F1 Betting Odds and Predictions for Dutch Grand Prix

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F1 Betting Odds and Predictions for Dutch Grand Prix

As the Formula One battle for the 2021 Drivers Championship heats up, all eyes are on the Dutch Grand Prix. After a humdinger of a Belgium Grand Prix finish, the outcome of this one will have a huge impact on the standings. And you best believe our F1 betting odds and predictions for the Dutch Grand Prix cover every inch of what to expect.

Like always, let's begin with the betting odds to win the Dutch Grand Prix, with all lines coming courtesy of BetOnline:

Driver to WinBetOnline
Lewis Hamilton+110
Max Verstappen+110
Sergio Perez+1200
Valtteri Bottas+1800
Lando Norris+3300
Charles Leclerc+4000
Carlos Sainz+10000
Daniel Ricciardo+15000
Esteban Ocon+15000
George Russell+15000
Sebastian Vettel+15000
Fernando Alonso+25000
Pierre Gasly+25000
Antonio Giovinazzi+50000
Kimi Raikkonen+50000
Lance Stroll+50000
Mick Schumacher+50000
Nicholas Latifi+50000
Nikita Mazepin+50000
Yuki Tsunoda+50000

Though the race is creeping upon us, there remains plenty of time for these F1 betting odds to shift at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks. It is imperative you double-check all Dutch Grand Prix betting lines before committing to a wager.

2021 Dutch Grand Prix Betting Breakdown

  • When: Sunday, September 5 
  • Time: 9 a.m. EST
  • Where: CM.com Circuit Park in Zandvoort, Netherlands
  • Watch/Stream: ESPN

Rather than drop one prediction for this F1 race preview, we're going to run the gamut of available bets. From potential top-10 finishes to which driver has the fastest lap, we've got F1 picks galore.

We will start with the outright Dutch Grand Prix winner, since we're already delivered the odds for that one, and because our choice here will shape the rest of our predictions.

dutch grand prix betting odds

Dutch Grand Prix Winner Prediction

Another race, another co-favorite listing for Lewis Hamilton (+110) and Max Verstappen (+110).

Serious credit must go to Verstappen for continuing to put himself in this position. Hamilton is widely considered the greatest F1 driver of all time and has won six of the past seven Drivers Championships—including four straight. The way in which Verstappen has not only ensured high finishes when he doesn't win but just generally improved the way he's driving later in races is a huge deal. It makes him a threat to beat anyone. 

In all honesty, Verstappen might flat-out be the best F1 driver right now. He has earned at least 18 points toward his standings total in each of his past six races. Hamilton, on the other hand, has experienced slightly lower lows when he's not winning races.

And yet, Hamilton still wins races. He is not some superstar past his heyday. Verstappen is simply having a year to remember at a time when Hamilton has incurred bad luck down the stretch of certain races. 

It used to be that Hamilton was the automatic pick to win all Grand Prix. That's clearly changed. But we're rolling with him anyway here.

OSB Dutch Grand Prix Winner Prediction: Lewis Hamilton (+110)

Lewis Hamilton To win the Dutch Grand Prix

Picks to Finish in Top 10 of Dutch Grand Prix

Here are the odds on drivers who will finish the Dutch Grand Prix inside of the top 10:

Driver to Finish in Top 10BetOnline
Lewis Hamilton-800
Max Verstappen-800
Lando Norris-450
Sergio Perez-450
Valtteri Bottas-450
Charles Leclerc-400
Carlos Sainz-350
Daniel Ricciardo-300
Fernando Alonso-190
Pierre Gasly-190
Esteban Ocon-165
Lance Stroll+100
Sebastian Vettel+100
Yuki Tsunoda+110
George Russell+150
Antonio Giovinazzi+400
Kimi Raikkonen+400
Mick Schumacher+600
Nicholas Latifi+2000
Nikita Mazepin+5000

For your convenience, we've singled out our five best bets to land one of these 10 spots. Let's get to them.

Lewis Hamilton (-800)

Look, these aren't lucrative odds, but we picked Hamilton to win, so it makes sense to assume he'll finish in the top 10.

Consider this a lock.

Lewis Hamilton To finish inside top 10 at Dutch Grand Prix

Max Verstappen (-800)

Given that Verstappen was our second-most likely pick to win it all, we have to slot him in side the top 10.

Plus, if that doesn't do it for you, consider it's been more than a half-dozen races since Verstappen failed to secure a top-10 placement.

Max Verstappen To finish inside top 10 at Dutch Grand Prix

Charles LeClerc (-400)

Though Charles LeClerc isn't having his best F1 season, he has nabbed a top-10 spot in six of his past seven races. And the one that he didn't, he simply failed to finish due to circumstances beyond his control.

Charles LeClerc To finish inside top 10 at Dutch Grand Prix

Lance Stroll (+100)

Sign us up for Lance Stroll when he's paying out 1-to-1. He struggled to start the year but has finished inside the top 10 through three consecutive races.

Lance Stroll To finish inside top 10 at Dutch Grand Prix

Yuki Tsunoda (+110)

Another risky proposition here, but it makes sense to swing big when betting on a large-field prop. Yuki Tsunoda seems to have escaped his cold streak. He has now racked up a top-10 finish in two straight heats. He's worth this dice roll.

Yuki Tsunoda To finish inside top 10 at Dutch Grand Prix

Fastest Lap at Dutch Grand Prix

dutch grand prix betting odds

Check out these odds on which driver will have the fastest lap at the Dutch Grand Prix:

Fastest Lap PickBetOnline
Max Verstappen+150
Lewis Hamilton+160
Valtteri Bottas+400
Sergio Perez+500
Lando Norris+2500
Charles Leclerc+3300
Pierre Gasly+5000
Carlos Sainz+6600
Daniel Ricciardo+10000
George Russell+10000
Antonio Giovinazzi+25000
Esteban Ocon+25000
Fernando Alonso+25000
Kimi Raikkonen+25000
Lance Stroll+25000
Mick Schumacher+25000
Nicholas Latifi+25000
Nikita Mazepin+25000
Sebastian Vettel+25000
Yuki Tsunoda+25000

This one's a relative no-brainer for us. Many like to select the ultimate winner as the fastest-lap driver. Not us.

Max Verstappen (+150) is the favorite in this group for a reason. His ultra-aggressive style spans nearly every lap. Whether he's in the lead or trailing, he seemingly always drives for speed.

As the owner of the most fastest-lap finishes in F1 this season, we're inclined to trust in him again here.

Max Verstappen To have fastest lap at Dutch Grand Prix

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