Best Bets To Win 2022 F1 Australian Grand Prix

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Best Bets To Win 2022 F1 Australian Grand Prix

We’ll get into our tried-and-true sports betting strategies soon, but let’s begin with the current odds to win outrightht. Online sportsbooks have pegged the following drivers as the top favorites to win:

Max Verstappen+120+120
Charles Leclerc+150+150
Carlos Sainz+800+800
Sergio Perez+1400+1400
Lewis Hamilton+1600+1600
George Russell+2500+2500

Remember earlier when we said the F1 landscape has changed in the three years since the previous Australian GP? Welp, Lewis Hamilton’s odds are exhibit A in that regard. Hamilton, the two-time winner of this race (2008 and 2015), has the FIFTH best odds at claiming first place. Fifth! More on him and whether he’s worth a bet or not later in this article.

2022 Australian Grand Prix Preview

The famed Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne will once again hold the Australian Grand Prix. This race has roots as far back as 1928, but Albert Park didn’t host the event until 1953. Albert Park would play hosts one more time (1956) until it became an annual fixture starting in 1996. However, as we preview the 2022 Australian Grand Prix, we have to mention what’s changed as of late.

Above all, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation has removed the single-lane race line, which made passing opportunities rarer than almost any other circuit. Replacing it is a more passing-friendly layout, a new road surface (it hadn’t been resurfaced since 1995!), and a vastly overhauled pit lane. To accomplish this layout, the circuit has widened several turns across the track to varying degrees.

We anticipate these new track updates to create overtaking opportunities like we’ve never seen before in Melbourne — and that’s a good thing. Moreover, prior performance here (from drivers and teams alike) might not play much of a factor since the track will be so different than years past. But for what it’s worth, the most successful team at Albert Park is Ferrari (eight wins) and the most recent winner was Valtteri Bottas in 2019.

Betting Advice For 2022 Australian Grand Prix

We’re only two races into the 2022 F1 season and it’s already off to its most unpredictable start in what feels like ages. New star drivers and teams have risen, old stars drivers and teams have fallen, one car after another has suffered car issues and subsequently DNFs, and we could go on and one. But what can we glean from this to craft betting advice for the 2022 Australian Grand Prix? Welp, we have two tidbits of advice below:

Ride The Hot Hand

The previous Qatar Grand Prix and Saudi Arabia Grand Prix both had one thing in common: in the final laps, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc were neck-and-neck for first place. Though, each event ended wildly differently. In Qatar, Verstappen’s engine had troubles that led to a DNF, while Leclerc comfortably took first place. But most recently in Saudi Arabia, Verstappen patiently waited to overtake Leclerc with four laps to go and never looked back, whereas Leclerc finished in second.

Both Red Bull and Ferrari appear to have the fastest cars on the grid this far. Therefore, it makes sense to “ride the trend” and bet on one of the two to win in Melbourne — but only one because each odds are almost identical so betting both ways will kill any profit. If we had to pick one, Verstappen is our choice. His track wisdom was evident in Saudi Arabia as he waited until Leclerc was weak (rear tire issues) and capitalized to overtake. That wisdom comes with winning a title last year — an experience that Leclerc is lacking this early in the season.

Max Verstappen to win the 2022 Australian Grand Prix

Fade The Cold Hand

Word of caution to bettors: neither Hamilton nor Mercedes’ teammate, George Russell, are “undervalued” at Melbourne. In fact, they’re priced spot-on by bookies because it’s obvious the Mercedes car is a step (or two) behind Red Bull and Ferrari.

We have faith Mercedes, the eight-time Constructors’ Champions, can close the gap in due time, but not two weeks removed from the Saudi Arabian GP — a competition in which Russell placed P5 and worse, Hamilton got P10. Stay clear of wagering on Mercedes until we see improved performance from its car in multiple races, no matter how cheap its betting odds look.

How To Bet & Watch The 2022 F1 Australian Grand Prix

It’s no secret F1 is “blowing up” inside the United States. Not only is there an immense appetite to watch the sport, but also to bet on Formula 1 online. We’ve already given you expert betting advice, but if you actually need a trusty sportsbook to place bets on 2022 Australian Grand Prix, then look no further than the betting sites listed underneath. These bookies are the “best of the best” and the underneath table features unbiased sportsbook reviews to prove it.

And to follow your bets in real-time via the TV, there’s no other place than ESPN for those in the United States. The network has exclusive rights to air every F1 race during the 2022 campaign. Unfortunately, due to the night-and-day difference in American and Australian time zones, the next event doesn’t start until 1 am EST. Hope you’re ready for an all-nighter…

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