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How to obtain bonus at Intertops

New users will have no trouble scooping up their bonus at Intertops. They give you a variety of different promotional offers, worth up to $200, from which to choose when you register.

$500 Bonus Up to $500 bonus
  1. 1 Create your account on Intertops => click here
  2. 2Step 2: After inputting your contact info, set up a deposit method.
  3. 3Step 3: Make your first deposit and select which bonus you'd like.
  4. 4Step 4: Watch the bonus money instantly appear in your account.

Intertops Mobile Betting App Bonuses

Don’t worry about missing out on potential promotional opportunities at Intertops mobile. All the options within the app are the same as they are on their desktop site or if you were to register by phone.

Positive facts about
  • $200 deposit bonus at Intertops sportsbook
  • Easy access to customer service
  • Special bonuses tailored to casino
Intertops $200 Deposit Bonus New Intertops customers have get up to $200 matched on their first deposit.Take me there!Open an Account 

Intertops Betting App Key Features

Mobile sports betting sites have plenty to think about when it comes to maximizing their services. Chief among what needs to be considered: Design and functionality must meld together for a seamless, user-friendly experience. Not every sportsbook will hit a home run, but the operations have to be streamlined and responsive enough to check the “convenience” box for customers. And as it turns out, the Intertops app does just that.

First, let’s quickly talk about Intertops’ bonus offerings. New sportsbook users can an additional $200 tacked on to their first deposit. Casino players can get up to a 125 percent bonus on their initial AND subsequent deposits. In the poker room, meanwhile, Intertops will match 200 percent of your inaugural deposit.

Unlike other sportsbooks, the Intertops app isn’t an app in the truest sense of the word. They instead have Intertops mobile, an entire site that branches off from their desktop experience and can be accessed, from anywhere in the world, on a buffet of different on-the-go devices.

More about Intertops’ mobile services will soon follow. But on the most fundamental level they do a great job of understanding how to guide customers through the tasks necessary to use their sportsbook and casino—which is the single most important aspect of running a mobile sportsbook. 

Though some of their scrolling features can be tedious, the simplicity of their aesthetics and workflow is a sight for sore eyes. All the sections to which you can navigate are earmarked with big, high-resolution images, along with process-prompting boxes labeled in bright red and green. You would have to actively ignore their homepage to not find the section for which you’re looking.

Keeping with this theme, Intertops has also prided their design on streamlined processes. They don’t force users to slog through a bunch of drop down menus or input tons of information onto a single page. They would prefer to load separate sections so that you’re not over-inundated in any one part of the transaction module. It’s an approach that’s not for everyone. Other mobile spoour rtsbooks prefer to limit the number of pages you must visit. When done right, though, the spell-everything-out, step-by-step strategy can be unequivocally useful. And make no mistake, by those standards, Intertops mobile is done right.

Intertops Mobile App Sign-Up

As we already alluded to, many mobile sportsbooks like to minimize the number of pages and informational steps for their customers. It’s believed to be the safer selling point. It is simplicity by default. But Intertops has taken the approach less implemented, opting instead to essentially micromanage the user experience to avoid all confusion.

This philosophy is never more evident than when customers are creating their Intertops account. Rather than have you input your name, contact information, preferred currency method and login credentials all at the same time, Intertops mobile has broken up the bettor registration into singular steps.

First you select your country. Then, on a separate page, you fill out your desired username and password. After that, you move on to another step that asks about your vitals—age, sports preferences, currency method, etc. Once you’re down with that, it’s on to your contact information, such as your physical address and chosen email. And finally, you head over a confirmation page, in which you have the option of setting up a deposit method or simply ending the registration process and officially registering your account.

Perhaps that sounds like an unnecessarily time-consuming mouthful. It’s not. New customers are able to speed through the sign-up process because of how distinctly simple and compartmentalized Intertops has opted to make it. You don’t waste time or clicks trying to navigate toward small boxes and toggling between too many fields of information. It’s basically “input required field” and then move on to the next page.

