Formula 1 Best Bets - Verstappen British Invasion

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Formula 1 Best Bets - Verstappen British Invasion

Hello Formula 1 fans, this week we look at the British GP from Silverstone, England. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Best Bets - Some British Numbers

The Formula 1 season heads off to England for the British Grand Prix. Let's dig into Formula 1 online betting mode once more.

This year featured some early twists and turns. We are quite fascinated with this race and whether Max Verstappen can extend his 46-point lead. First things first dictate to let us peek at the latest 2022 Formula 1 odds for some of the top racers heading into this weekend's race.

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When betting on Formula 1 races? Watch to see how Max Verstappen goes. Finally, do not forget to check on the weather every so often. Weather can be changeable and can at the least alter the pit strategy a little bit at Silverstone.

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Formula 1 Best Bets - What Happened In Montreal?

There is a reason why racing can be so fickle at times. Who are we kidding? Sometimes, everything goes haywire. Sometimes, the beat just goes on. Now, Formula 1 Best Bets tries to figure out what happened in Montreal. Could that have any impact at all when it comes to the race in Britain this weekend? On the surface, it might to be honest.

Once more, Max Verstappen managed to win last week despite things becoming a little too close for comfort late. By the end of the race, the Red Bull racer finished less than one second ahead of his next closest competitor. Carlos Sainz Jr. was able to get DRS at the very end but Verstappen held on. Lewis Hamilton rounded out the podium as the seven-time world champion has looked better in previous weeks. However, Hamilton is outside of the top five when it comes to overall points.

Again, that was five wins in Verstappen's last six races, the Dutch racer was fast enough when needed, and no one could figure out a way to get past Red Bull's best.

Formula 1 Bets - Take Max Verstappen Sunday

Alas, this has some value, but Max Verstappen at EVEN is still fascinating enough to bet a fractional wager as "The Favorite". Why? Verstappen has another multiple race winning streak. It seems like the power box issues are enough in the rear-view and the overall speed of the Red Bull has proven too much. Six wins in nine races illustrate that this race is closer than it appears.

Verstappen did not gain the usual multiple tenths of a second per laps like usual at Montreal but little of that mattered. He held off the competition when it counted. The Silverstone track figures to favor the Red Bull setup a little bit more though Ferrari is expected to challenge with Leclerc and the soft tires.

His latest triumph keeps padding Verstappen's lead. After yet another win last week, it was a bit of a surprise to see him at EVEN this week. Usually, this type of wagering illustrates that someone can put together a better race. Our first choice is to stick with Max Verstappen in the Formula 1 Best Bets. The Dutch racer will be motivated after last year's lap one collision with Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen wants to win this race badly.

Max Verstappen To win the British Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc Looks To Bounce Back After Montreal

This will be an intriguing part of the weekend. Formula 1 Bets looks at Charles Leclerc as he tries to bounce back after Montreal. Yes, finishing fifth is not terrible but it is for the Ferrari considering that dropped Leclerc to third overall in the Formula 1 points race (49 points behind Verstappen).

So, qualifying should be a strength for Ferrari and Leclerc. The French racer could garner the pole. After that, the race boils down to turn one and the inevitable pit strategies, etc. The up and down results over the past six races have not helped. That early Leclerc run where he won two of the first three grand prix seems like a far-distant memory.

Does the week off help this weekend? Leclerc is desperate for a result err win. That makes the driver dangerous especially at Silverstone. The only concern is he does not quite have the value here.

Charles Leclerc To win the British Grand Prix

What About Lewis Hamilton for old times sake?

One of the more surprising performances from Montreal was the podium result from Lewis Hamilton. So, what about Lewis Hamilton for old times sake at Silverstone? After all, the British driver did win there last year.

Now, what better time is there for a home soil win? If anyone is going to find a way to do something unexpected, it would be Hamilton. His Mercedes is gradually getting faster and faster each week. At Montreal, Hamilton snagged his second podium and he was gaining ground at the end. The Brit finished just seven seconds behind Verstappen. Here we go.

Lewis Hamilton To win the British Grand Prix

George Russell Is Our Long Shot

George Russell is our long-shot pick at +1200 to win at Silverstone. Now, Russell has enjoyed the quicker Mercedes and maybe this is the week that he turns a podium result into a victory lap.

Our Sunday Top Bet

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Best Bet for the Sunday race is Max Verstappen. Good luck!

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