Arc de Triomphe GP Picks Bet Onesto

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Arc de Triomphe GP Picks Bet Onesto

Allo fans of horse racing! This weekend we take a look at the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe from Paris Longchamp in France. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting Horse Racing Arc de Triomphe GP Picks for the Sunday race.

Horse Racing Arc de Triomphe GP Picks - Numerology

The Qatar l'Arc de Triomphe is truly a spectacle over the weekend of October 1st and 2nd. his Saturday evening. The Parisian race begins Sunday afternoon on Paris time. There are going to be some "out there" Horse Racing Arc de Triomphe GP Picks. Let's dig into some betting on horses online French style.

This crazy 2,400 meter race (1.5-miles) is run on the Grande Turf Course. There are no geldings and horses can be 3+ years old much like the Breeders' Stakes. The biggest difference here is the pageantry and world-renowned respect. The Arc de Triopmphe has been ranked the world's top horse race five of the previous seven years.

As always, betting bonuses and promotions come in handy this time of year. To sum it up: The best online sports betting bonuses this weekend are going to be a huge asset for bettors. Now, let's get back to the horse race and those horses tabled.

Horse Racing - Arc de TriompheBovada
Torquator Tasso+650

Do you want a little more in the form of tips when betting on Horse Racing? Make sure you are not just examining horse wins, places, and shows. Finally, check the weather often because it changes. The horses will run rain or shine. The grass can get muddy or the grass can be very fast. Sometimes, it is a mix. Sadly, this Sunday's forecast calls for some rainy weather with temperatures in the upper 60's. There will be varying intensities on the showers.

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Arc de Triomphe GP Picks - Luxembourg Favorite

Things are dramatically different compared to last year. So, Arc de Triomphe GP Pickoffer a few betting options for the race. Before the race in Paris, there is quite a bit of information to process. This news can feature some white noise but some tidbits of information can be quite useful.

Also, it is noteworthy that conditions will again likely be slower than the average of time of about 2:29. Last year, Torquator Tasso (+7200) won the race with a time of 2:37.62 over Tarnawa and Hurricane Lane. Longer shots tend to have a shot at distances like this. The slower turf this year will again figure to be a great equalizer. However, horses like Luxembourg have shown some form in the wet.

Again, the Irish horse is naturally a favorite for the French race. Luxembourg is an Irish horse bred by B V Sangster. This is one horse who does know how to win on different conditions of turf. After all, the Irish horse has won five of their six flat turf races. That is the primary reason why Luxembourg is the favorite.

Arc de Triomphe GP Top Picks - Can Luxembourg Triumph?

Alas, this still has a glimpse of value, but the question is can Luxembourg triumph Sunday afternoon? That seems a given when examining the pedigree and results. The three-year-old horse won both summer races entered and just held off Onesto a few weeks ago. That was only at 1 1/4-miles. At 1 1/2 miles, the Irish equine is capable of kicking it into another gear. Practices have been something to watch even in the more damp conditions.

Also, understand that Luxembourg is a solid option for the Arc de Triomphe GP Picks because he won on the soft in his last race. Leopardstown three weeks ago resembled an almost mushy track never mind soft. The horse was challenge in the final two furlongs but had enough kick to win.

Yes, last year the two favored horses faltered just enough down the final quarter as they placed and showed. Quite a few pundits believe Luxembourg has the answers and can triumph.

Luxembourg To win the Arc de Triomphe

Could Torquator Tasso Actually Repeat?

Torquator Tasso at +650 is not that bad of a wager. Could Torquator Tasso actually repeat? It feels like less of a gamble than most on Sunday. The books seem to be assuming that history could be possible. While that may be true, Torquator Tasso at that number is something. There is a chance the German horse may see shortening numbers before Sunday.

The essential part that makes a difference with Torquator Tasso is this. This German horse ran the final quarter last year like a speed horse. No horse was catching the five-year old equine. Now, that was then and this is now.

Some wagerers have talked exactas and trifecta involving Torquator Tasso. The concern is how much does losing to Mendocino early in September play on the horse's mind. Pundits felt the track was a bit too fast. It will not be so on Sunday in Paris Longchamp.

Torquator Tasso To win Arc de Triomphe GP

Onesto Is An Arc de Triomphe GP Picks Wildcard

This will be a true wildcard for Paris. Onesto is an Arc de Triomphe GP Picks gamble. After all, the three-year old Irish horse just got edged out by the aforementioned Luxembourg earlier in September. Again, that was a 1 1/4 miles but the horse did win at 1 1/2 miles just 2 1/2 months ago. It was that final quarter that turned some heads.

The horse does come in at around 11 to 1 or +1100. It would not be too much of a stretch to see a win or at least a place or show. If any equine can go toe to toe with Alpinista and Luxembourg, it is Onesto.

Our Arc de Triomphe GP Top Picks

For online sports betting, our Arc de Triomphe top picks are headlined by Luxembourg at +350 and Onesto at +1100 this Sunday. Good luck!

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