Intertops doesn’t make any changes when it comes to registering your first deposit method. They break each new payment method into separate steps, and once finished, the approval should come instantly, allowing you to immediately fund your purse.

Intertops Mobile Sportsbook

The Intertops mobile sportsbook prioritizes access over everything else. Rather than having you navigate to a separate section to take a look at the different event types, they use a sidebar menu on the left that you can click at any point, no matter where you are on the site.

This feature speaks to their commitment to sports in general. Other sites, both on mobile and desktop, want to give equal shine to their casino, live betting and sports option. But Intertops is first and foremost a traditional sportsbook and caters to users who care primarily about checking out the list of events available to them. That’s an important part of their mobile-betting experience: understanding their target audience.

As one of the inaugural mobile sportsbooks, having broken ground on the web in the late 1990s, Intertops isn’t trying to be all things to all people. And this focus on the sports betting front has allowed them to offer a nearly endless amount of options.

We don’t need to list off all the sports for which they provide lines because there are no glaring exclusions. From mainstream draws like the NFL, soccer, college football and the NBA to less popular bets like darts, chess, snooker and more, they’re prepared for you to wager on just about anything under the sun. 

Intertops Mobile Bet Types

Pick your favorite type of bet. Any bet. Maybe it’s a straight moneyline bet on a single game. Perhaps you’re most interested in wagering on props. Or maybe you like to work the over/under. Or the spread. Maybe, just maybe, you like to combine all sorts of bets into one big parlay or if/then wager. It doesn’t matter. Whatever your druthers, Intertops has you covered.

That optionality is just part of the betting-type experience, though. Interops has also made an investment in speed and simplicity. Their mobile site allows you to seamlessly add wagers to your bet slip and then visit other sections while still keeping tabs on what you’ve already put on your ledger. 

Every mobile device screen will have a bet slip located in the lower right hand corner after a user adds even one line to their prospective ticket. You can leave that betslip open while you go poking around other lines, or you can minimize it and check it out later.

Like most other mobile sites, Intertops ensures that you can toggle between different betting options with a single click. Changing your ticket from a single-bet slate to a parlay or if/then scenario merely requires you to select a different tab on the bet slip. You will need to input further details if you’re switching to an if/then wager, but the entire process of bet submission is straightforward.

Intertops Mobile Casino

The Intertops mobile casino is what we would call a hidden gem. It isn’t necessarily the reason you’d sign up with Intertops, and it can be on the harder end to find, but the services offered are extremely high end.

Because Intertops is built around its sportsbook, users must travel a couple of extra lengths to visit the casino. There is a second menu bar in the upper right hand corner, where you can navigate to non-sportsbook pages like customer service and, you guessed it, the casino. Upon clicking it, the Intertops mobile casino will open in a separate window, bringing to a laundry list of services they offer, with a homepage that outlines all of the different promotions they’re currently running.

Many would prefer Intertops to have more inclusive navigation to the casino. But if you’re willing to labor through a few extra clicks, a treasure trove of options will be at your disposal.

Intertops mobile casino offers all the usual table games and slots and does an especially nice job with its custom video game portfolio. If you navigate to their casino games page, you’ll find themed and immersive options such as Sparky 7, Lucky Catch, Miami Jackpots, Asgard Deluxe, Legend of Helios and many more.

To top it off, Intertops’ mobile casino offers sign-up and reload bonuses that actually outstrip their sportsbook maximums. New users can currently earn up to $5,555 in free-play money depending on how much they deposit, and existing customers are always eligible to receive a percentage of their deposit as a bonus in addition to free-play tokens on certain games. 

And finally, albeit perhaps most importantly, the Intertops casino is easy to use on your mobile device. No additional software is required, and the graphics and dimensions of every game are constructed specifically for your smaller screen.

$500 Bonus

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