The Six Nations Championship is one of the most long-standing sports tournaments in the whole world. With roots dating back to the 19th century, this annual rugby event brings together six European nations and lets them duke it out for bragging rights. The countries are England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Both a men and women’s tourney exists, and you better believe sportsbooks carry 6 Nations betting odds for the two.

We’re giving you the full low down on this championship along with Gallagher Premiership odds. That includes best rugby betting sites, betting advice, and a whole lot more. Next time this tourney rolls around, you’ll be ready to bet on it! Last updated on April 3, 2024:

Gallagher Premiership Winners Odds Bovada BetOnline MyBookie
Saracens +370 +370 +380
Northampton Saints +600 +600 +650
Bath +600 +600 +600
Leicester +850 +850 +900
Harlequins +1000 +1000 +1000

6 Nations Rugby Betting Sites

The Six Nations Championship takes place annually between February and March every year. Each team plays five games apiece, meaning there are 15 total games during the event. It’s a round-robin competition, meaning the team that finishes with the most table points, wins the title.

If you’re gambling on the men and women’s tourney, that’s 30 total games to wager on in a two-month span. Talk about a boatload of opportunities. Of course, that means diddly squat unless there’s a betting site that carries all the action.

While rugby lags behind in popularity of other sports, a slew of online sportsbooks have rushed to support this event, along with other competitions such as the Rugby World Cup or the Premiership league. A few bookies, in particular, stand above the rest in terms of quality. The following bookmakers are in the upper echelon when it comes to rugby betting:

Six Nations’ Betting at Bovada

When it comes to trust, few online bookies come close to what Bovada has built since its founding in 2011. Thousands of bettors flock to the betting site every day, swapping money in and out of the platform. That wouldn’t be the case if Bovada was shady like some competitors.

Beyond trust value, the entire betting experience is smooth at Bovada. The user interface is bettor-friendly and that goes for desktop or mobile use, as it’s one and the same.

Better yet, rugby is a prominent fixture in the Bovada sportsbook. The site carries betting lines for a slew of rugby union and rugby league events. Of course, Six Nations falls in the former category. Come tourney time, you’ll find rugby Six Nation odds for every matchup and then some.

BetOnline and Six Nations’ Wagering

While Bovada’s rugby selection is certainly massive, BetOnline‘s might actually be better. When the Six Nations rolls around, the site really ups the ante with its rugby bets, especially when it comes to props.

But here’s another area where BetOnline shines — its sign-up bonus. New players will have their first deposit into the bookie matched by 50 percent, with the bonus being capped at $1000. A sum like that is one of the best in the entire industry.

A deal like BetOnline is a great way to bankroll your wagers. Maximize the bonus when the Six Nations tourney begins and you’ll practically bet the whole tournament on the house.

Six Nations at BetDSI

BetDSI is a great option not only for Six Nations bettors, but for long-term rugby gamblers. Look, the championship tourney only lasts about two months. But betting opportunities for rugby exist year-round if you follow pro leagues in different countries.

If that’s your plan of attack, a rewards program would really suit you. It just so happens BetDSI leads the pack in that respect. BetPoints Rewards service is open to BetDSI players and every time you bet — whether it’s on the Six Nations, another rugby event, or an entirely different sport — you earn rewards points.

These points can net you a lot of perks, chief among them being cashback that can be used as you please. Other benefits include a reload bonus, free Bitcoin payout, plus more. At BetDSI, you literally do get paid to play.

BookMaker’s Six Nations’ Betting

Our final recommendation is none other than BookMaker. What’s great about this sportsbook is it combines many elements of the three aforementioned bookies.

For one, BookMaker is based out of Europe. Obviously, that’s right up Six Nations alley as all competing nations are also from the same continent. That’s why you’ll see its sportsbook stocked with ruby lines, whether its tourney time or not.

Second, there’s no shortage of promotions at BookMaker. There are unique bonuses for both cash and crypto deposits, one of which can reach as much as $1600. The site also has a BetPoints rewards program of its own that mirrors BetDSI’s service.

And that’s the “best of the best” sportsbooks to bet on the Six Nations. If you’re not quite sold, we’ve linked a table below that includes in-depth betting site reviews and sign-up bonus details. We also have a few more suggestions that just missed our list from above.

Feel free to browse through each betting site’s Six Nations rugby betting odds. Perhaps compare the lines against each other in case one’s is sharper than the others.

Six Nations Betting Tips

We can’t leave you without some betting advice. But here’s the thing — there’s no “silver bullet” Six Nations betting tip we can give you that’s always going to ensure success. In fact, that’s the case for any type of sports betting.

At the end of the day, sports, whether it’s rugby or something else, it’s unpredictable. Highly unpredictable, actually. And that’s their grand allure from a viewer or bettor standpoint. Still, there are a few pieces of advice you should keep top of mind whilst betting on Six Nations:

Bet On More Than Just The Championship Winner

Six Nations odds outright aren't the only lines you'll find at sportsbooks come tourney time. No, there's actually futures bets on other tournament awards outside the straight-up winner. Allow us to break down the other event honors:

Grand Slam: this moniker is given to a team that wins all five of its matches, thus sweeping the entire Six Nations field. While there have been 126 editions of this tournament in history, the Grand Slam feat has been accomplished just 40 times.

Triple Crown: This award is exclusive to England, Ireland Scotland, and Wales (thus excluding Italy and France). Like the Grand Slam, it's given if one of those four countries sweeps the others during the tournament. An actual trophy is handed out if a team earns it.

Calcutta Cup: This trophy is awarded to the winner of England and Scottland, two arch-rivals in rugby. Unlike the other two awards, you won't find a futures wager for this award. But it's worth knowing when betting on England-Scottland match.

Wooden Spoon: This one's less of an award and more of a joke, but it's a title reserved for the team that finishes dead last in the event. Similarly, if a team happens to lose all five of its tourney matchups, they are said to be "whitewashed." And no, a piece of hardware is not actually given out for this lackluster performance.

Gambling on these extra mini-competitions is a great way to spice up your routine during the tournament. They're also great "insurances" in case your championship outright bet doesn't pan out.

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Home And Road Games Matter Even More Than Usual

As we mentioned before, each time plays five games in total during the competition. This odd number means there won't be an equal balance of home and away games for each country.

Three countries have the special advantage of hosting three home games and traveling to just two. On the flip side, two nations get the short end of the stick — only two home matches and three road games.

Don't overlook these advantages and disadvantages, respectively, when betting futures. While not impossible, winning the championship while having to travel three times is a very tall order.

Decade Of Domination

On the men's side, three countries — England, Ireland, and Wales — have completely owned this event between 2010 and 2019. One of these nations has won the championship every single year aside from 2010 (France was the outlier winner). In that span, each claimed the Grand Slam once, too.

While you can't let past history sway your current betting decisions, you'd be smart not to overlook these three teams. As the popular saying goes, "to be the man, you have to beat the man." We'd give these countries the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Don't Be Afraid To Adjust Mid-Tournament

For whatever reason, many bettors get attached to one particular team. Typically, it's the one they've wagered on to win the whole tournament beforehand.

Here's the thing, though — don't be afraid to flip the script. Say your futures pick gets off to a rough start, there's no reason why you can't accept your inevitable loss and hedge it with a bet on another team. Sportsbooks will change futures odds after every single game anyway.

Alright, folks, that wraps up our Six Nations betting guide. You now have the necessary information, but action is required on your end to make any use of it. Be sure to check out those aforementioned sportsbooks to get started with rugby betting.

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