Formula 1 Bahrain Bets On Verstappen To Win Opener

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OSB Formula 1 Bahrain Bets On Verstappen To Win Opener

Yes, it is great to be back Formula 1 fans. We head off to Bahrain for the opening race of the 2023 season! Online Sports Betting takes a look at the Bahrain Grand Prix from Bahrain. Pre-race coverage begins at 8:55 am ET. Now, ESPN+ via Sky Sports stream the pre-race and then ESPN comes aboard at 10:00 am ET. Below we have Formula 1 Bahrain bets for the Sunday night race.

  • WHAT: Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix
  • WHEN: Sunday, March 5th, 2023, 10:00 am ET on ESPN
  • WHERE: Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain.

Formula 1 Bahrain Bets - A Numbers Game

The Formula 1 season returns this first week of March with the Bahrain Grand Prix. This weekend's best Formula 1 online betting options changed a bit from our last futures' outlook in February.

Last season saw Max Verstappen dominate from about race number four and onward. He went on to win 15 races in all. How many will he win this year? First, it is time to ponder the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix numbers for the contenders heading to the floodlights of Bahrain.

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Formula 1 Bahrain Bets - Does Hope Spring Eternal?

With the 2023 Formula 1 Championship almost underway, bettors must understand there are so many races as hope springs eternalOkay, now what do we do? Most people forget last year that Charles Leclerc ran the roost in Formula 1 during the early portion. He won the opener and then nearly pulled it off at Saudi Arabia. Then, Leclerc hit the high point of his season with another triumph at the Australian Grand Prix.

Now, Bahrain International Circuit uses a Grand Prix Circuit. What do we mean? It is an intermediate circuit (3.363-miles around) and features 15 turns. The Bahrain track features two long straightaways and two shorter ones. Turn one always has its own brand of fireworks. The main passing zones are Turn 3 to Turn four and Turn 15 to the finish line. Speed gets helped with that long, ending straightway. DRS zones total the usual three but the third is shorter by 250 meters after Turn 15.

Therefore, this 57-lap race will see more pit plot twists but no weather issues. Sunday evening temperatures expect to be in the mid 70's or so with moderate humidity. Tires should be not that much of an issue. Power boxes on the other hand are always a hit or miss thing early.

Formula 1 Bahrain Bets - Can Verstappen Avoid Issues This Time?

Can Max Verstappen avoid issues this time in the Formula 1 Bahrain Bets? Here is the problem. As mentioned above, he won 15 races last year, but eyes Bahrain because of the early season troubles he had in 2022. Verstappen tends to be extra motivated when it comes to the losses. It drives most everyone crazy, yet it works for the Belgian-Dutch driver. His quest to win a third straight Formula 1 World Championship begins on Sunday. Testing favored the Red Bull racer this year once again.

Last year, Verstappen was held off most of the way by Charles Leclerc. Just as the Red Bull appeared to be gaining, disaster struck! It appeared a power box issue (pesky circuit panels) all but killed the juice from the car. Little or no power means a disabled car. Verstappen had to abandon the race after lap 54. A few more laps and the driver might have held on to a podium spot. However, it was not meant to be.

Max Verstappen has never reigned supreme here. The +115 a few weeks ago was better but -120 is not so bad, For the Formula 1 odds, it is pretty fair. Yes, he won the pole and all three qualifying sessions in 2021, but the numbers are off because Lewis Hamilton ultimately had better late run speed. That aided Hamilton in staying ahead of Verstappen. He has never won this race.

For other wagers, consider taking Verstappen early on for 2023 Formula 1 Futures. The Belgian remains at -150, but for how long? If he gets going early, no one will catch the top Red Bull. "Mad Max" can easily run away with the title. Again, that race number is better than his futures. It is worth a shot.

Max Verstappen To win at Bahrain

Now We Look To Charles Leclerc

Formula 1 Bahrain Bets now looks to Charles Leclerc and Ferrari again. The Ferrari driver won here last year as Ferrari showed strength in the straightaways and off Turn 15. Leclerc was able to get away from Verstappen every time he got close. Carlos Sainz never got close and wound up more than five seconds off the French driver's pace. It does seem like Leclerc, in testing, is performing right up to the level of the No. 1 car from Red Bull.

Leclerc is +360 is solid value given testing and how well he ran throughout the week and weekend last year. Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez qualified third and fourth last year. There is no surprise how the race ended as Leclerc and Sainz were 1-2. The surprise was Verstappen and Perez with power and fuel box problems.

If anyone slows down Verstappen early, it will either be Charles Leclerc or possibly Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes. Hamilton is more of a long shot at +900. This is because of some problems late in testing with, yes, power difficulties. One cannot make this up.

Of the drivers mentioned in our table, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz are also intriguing at +900. If the top two falter in any way, they are decent hedge bets. However, Charles Leclerc is the best of the rest here.

Charles Leclerc To win the Bahrain Grand Prix

Our Opening Pick

Formula 1 Bahrain Bets pick Verstappen fending off Leclerc on Sunday.

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