For several decades the baseball postseason was one and done. The winners of the National and American League pennants would meet in the World Series and, after a maximum of seven games were played, the playoffs finished. That's the way it worked from the first World Series between Boston and Pittsburgh in 1903 through the seven-game Fall Classic that saw the Detroit Tigers defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in 1968. Then, in 1969, MLB adopted divisional play with division winners playing in a league championship series. [+]

The baseball postseason has only kept growing. Shifting to a three-division format in 1994, both big leagues added a wild card team to the playoff picture and it now required a team to take three series in order to become World Series champions. Then in 2012, a second wild card team was added and a sudden-death wild card playoff game is now contested to garner entry into the remainder of the playoff picture.

What does this all mean to you? Well, it's the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to watch even more exciting post-season baseball, there's significantly more action available from a a wagering standpoint.

MLB Postseason Sports Betting Odds

Adding a wild card team to the baseball post season might have seemed like just a cash grab to garner more playoff revenue but in reality it's created a lot more excitement. 



What Are The MLB Postseason Standings

Here you will find the up to date MLB postseason standings. Whether it's a sudden-death wild card game, a best-of-five divisional series, or the best-of-seven league championship series and World Series, it always starts with pitching depth.


MLB Postseason Online Betting Tips 

Six wild card teams have actually won the World Series - the Marlins (1997 and 2003), the Angels (2002), the Red Sox (2004), the Cardinals (2011) and the Giants (2014).

That means wild card teams won three straight World Series from 2002-04 and a wild card team actually played in every World Series contested between 2002-07.

The 2014 San Francicso Giants remain the only team to win the World Series coming into the playoffs via the one-game, sudden-death wild card showdown game introduced in 2012.

So it's safe to say that the wild card teams aren't just happy to be there and when you are wagering on the baseball post season, it's never wise to underestimate them and you certainly don't want to overlook them when placing a wager.

It's All About the Arms Race

Playoff series are often determined by pitching. 

Look for the teams that are deep in quality starters, and especially the ballclubs that house a lights out group of stoppers in their bullpen. Just as stiff defense will generally halt potent offense, precise pitching is the arch enemy of lively bats.

In a short series, the team that can just keep running lively arms out to the mound, whether it be a starter capable of delivering a quality start each time he takes the hill, to a situational southpaw who absolutely owns lefty hitters, in a short series teams with lots of pitching will always dominate.

MLB Postseason Expansion

The expansion of the MLB postseason not only has added to the excitement, drama and wagering opportunities during the baseball playoffs, it's also served to make the regular season vastly more exciting. In the days when the AL and NL champions simply headed straight to the World Series, the pursuit of a pennant could already be moot in August, making for a month or so of meaningless games. 

With so many races to keep track of today, whether it be a chase for a divisional title or a wild card position, the games that matter are everywhere and are often contested right up until the final regular-season pitch is tossed. It brings the passion to the diamond and opens up a world of possibilities to the baseball bettor.

Where Can I Bet On MLB Postseason Online

Here's where you can bet on the MLB postseason online. These online sports betting sites are the cream of the crop, so enjoy finding the one that appeals most.