MotoGP Japan Bets Point To Bagnaia

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MotoGP Japan Bets Point To Bagnaia

Hey MotoGP fans, this week we take a look at the Japan race at Twin Ring Motegi. Naturally, we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for some MotoGP Japan Bets, thanks to Bovada.

MotoGP Japan Bets As Far East Leg Looms

Grand Prix season returns right after the race at Aragon last week. MotoGP Japan Bets as the Far East Leg looms grow more and more concerned with Fabio Quartararo. This is because the competition level and intensity keeps on rising. Let us explore some MotoGP online betting options.

Though this year's schedule keeps throwing us some curveballs, we're rolling with the punches in the MotoGP schedule overall. But before we do anything else, let us first have a peek at the latest 2022 MotoGP Japan numbers for some of those top riders heading into the next race from Motegi, Japan on September 25th at 2:00 AM ET.

MotoGP 2022 - Japan GPBovada
Francesco Bagnaia+150
Fabio Quartararo+400
Enea Bastianini+400
Marc Marquez+500
Jack Miller+750
Aleix Espargaro+900

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The amount of DNF's when betting on MotoGP races has created its own chaos. Make sure you investigating what happens in practice and qualifying. Finally, the weather gets even wilder in the Fall months. These courses, especially in the Far East, can have anything from blazing sun to typhoons. Expect at least some wrench thrown into the best laid plans.

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MotoGP Japan Bets - What Happened At Aragon

This is probably our favorite wrinkle for bettors because what happened at Aragon is important. Sometimes, it is just not enough to look at historical data but get into the mental outlook of some of these riders. Now, MotoGP Japan Bets offer even more explanation within the race and title chase. For example, which racer or racers will be battling for the top spot and the others who sadly will falter.

Funny, there is no "Not Listed In The Field" option for those that want to wager against the list of racers. That number stands at +4000 by the way. That comes in 13th place which is amusingly in the points. It does appear that the war of attrition should not keep one of the top 12 riders from winning the race on Sunday but there is something else that might.

Back to Aragon, the two Ducati bikes, err the Italians battled for quite a few laps. After the initial chaos which took out Fabio Quartararo and then eventually Marc Marquez, the race settled into a Ducati runaway. They were ahead by nearly six seconds over Aleix Espargaro. On the final lap, Enea Bastianini passed Francisco Bagnaia for the final time. At the finish line, it looked like Bagnaia got real close but ran out of time settling for second by a mere 0.042 seconds!

MotoGP Japan Bets - Do We Bet The Tropical Weather?

Alas, this sounds absolutely ludicrous, the MotoGP Japan Bets has to consider do we bet on the tropical weather? There is a chance that a potential tropical storm or typhoon could come near or hit Motegi this weekend. It would cause a huge impact to the race. Who knows if it would even go off or worse, the race could go on and the quagmire swallows up a lot of top riders.

Also, consider what the rain may do. Currently, the weather forecast is uncertain. One of the models indicate a minimal tropical storm to tropical depression with some wind left over for Sunday. Either way, this is going to play some havoc with the race - whether it be practice, qualifying, or the race itself. It could be any combination.

Francesco Bagnaia Smells The Lead In The Distance

Placing a wager on Francesco Bagnaia even at +150 is not a bad idea for Sunday's race. Another 10-20 meters and the Italian is probably only five points off the World Title lead going into the Far East leg. As it is, the Ducati rider is ten points away from Quartararo, the Frenchman.

Bagnaia has tested better than Quartaro and Aleix Espargaro at Motegi. It comes down to staying clean and riding away from the dirty air. Avoid the contact and pile up the points by qualifying at or near the pole. It's that simple.

The concern with parlaying the World Title numbers is that Bagnaia is getting less value there now.

Francesco Bagnaia To win the Japan GP

Enea Bastianini Has To Be Looked At Here Too Along With Others

In MotoGP Japan Bets, taking Enea Bastianini has to be looked at here over even Bagnaia again. Bastianini was showing faster and faster times at Aragon. Japan could be another case where this Italian flexes his muscles again.

Whether it rains or not will matter along with any wind though. Keep that in mind, when there are that many unknowns. That is where Fabio Quartararo (+400) and even Aleix Espargaro (+900) could have an advantage. However, the weather would have to get rather inclement for that to be the case.

Some should hedge to either Quartararo or perhaps Jack Miller. Miller finished fifth last week at Aragon and races in the slicks and wets better than most riders. Again, if weather is not an issue, Ducati has a big leg up.

Enea Bastianini To win the Japan GP

Our Best MotoGP Season Picks

For online sports betting, our MotoGP Japan Bets for this race is Francesco Bagnaia over Enea Bastianini by less than a second. Fabio Quartararo may surprise and hit the podium in third.

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