Formula 1 2023 Title Picks Verstappen And More Winning Bets

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Formula 1 2023 Title Picks Verstappen And More Winning Bets

So, Formula 1 fans, we are a mere two weeks away from the opening of the season at Bahrain. In the meantime, the Formula 1 2023 Title Picks! Online Sports Betting peeks at some more potential wagering points for 2023. Pre-race coverage on March 5th begins at 7:00 am ET. ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have more Formula 1 2023 Title Picks for this exciting, new season.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 2023 Title Picks
  • WHEN: From March 5th to November 26th, 2023
  • WHERE: Beginning in Bahrain and ending in Abu Dhabi 

Formula 1 2023 Title Picks - Are There Any Changes?

The 2023 Formula 1 season begins with that wild track at Bahrain on March 5th. It is hard to believe, but we are almost on the verge of the start for Formula 1 2023 Title Picks. These preseason Formula 1 online betting options are fun because there have been some minor changes to the mix.

Now, what are some of those changes? Max Verstappen remains unmoved, However, Lewis Hamilton saw a slight tweak which shortened his numbers just a little. Maybe, those bold comments made by the seven-time world champion adds a little spark to what appears to be a predictable 2023 season. Please note that the schedule returns to 23 races as the United States features three - Miami, Austin, and Las Vegas (Debut).

Charles LeClerc and George Russell returned to lines similar to what Bovada originally posted just after Christmas. Yes, XBet and BetOnline seem to have conformed to what most bettors are seeing everywhere else. With this marginal movement, here is our new table.

Formula 1 2023 Preseason UpdateBovadaXbetBetOnline
Max Verstappen-140-136-138
Lewis Hamilton+300+310+310
Charles Leclerc+500+510+500
George Russell+800+780+850
Sergio Perez+2500+2500+2200
Carlos Sainz+2500+2400+2300

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Formula 1 2023 Title Picks - Max Verstappen Additional Bets

Yes, this new season means seeing Max Verstappen as a provisional favorite to three-peat. With the Formula 1 2023 Title Picks, that means finding potential other ways to betThe key with Verstappen remains his temperament and that blasted power box. It looked to be an issue in the shakedowns and other testing with some drivers, including the Red Bull racing driver. That being said, few racers find ways to get more out of their car than Verstappen.

2023 sets up well for the Belgian-Dutch driver. The 25-year-old craves that three-peat. After all, he knows how fleeting Formula 1 can be. Racking up those world titles and wins are paramount to him. After winning 15 races in 2022, many wonder what Verstappen can do for an encore? Bovada lists the odds of the driver winning 15+ races at +700.

So, Mad Max takes plenty of risks and gets animated easily. That makes it fun to take some other swings when it comes to picks and bets. Yes, Verstappen remains our pick to win it all, but at -140, do we wait and secretly hope for some early season struggles? Or, do we pray the other way and poke around for some other possible values? One such idea is to take Red Bull for the Constructors' Championship at -110. It looks to be the closest to Even right now and a way to get in on the action.

Verstappen stayed steady at -140, and is even +115 still at Bahrain. Even with testing coming later this week at Sakhir, little figures to change with shifts, etc. Does one play it safe with the wins prop with Verstappen. A dozen wins still comes in at +163 and 13 is at +275. Interesting.

Max Verstappen To win his third consecutive title

Formula 1 2023 Title Picks - Hamilton Or Russell?

Can Lewis Hamilton or George Russell be that foil in the Formula 1 2023 Title Bets? Here is the dilemma. Testing indicates that the Mercedes is better to start 2023. However, no one knows until Bahrain in two weeks. Mercedes started off 2022 so behind that the team, as a whole, needed moral victories to feel good. That will not do this season.

Pouring through the prop bets is interesting, the low amount of wins for Hamilton on Bovada is at five. Russell saw six wins as his low. Does that seem high? Does that even make sense? It shows the uncertainty with the books going into 2023.

Lewis Hamilton talking things up early is encouraging. He does not do so if the Mercedes driver does not believe in the car. After all, things were so rock bottom last year. The +310 to win it all still looks decent, but his podium and win props are just not there. The same can be said about George Russell. Seeing Russell win six times or more at +300 feels almost impossible to be blunt.

Again, looking at those 2023 Formula 1 Picks has us looking at Hamilton at +310, but for how long? In the meantime, if form from George Russell is there, he can be worth taking a flier at +850 on BetOnline. There is an intriguing double if Hamilton and Russell rise enough. Check this out. What if Verstappen holds off the two Mercedes? The Verstappen/Mercedes double holds at +500.

Lewis Hamilton To win the 2023 title

Then We Present More Options

Formula 1 2023 Title Picks looms as we present more options. Again, Mercedes for the Constructors' Championship looks to be at +135 or so across the board. If Ferrari ever gets it together, that +600 number feels like something to look at closer. After all, titles are titles. These constructors do not like egg on their face and both Ferrari and Mercedes saw lots of it in 2022.

Again, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are at best longer shots. While Leclerc started out last year so well, things degraded quickly. With an amped up Mercedes' team, Ferrari knows 2023 will be even more challenging. That being said, does one take a small wager on Ferrari at +140 over Mercedes?

Hey, it's an alternate to being let down by Leclerc for the title.

Ferrari To beat Mercedes in points

Our Advice

Parlay Max Verstappen and 12+ wins if one can in 2023.

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