Formula 1 Bets French GP - Take Home Leclerc

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Formula 1 Bets French GP - Take Home Leclerc

Hi Formula 1 fans, this week we look at the French GP from Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, Var, France. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Best Bets - Some Austria Numbers

The Formula 1 season, after a bye week, heads for the French Grand Prix. Let's get into that Formula 1 online betting mood for this upcoming weekend.

This year has dealt us some interesting gut punches. We are quite fascinated with this race and whether Max Verstappen can win again after last year's stirring victory. Now, it is time for us to take a preview at the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for the contending racers heading into this race.

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When betting on Formula 1 races, the reality is this. Will the pressure of the "hometown" Grand Prix get to Charles Leclerc this week? His numbers, not shockingly, shortened, after a brilliant race two weeks ago in Austria.

Lastly, do take some time to peruse through our in-depth reviews of the most optimal online sportsbooks. They will give you the best Formula 1 betting sites as the racing cranks up from a hot France.

Formula 1 Top Bets - What Happened Last Year In France?

Sadly, the best laid plans go to waste. Even two weeks ago, it did at Austria when Verstappen overdrove his race car. Then, Charles Leclerc blew the course off its foundation. Now, Formula 1 Top Bets tries to figure out what happened in France last year. Could that change things in the state of Var this weekend? On the surface, it could with the faster Ferraris.

Once more, Max Verstappen won last year in France behind solid pit strategy and he was able to outwit Mercedes a bit. Lewis Hamilton was on slower tires and Verstappen zipped by him on the last lap with faster compound tires. The Belgian driver was able to easily negotiate the 15-turn course and win by more than 2.6 seconds over Hamilton. Verstappen had the clearly faster car despite some early mistakes.

Again, the inevitable question for this 53 lap race is always pit strategy and early tactics. Does Ferrari bungle this or does Red Bull? This is one of those courses where who wins the pit battle with timing likely wins the day err the race.

Formula 1 Top Bets - Take Home Leclerc Sunday

Alas, our 1-2 hedge bet lost a good deal of value for this weekend, but Charles Leclerc is worth a small wager at plus value. Why? Verstappen has an ability to win on the track but even last year, he made two mistakes and simply got lucky when Mercedes miscalculated at the worst possible time. Leclerc typically does not make errors on the course like a Verstappen or Hamilton for example.

Leclerc did gain the multiple tenths of a second per laps during testing previously on the French track. That helped him gain a few spots and the chances he gains the pole for Sunday increases. That does not sound like much but his Ferrari appears to be the faster car heading into qualifying. One does not quite truly know but this is not the 2021 version. That is a given.

Verstappen still carries a 38 point lead over Leclerc. Honestly, the +140 is a bit shorter than expected for a number going into Sunday's race. Usually, this type of wagering illustrates that someone can put together a better race. Yes, that happened. Our primal instinct is to stick with Charles Leclerc in the Formula 1 Top Bets. The French racer knows how hot sectors of this track can get a little better than Verstappen. Temperatures could still be quite hot on Sunday.

Charles Leclerc To win the French Grand Prix

Max Verstappen And The Red Bull Dilemma

This will be the wildcard of the weekend. Formula 1 Bets shines the spotlight on Max Verstappen. The latest installment on the Red Bull poses a few interesting questions. The Belgian flopped in Canada but was better in Austria except for some driver errors. That seems like a pattern of late heading to France.

A little over a week ago, Leclerc's pit crew made no mistakes. It was Verstappen and then his pit crew who erred at the big points of the race. Leclerc never looked back, pulled away, and won in Austria (on a Red Bull Track). Meanwhile, Verstappen did finish second as the French driver moved up to second in the standings.

Does more poor decision making hinder Verstappen this weekend? Leclerc showed a nice rhythm early in the season and was great in three races in a row before things started to go haywire. Could that happen again? Honestly, if Max Verstappen is close, then look out!

Max Verstappen To win the French Grand Prix

What About Any Other Longer Shots?

One of the nicer things this middle portion of the season has presented is how Lewis Hamilton is making longer shots an intriguing possibility.

Now, the problem with France, like Austria, is that Mercedes did even worse when it came to testing in the front sectors. It is why the second drivers for Red Bull and Ferrari are err should get a little more of a boost heading into Sunday's race. There are some questions too with Mercedes on the soft and medium tires when it gets around 30-35 degrees Celsius.

If Hamilton does not surprise, then it might just be Sergio Perez. Perez finshed third last year despite horrid pit stops.

Calgary Stampeders To beat the BC Lions

Sergio Perez Our Dark Horse

Sergio Perez is our dark horse to win at +1400. It is one of those tracks where Perez can surprise.

Our Sunday Top Bet

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Top Bet for Sunday is Charles Leclerc. Good luck!

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