games, however. Bookmakers will often limit the action (the maximum amount you can bet) on this exciting and profitable handicapping option.