Formula 1 2023 Title Bets On Verstappen

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Formula 1 2023 Title Bets On Verstappen

Hey, Formula 1 fans. We're starting 2023 by taking an early look at the Formula 1 2023 Title Bets! Online Sports Betting looks at some possible inflection points for 2023. Pre-race coverage begins at 7:00 am ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have Formula 1 2023 Title Bets for the upcoming season.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 2023 Title Bets
  • WHEN: From March 5th to November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: Starting in Bahrain and ending in Abu Dhabi 

Formula 1 2023 Title Bets - A Look Back

The 2023 Formula 1 season starts in Bahrain on March 5th. It is hard to believe, but we are still more than two months away from the start of the quest for Formula 1 2023 Title Bets. These early Formula 1 online betting options are intriguing because there is a favorite in Max Verstappen but some wrinkles.

So, what do we mean by "wrinkles"? That is an excellent question. With what happened in 2022, there looks to be hope for 2023. Max Verstappen romped his way to one of the more straightforward title wins in some time. With his second world title clinched so early, the question became more about how many races would the Belgian-Dutch driver win. Verstappen received the checkered flag a total of 15 times in 2022. Now, here are those early 2023 numbers again.

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Formula 1 2023 Title Bets - This Is Max Verstappen

With the new season approaching, bettors realize this race may be about Max Verstappen again. While most pundits expect the Red Bull driver to win double-digit races. 15 seems out of the question. One never knows but count on the other "Big Five" drivers to make this a bit more competitive as Mercedes and Ferrari work on their engine issues from 2022. However, like Verstappen, few can dominate on runs in the Formula 1 2023 Title Bets.

Okay, the 2023 season sets up nicely for the Belgian-Dutch racer. The 25-year-old has won two World Titles and is hungry for a three-peat. After all, he wants to shoot for seven straight titles and beyond. Naturally, Verstappen knows this run is his golden opportunity to match and exceed the sport's greats. Now, that is what drives him more than anything else. It is not enough to win but to win dominantly.

So, there exist some chances for other drivers because of that "Mad Max" style. Verstappen infuriates his teammates too. Ask Sergio Perez about what happened late last year with "team orders." That looks to be forgiven, but events can cause misgivings to bubble up to the surface.

There lies a reason why Verstappen is already -140, and it may be time to get in on the ground floor. He remains our pick, and he is +115 at Bahrain early.

Max Verstappen To win the 2023 Formula 1 Title

Formula 1 2023 Title Bets - Can Hamilton Be That Foe?

Can Lewis Hamilton be that foe again in the Formula 1 2023 Title Bets? Here is the problem. Does Mercedes give him a car that can contend often enough? Hamilton, for the first time in forever, failed to win a race in 2022. He had a few close calls and podiums. However, the British driver needs quite a few wins (likely 6-8) to have a shot at the title.

Last year, Max Verstappen dominated so emphatically that we never quite knew what Mercedes had because they started so slowly. When a team struggles mightily in the first month or two of the season, maybe they were looking toward 2023.

Lewis Hamilton showing early strength will be vital to his fortunes. The +350 remains attractive, but it is not as good as Hamilton's +500 for the Formula 1 odds. Yes, Hamilton exhibited later speed but still much frustration at the end of the year. Maybe 2023 will begin differently.

Again, looking at those 2023 Formula 1 Futures has us looking at Hamilton at +350, but for how long? In the meantime, the hope is that some movement trends toward maybe +400 or +500. That would illustrate more value. Perhaps, some bettors will be more on Charles Leclerc and Ferrari's potential. Maybe. Either way, there lies some sentiment here toward Hamilton going for title number eight.

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2023 Formula 1 Title

Then There is Charles Leclerc

Formula 1 2023 Title Bets looks away from Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari drivers endured so many misfortunes after a splendid start to the 2022 season. Leclerc hovers at +500 on Bovada, but that downward movement at BetOnline worries us at +400. The extra race added to the schedule hurts the French driver and arguably helps Mercedes and Red Bull. Our early impressions from testing at Las Vegas and a few other select tracks.

Again, Leclerc finds himself to be an early favorite (one of them) in Bahrain. His ability to garner poles is worthy of note too. However, the misfortune with the Ferarri may lessen but is likely to continue somewhat. The thought process is that Leclerc may win a few more races, but his finishes will again be volatile.

At +500, the Frenchman presents little value. Anything shorter worries us, to be quite honest.

Charles Leclerc To win the 2023 Formula 1 Title

What About "Longer" Shots For The Formula 1 2023 Title Bets?

So, let's ask the question. What about "longer shots for the Formula 1 2023 Title Bets? George Russell had a better car than Hamilton for vast parts of the season. Anything is possible. Hey, what about Sergio Perez or even Carlos Sainz, perhaps? For us, the longest shot of all may just be Perez. However, his motivation to raise his racing game may be the highest among those who placed 2nd-6th in 2022. That +2500 number rings true like a good pizza money bet.

Sergio Perez To win the 2023 Formula 1 World Title

Our Advice

Parlay Max Verstappen to win the title and Bahrain to kick off 2023.

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