Grand National Betting 2021
  • Its first run was in 1839
  • A handicap steeplechase
  • 30 Jumps over 2 laps
  • Prize over 1 million Pounds
  • Held annually at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England

The Grand National brings together all sections of British society. It is the most valuable horse race in Europe, with a purse of over a million pounds in 2017. The “ultimate test for horse and rider” has earned his name and fame with its tough obstacles.

Grand National Odds

In the American odds format, the lower the value, the more likely the markets consider that bet to be. In terms of Grand National 2021 odds, there is no absolute favorite. This means that any horse you pick to win will come with a fair share of risk. This also means that a winning ticket will be very valuable.


Cloth Cap is the relative Grand National favorite right now. At +400, you will win 4x whatever you decide to risk. So, bet $100 and you will get your original risk plus $400 for a winning ticket. 


Check out the latest odds here and make sure to double-check them once you sign up at the racebook.


Grand National Winner 2022BovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Any Second Now+1900+1500+1600
Minella Times+1900+1900+1900
Time to Get Up+1900+2400+2400
Castlebawn West+2400+2400+2400
The Big Getaway+2400+2400+2400
Latest Exhibition+3200+3200+3200

Outright Betting on the Grand National

When you are outright betting on the Grand National, you are simply betting on the absolute winner of the race. Which horse, after jumping over 30 fences and running more than four miles will be the first to cross that finish line. 


This bet may seem like the simplest. It is, however, not the easiest. Sure it is easy enough to understand how it works, but to actually win this bet requires pin point precision. Very little wiggle room. If your chosen horse hits its hoof on one of the fences, or takes a slow turn, it could be all over. 


Many other bets have more wiggle room. Outright bets are some of the most popular. It is easy to see why. Betting on the winner is the most exciting in many ways. However, there are other bets that come with higher chances of winning. 

Other Bets You Can Make on the Grand National 

Looking beyond the outright can be a good idea, especially if this is not your first time betting on the Grand National. Here are some of the more advanced horse racing bets for the Grand National. 

Place Bet

In a place bet, you have a large target for your chosen horse. If you bet on a horse to place, you are betting that they will finish first, second, or even third. Gold, silver, or bronze will do in this case. 

Each Way

If you are having trouble making up your mind, an each way bet may be just what you need for this year’s Grand National. You are basically placing an outright and a place bet. If your horse finishes second or third, you collect just the place bet. However, if they finish first, you get to cash in on both. 


A quinella is a tough bet. You have to bet on two horses, and they both have to be correct. However, it comes with a bit of wiggle room. While you are betting on the top two horses, they can finish in any order, as long as they are the top two. 


An exacta bet, in addition to having a name that sounds like a super hero, is one tough bet. It combines an outright with a quinella. That is to say that you have to guess the winner and the runner up, and in the correct order. None of the wiggle room from the quinella. However, as this is such a tough bet, it typically comes with a handsome reward. 


Grand National Betting Strategy

Whether this is your first dive into Grand National betting, or if you have been at it for years, it is always a good time to iron out the details of your Grand National betting strategy. With so much excitement surrounding the event, the clearer your strategy is going in, the more level-headed you will be when it comes time to make decisions.


And plus, the Grand National is no ordinary race. You should absolutely be applying your general betting strategy to this race. However, there are many things you should keep in mind specific to this race.


It is a very long race, so make sure any horse you bet on has strong endurance. A horse may be better at sprints or at these longer races. Another thing to keep in mind is that this race is full of obstacles, and big ones! 


With 30 fences to jump over, these horses really need to have this down pat. These jumps are so dangerous for star horses that even individual obstacles have earned their own name and specific analysis. Make sure to look into these. They include: The Chair, Becher’s Brok, and the Canal Turn. 


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