F1 2021 British GP Betting Predictions

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F1 2021 British GP Betting Predictions

The British GP goes down on Sunday, July 18. The competition has been an annual fixture of F1 since 1948, but for the first time ever, the day before will feature an F1 sprint. What's that? Welp, you're about to find out.

But first things first, let's take a look at the betting odds, which are readily available for Sunday's Grand Prix. The usual five names are favored to win and here is each of their lines to win, courtesy of online sportsbooks:

Max Verstappen-140-140
Lewis Hamilton+165+160
Valterri Bottas+1200+1100
Sergio Perez+1200+1100
Lando Norris+5000+5000

What Is An F1 Sprint Anyway?

In an attempt to "spice up" the racing calendar, F1 added three sprint races to the 2021 season. It's a pilot program of sorts and the first flight is on Saturday at Silverstone Circuit in England.

Here's how it works: an F1 sprint race will essentially serve as the qualifying race. The grid for Sunday's British GP will be set from this new competition. Friday's qualifying event will determine the positions of the sprint event.

And believe us, this is truly a sprint. It's a short 100-kilometer (62 miles equivalent) race around Silverstone — which is about one-third the length of a regular Grand Prix. No pit stops are necessary either so expect wheel-to-wheel action from start to finish.

Moreover, points will be on the line. The top-three sprint qualifying finishers earn points in the coveted world championship standings — three points for the first-place finisher, two for runner-up, and one for third.

We should point out that Sunday's Grand Prix will be traditional. All the usual rules apply there, only difference being that the grid will be influenced by Saturday's outcome. 

Formula 1 british gp odds

F1 British GP Betting Pick To Win

You've heard the famous saying before, "desperate times call for desperate measures." At that moment, that applies to Hamilton to a tee. He's amidst a more than two-month-long dry spell from winning a race (his longest in ages) and is now 32 points behind Verstappen in the standings. 

Thankfully for him, Silverstone holds a "soft spot" for the seven-time world champion. Not only is it a homecoming of sorts for the England native, but he's the most accomplished driver in event history. Hamilton's seven wins at the British GP is most all-time, two ahead of the next-best driver (fellow England native Jim Clark). 

While we have serious doubts Hamilton can surpass Verstappen over the course of the remaining season, we do believe he has what it takes to gut out a much-needed victory come Sunday. We mean, he just has to — if not, Verstappen is running away with the title. Between the sprint and Grand Prix, as many as 29 points are on the line. Our money says Hamilton grabs at least 26 of them!

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2021 British GP

F1 British GP Betting Prop: Fastest Lap Pick

Don't forget about the prop betting market either. Wagers are available for British GP outcomes such as the winning margin in seconds, podium finishes, and our personal favorite prop, the fastest lap. Betting odds for that are as follows:

Max Verstappen+120+120
Lewis Hamilton+200+200
Valterri Bottas+450+450
Sergio Perez+450+450
Lando Norris+2500+2500

This time around, we're not backing the "hometown boy." When it comes to pure speed, no team has a faster car than Red Bull. Period. Even Hamilton has said so repeatedly throughout the season. That will likely remain the case for the rest of the season, which bodes particularly well for Verstappen and Sergio Perez. 

Verstappen has won the fastest lap three of the last four races and we think Sunday will be a case of deja vu. Though, it's a shame this prop only exists for Sunday's Grand Prix and not the sprint qualifier the day before. Oh well, either way, the smart money is on Verstappen. 

Max Verstappen To have the fastest lap at the 2021 British GP

Alright, that covers it for this British GP betting guide. If you're getting action on the big race (which c'mon, you should be), then you can watch the event unfold at 10 am EST come Sunday. The race will be broadcast live on ESPN.

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