MLB prop bets are a variation on classic betting markets, which can offer an advantage to the bettor if they know the market well. The best MLB prop bets always offer something different, which expert handicappers can recognize having analysed the statistics, trends, form, team news, and odds from game to game.

How to Make MLB Prop Bets Picks

There are so many different kinds of MLB betting markets available in baseball. Typically speaking, team props are the most common and you’ll find those available for every game throughout the MLB season. In terms of team betting props, they are going to be fairly similar from game to game, but it’s always worth reviewing the odds.

Player props are also highly popular, though you may not see as many listed on bookmakers as you will with team props. You will however find player props as futures, which will predict player performance throughout the year or highlight which players may win the MLB’s coveted awards.

Keeping this in mind, it’s worth analyzing every aspect of the game possible. What does this mean? Finding the best MLB prop bets is about researching pitching lineups, the strength of the bullpen, the stadiums’ dimensions, and forecast weather to figure out the best opportunities and value in the MLB prop bets.

For those that are interested in learning more about MLB prop bets, be sure to keep checking back with us and we’ll post the odds and insights from our in-house baseball experts. We’ll cover the traditional money line, spreads, and totals markets, to ensure you get the full scope.

What MLB Team Prop Bets Can I Wager On

The trick to finding the best places to bet on MLB prop bets is to shop around the various sportsbooks and find the value in the odds. We live in an age of technology and we have never had such good access to statistics. As such, it’s well worth line shopping and looking for the best MLB prop bets available.

From MLB player props to MLB team props, there are wagers based on a team’s statistical performance and not on the outcome of a game. An example of MLB team prop bets might be where you’re putting the two sides against one another, to see which team will hit the most home runs. Alternatively, you might find who will hit the farthest home run or even the first home run.

Ultimately, research is integral to the success of your MLB team prop betting journey. Whether it be pitching or batting lineups, it’s key to find value before placing an MLB prop betting wager. The team here spends hours researching and analyzing matchups to ensure that the odds and predictions we offer are the best out there.

MLB All Star Game Prop Bets

MLB player prop bets are some of the most popular lines during the All-Star weekend, as individual stats are often some of the most important factors during this period. Generally, MLB player props will involve either a player vs player situation or an over/under.

The most popular player prop bets during the All-Star game centre around hitting and pitching stats, though probably hitting occupies the majority of the bets. The most common markets are:

  • Most strikeouts
  • Starting pitchers
  • Over/under a certain number of strikeouts
  • Over/under a certain number of RBI’s or hits
  • Total number of home runs

There are also a broad number of ways in which you can wager on props with bigger games, such as the MLB Playoffs and World Series—many of which are unique to these types of games and offer unique opportunities.

You can find all the very best MLB team props and MLB prop bets right here. So, be sure to check back with us for the latest and greatest odds around.

MLB Prop Bets FAQs

  • Are there World Series prop bets?

    As the pinnacle of the MLB season, the World Series offers a range of options for prop betting markets.

  • Which is the best bookmaker for MLB prop betting?

    The best bookmaker for MLB prop betting isn’t something we can easily single out, as each bookmaker offers its own unique features.

  • Can I find live prop betting markets for the MLB?

    You can find a broad range of prop betting markets, but only around major events like the World Series will you find live props.

  • Are MLB props available in the U.S?

    They certainly are. We have listed all the top-tier bookmakers on our site, where you’ll find a range of options for MLB props.

  • Are MLB props risky?

    Risk is measured by the bet. If you find a sensible prop bet that offers value, then it won’t be considered a risky bet.