Once every four years, the best rugby-playing nations from across the world collide in the World Cup tournament. Separate events exist for both the men and women players. The next tourney on the horizon is in 2023, the men’s World Cup out in France.  From now til tournament time, Rugby World Cup betting odds will fluctuate wildly.

The odds were last updated on March 22, 2023:

Rugby Union World Cup 2027 BetUS
New Zealand
South Africa

While we wait for the tourney, we’ve created this rugby World Cup betting guide. This covers all the big topics you need to know — top betting sites, getting the best rugby World Cup odds, and tips to win your bets. Let’s get started!

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World Cup Rugby Betting

So you want to do World Cup rugby betting, huh? Obviously, you’ll need an online sportsbook to handle your wagers. The problem is, there’s no shortage of rugby betting sites. You may be asking yourself, which is the best?

Well, that answer depends on what you’re looking for — huge betting selection? Sharp World Cup rugby odds? Lucrative sign-up bonus? As you can see, there’s a lot of factors at play. We’ve hand-picked a list of bookies that meet a lot of these criteria. Ultimately, it’s on you to pick the one that matches your needs most. So without further ado, here are the best of the best sportsbooks:

Biggest Sportsbook Menu — BetOnline

The World Cup is jam-packed with betting opportunities. Take the men’s championship, for example. It runs about six weeks and features 45 different matchups. Of course, you want a bookie that’s going to carry rugby World Cup odds for every match and then some.

Enter BetOnline. This sportsbook has built its entire brand off its second-to-none betting selection. Of course, that carries over into rugby union World Cup betting. You’ll find every bet type in the book here — moneylines, spreads, over/unders, and of course, futures for rugby World Cup final betting.

In theory, BetOnline could serve as bettor’s one-stop-shop for gambling, whether that’s on rugby or any other sport. Seriously, you name a pro sports game and there are likely odds available at BetOnline.

Best Prices — Bovada

Bovada is another powerhouse in the online gambling industry. Among offshore sites, it may be the most-used bookmaker in North America. There’s a good reason why bettors flock to Bovada — its lines are fair and are quick to hit online.

There’s an entire rugby union betting section at Bovada. Despite being years away, you’ll still find the latest odds on rugby World Cup 2023. Futures to win the Webb Ellis Cup are available for a multitude of countries — from New Zealand to Scotland to England rugby World Cup betting, it’s all there for the taking.

These betting odds are offered at industry-leading prices, too. On many occasions, Bovada’s lines match up well with those offered by the Las Vegas casino giants. All in all, Bovada is in the upper echelon for rugby gambling.

Best Sign-Up Bonus — WagerWeb

Just about every single sportsbook offers a bonus to first-time players. Of course, not all are created equal. One of the marketplace’s best promotions is provided by none other than WagerWeb.

For one, WagerWeb actually has three unique welcome bonuses. This differs from most competitors, which only offer one deal and that’s it. As a bettor, having options to pick from is always a plus.

WagerWeb’s three bonuses vary in three respects — free play offered upfront, percentage of cashback you can earn back, and rollover requirement. Each has its own pros and cons, but bettors can decide what suits their needs best.

Beyond just the bonus, WagerWeb also backs rugby union betting year-round. That includes the Premiership, Six Nations Championship, and of course, the World Cup. Given how popular the Cup is, WagerWeb usually ramps up its rugby presence during that time of the year.

Best Rewards Program — BetDSI

Last on our list is BetDSI. Its sportsbook menu is diverse, spanning the entire globe. Obviously, that plays into rugby’s hand, as its a sport played in different parts of the world.

But best of all about BetDSI is its “BetPoints” rewards program. It works like a comp program offered in a physical casino — every time you bet, you earn points. Points can earn you perks such as cashback, free Bitcoin payouts, and more.

A loyalty program like BetDSI’s is great for players that are here to bet on rugby over the long haul. The more consistent you are with your bets, the more rewards you’ll earn. Wagers on non-rugby sports can earn points, as well.

Welp, those are our top recommendations for rugby World Cup gambling. You’ll be in good hands at any one of those bookies. If you’re looking for more site reviews and bonuses currently available, check out the table below.

We also advise to compare and contrast rugby World Cup latest odds at each site. Doing so will ensure you’re getting the best lines.

Rugby World Cup Betting Tips

At the end of the day, every bettor gambles with the purpose of making money. Of course, bookmakers have the same exact goal, meaning somebody has to lose. It’s a zero-sum game, but we have rugby World Cup betting tips to help you outsmart the bookies.

