2022 Monaco Grand Prix Betting Predictions

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2022 Monaco Grand Prix Betting Predictions

The most prestigious — and perhaps most difficult — race in Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix, is this Sunday, May 29. Ahead of the race, you’ll want to read our 2022 Monaco GP betting predictions. We’re telling you the two best bets to make this weekend and why!

Days away from race time, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is pegged as the favorite to win at top top-used F1 betting sites. He is currently even-money with Max Verstappen right on his tail. After those two drivers, there’s a huge drop off in race-winner betting odds, as seen below:

Charles Leclerc+100+100
Max Verstappen+125+125
Carlos Sainz+1600+1600
Sergio Perez+1600+1600
Lewis Hamilton+1600+1600
George Russell+1600+1600
Valtteri Bottas+10000+10000

Verstappen has won three races in a row, a streak that’s helped him leap Leclerc in the world championship standings. The Red Bill driver is up to 110 points — six ahead of Leclerc. The next closest driver to the pair is Sergio Perez with 85 points.

Best Bets To Win 2022 Monaco GP Race

Until someone not named Leclerc or Verstappen wins a race in 2022, then you have to continue the usual sports betting strategy of betting one or the other. It’s really that simple. That’s our approach to betting the 2022 Monaco GP race winner, though, we do have one another bet beyond Verstappen or Leclerc. Read on to find out what we mean:

Max Verstappen

This wasn’t an easy betting choice at all, but we’re sticking with the defending Monaco champion, Verstappen. More than anything, we value his winning experience here. That just means something extra at the Circuit of Monaco, a track where one small mistake can end a driver’s race completely.

Heck, Leclerc knows that all too well. A year ago, Leclerc won the pole in Monte Carlo — which history says is a great predictor of who ends up taking first place. But despite that, Leclerc failed to even race during 2021 event. A crash during qualifying ruined his gearbox, which forced his retirement before the race started (and promoted Verstappen into the pole position in the process).

It was a heartbreaking turn of events for Leclerc in his “home” race, or just maybe, the local Monegasque driver is “cursed” at this track. Dating back to his F2 time, Leclerc never once finished a race in Monaco. Never. A different car problem has stopped him on the tracks every single time. Heck, just a few days ago, Leclerc even crashed at the 2022 Monaco Historic event while driving one of Niki Lauda’s classic Ferraris. Suddenly, a curse on Leclerc doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.

We don’t trust Leclerc, sorry. Not to win at least. Stick with Verstappen despite DRS issues, which we’re confident Red Bull will correct before the weekend.

Max Verstappen to win 2022 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

It’s starting to feel like Mercedes’ comeback is not a matter of if, but when. The eight-time-reigning Constructors’ champions have had a season to forget, especially for its top driver. Hamilton is in sixth-place overall and has just one podium finish this season. But Hamilton had a strong showing at the most recent Grand Prix after a rough start. Suddenly, Hamilton becomes longshot betting material — especially at his current +1600 betting line.

That’s not to say Verstappen shouldn’t command most of your betting money. He definitely should. But why not throw a few spare dollars on Hamilton, a three-time winner here? At these steep odds, it’s the definition of a low-risk, high-reward bet and one worth taking in case an unfortunate disaster strikes the top-two drivers, Verstappen and Leclerc.

Lewis Hamilton to win 2022 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Best Bet To Win 2022 Monaco GP Fastest Lap

Of course, the F1 bets don’t stop at just which driver wins. No, no, that’s only a sliver of what’s available to wager on — especially this weekend given the magnitude of the Triple Crown motor race. One wager that’s caught our attention is the fastest lap. Here’s how the odds in this prop currently shake out: 

Charles Leclerc+120+120
Max Verstappen+175+175
Carlos Sainz+800+800
Sergio Perez+900+900
Lewis Hamilton+1100+1100
George Russell+1100+1100
Valtteri Bottas+6600+6600

For the first time this season, a driver outside of Leclerc and Verstappen won the fastest lap at last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. This time it was Sergio Perez. During the year, Leclerc has taken this honor three times, while Verstappen has two to his name. Here's which driver we're betting to take it in Monte Carlo:

Charles Leclerc

While we're very much open to the idea that Leclerc is indeed cursed on his home track, that doesn't mean we don't think he has a fighting chance. When you have, arguably, the fastest car in the circuit — as Leclerc does with his Ferrari — then you always have a chance at winning, especially when it comes to the fastest lap.

Leclerc was on pace to win in Spain until his engine failed on him. Before the DNF-causing mishap, Leclerc had built a comfy 12-second advantage over the rest of the field. While another DNF would be on-trend for Leclerc at Monaco, it doesn't mean he wouldn't have enough time to set the fastest lap whilst ahead. That's EXACTLY what we figure happens before the "curse" strikes him again...

Charles Leclerc to have fastest lap at 2022 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

How To Bet 2022 F1 Monaco Race?

Dare we say the 2022 F1 Monaco race is must-bet material? We think so. With the hype peaking for this competition, the best online sportsbooks have rolled out a bevy of F1 betting lines for the whole weekend. You can find all the Monaco odds by clicking on one of the betting sites featured underneath. Our table features up-to-date sportsbooks reviews and bonus details in case you need help deciding which bookie is best for you.

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