While these tips aren’t bullet-proof — nothing in gambling is — if you take them to heart, you’ll be better off than most casual bettors that have no betting system whatsoever. Picking bets at random is not how you outsmart bookies, believe us. Anyway, here’s our betting advice:

Watch Out For The Powerhouse Countries

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On the men's side, the World Cup has been contested nine times since it first started in 1987. Only four countries have ever lifted the William Webb Ellis Cup — New Zealand (three times), South Africa (three times too), Australia (twice), and England (one). It's no wonder why these four nations typically have the best rugby World Cup final odds each time.

While we firmly believe that "past performance doesn't indicate future results," we'd be foolish to underestimate these four powerhouses. At least in the early World Cup rounds, if you bet against them, you better have a really good reason for it. And we mean really good because these countries eat, sleep, and live the sport; losing against lesser foes is not part of their DNA.

Be particularly cognizant of South Africa, the reigning champions of the world, and New Zealand, the famous All Blacks team. At least one has made the semi-finals every time, and more often than not, both are in the final four.

Bet With Your Head, Not Your Heart

Regular sports bring out a lot of emotion as it is. Sports where national pride is at stake? It's emotion overload. We see this with the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and of course, the rugby counterpart.

However, country pride can be dangerous when wagering is involved. That's because patriotism typically causes bias — for your country and against a rival country. These innate feelings are likely to cause you to disregard research and data that actually matter.

And yes, research and data are mission-critical with betting. It should be the cornerstone of every bet you make, not personal feelings toward any one country.

Honestly, viewing your favorite nation in a neutral way is hard, if not impossible. That's why we just advise you to avoid betting on them altogether. Look, there's plenty of other World Cup games anyway — games which you can see from an objective angle.

Home-Field Advantage

As we pointed out before, the sight of the next World Cup tourneys will be New Zealand (women) and France (men). Historically, host nations typically overperform during the event, which is a phenomenon that's also observed in the FIFA World Cup. There's a good chance that trend continues with these upcoming World Cups.

On the women's side, New Zealand would be the favorites — with or without hosting privileges. The Black Ferns have won six of the nine World Cup titles, including the last in 2021.

On the flip side, France might be the most accomplished team to never win a men's World Cup. It's placed top-8 every single time and has three runner-up finishes to its name.

With hosting privileges, these two team nations should have favorable rugby union World Cup odds. And to repeat what we said about powerhouse nations, you better have a strong rationale for picking against them come tournament time.

Know The Differences Between Rugby Union And League

If you're completely new to this rugby thing, you must know there are two different game styles — union and league. The World Cup is contested in union format so that should be your chief concern here.

Union has more players on the field at a time, but also allows fewer substitutions. A try and drop goals are worth more in union, too. But the biggest difference lies in tackling. In union, after the tackle, the ball must be dropped and any player can scoop it up — so long as they are on-side and standing.

There are a few more differences, but these are the big ones. Still, really take the time to learn the union game in and out before World Cup betting. In-fact, this should be a mandatory duty.

Alright, folks, that ends our rugby World Cup betting guide. We covered a lot of ground just now, but you're well on your way to achieving success at this gambling thing. With enough commitment, you'll be winning left and right at rugby World Cup betting outright.

Teams Qualified

The qualified teams for the France 2023 Rugby World Cup will be organized into four pools, each containing five teams.

Pool A: New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia

Pool B: South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, Romania

Pool C: Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal

Pool D: England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Chile

2023 Schedule

The Rugby World Cup 2023 fixtures run from the 8th of September to the 28th of October, with matches played across France. The opening game and final will be held at Stade de France in Paris. The 2023 Rugby World Cup will kick off with the opening match held in Paris – Saint-Denis at the Stade de France. This clash of the titans, France and New Zealand, is set to be one for the books. Then, the Rugby World Cup 2023 schedule will run for seven weeks because games are played over the weekends.

Contenders to Watch

France’s RWC 2023 is expected to be a wild seven weeks as there has been a surprising shift with usual favorites like Australia and New Zealand falling down the rankings. This means a new era is dawning for rugby as European teams take the lead, with Ireland and France holding the top spots.
As for the All Blacks, while they might not be at the top of the rankings currently, their aggressive style of play, intimidaitng haka, and championship experience still make them a formidable opponent for any team.
South Africa, the defending champions, has a powerful squad that knows how to win under pressure. South Africa's physicality, strong set pieces, and solid defense make them a difficult team to break down.
With their recent Grand Slam victory and the World No. 1 ranking, Ireland has also emerged as a major contender. Ireland will be looking to secure their first-ever Rugby World Cup title, and they have the talent and form to make it happen.
The Roses are the only team from the Northern Hemisphere to have won the Webb Ellis Cup, and they are eager to add another title to their name. Despite their lower ranking, England has a skilled squad and experienced coaching staff that can guide them to victory.
As the host nation, France has the advantage of home support. Les Bleus have reached the final three times but are yet to clinch the trophy.


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