Formula 1 Italian GP Bets Tab Leclerc

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Formula 1 Italian GP Bets Tab Leclerc

Ciao Formula 1 fans, this week we examine the Italian GP from Autodromo Nazionale de Monza. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the Sunday race.

Formula 1 Italian GP Bets - By The Numbers

The Formula 1 season fires back this week with the Italian Grand Prix. Let's get into Formula 1 online betting mode for this upcoming weekend.

This year has been quite wild including the issue with Lewis Hamilton being left on medium tires last week allowing Max Verstappen to zoom by and win once again. Unfortunately, the race for the championship is now academic. We want to see if anyone can beat Verstappen at this point. Now, it is time for us to preview the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for the contending racers heading into this race.

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Wagering on Formula 1 races requires a new level of patience and discipline. Look at how Max Verstappen won last week as decision making eventually bailed the driver out. Red Bull almost lost the race entirely but Mercedes and Ferrari gave it right back.

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Formula 1 Italian GP Bets - What Happened At Monza Last Time?

Oddly, history sometimes just does some strange things. Last week, it did when Charles Leclerc and his pit crew had more problems. Then, Mercedes compounded the issues while leaving Lewis Hamilton on an island with medium tires. Their poor decisions gifted Verstappen the win once again. Then, Lewis Hamilton went off on his team. Now, Formula 1 Italian GP Bets attempts to examine what happened at Monza last time. Does anyone expect a repeat? That is a likely no.

Again, Daniel Ricciardo won last year in Italy behind masterful pit strategy and he was able to get ahead of the budding Hamilton-Verstappen drama. The lap 25 collision between the two top racers paved the way for a Team McLaren 1-2 podium result. This gave Ricciardo and Lando Norris the ability to draft off of each other as Ricciardo cruised to a 1.7 second victory. Most forget that Charles Leclerc made a brilliant charge late but ended up in fourth -- 7.3 seconds off the pace.

With this 53 lap race (3.6 mile course), there are the inevitable tactics. Will there be rain or sunshine? The competition may crank up considerably this weekend. As we mentioned above, this is Ferrari's home track. Ferrari has performed well below expectations after the early start. Bluntly, one driver needs a result badly.

Formula 1 Italian GP Bets - Take Leclerc Sunday

Formula 1 Italian GP Bets taking Charles Leclerc Sunday is worth the wager. Why? Verstappen now has 10 wins and 12 podiums on the season. He carries a whopping 109-point lead on Charles Leclerc and even more on Sergio Perez. Winning all these races potentially could create a sense of urgency for Ferrari while hinting at some complacency for Red Bull. With the "Driver's Championship" almost settled, could this open a window?

Leclerc showed some nice speed intervals on the soft and medium tires in testing when it comes to Monza. Though the Ferrari's have been pretty fast, the Red Bulls still have driven better from a mental standpoint. Do not expect as much from McLaren. Again, the 53 lap course has some solid pacing zones but 11 turns in all. That parabolic curve, or Turn 11, sets up yet another passing zone.

Verstappen holds all the cards on Leclerc and Ferrari. Frankly, the +600 number for the French driver is a bit longer than expected for Sunday's race. Is there room for even a bit more movement? That answer is no. If anything, Leclerc could slip back into the +450 to +500 range. Our simple instinct is to plunge into betting Charles Leclerc in the Formula 1 Italian GP Bets. The Ferrari driver has the ability to negotiate the "S" turns just a bit faster along with the two big straightaways.

Charles Leclerc To win the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen And One Red Bull Bet?

The Max Verstappen pick at -275 is just something to steer clear of. Formula 1 Picks spotlights one possible Red Bull bet. The Italian track was the sight of something extremely strange last year. Why couldn't it happen again? Right? Right!

There is this thing with Sergio Perez that becomes quite hard to explain. He has the talent to win races. He is not just a good teammate for Verstappen but is capable in his own right of taking a checkered flag or two. The Mexican driver has won at least one race in each of the past three seasons. Who is to say he cannot make it two?

Does the "B" driver get a chance this weekend? He could but also understand how much of a risk this is. Would one consider betting a lot more of their bankroll here? That answer is certainly no. Perez at +1200 is at least worth a minuscule risk on Sunday. Often, these are the type of races where a bettor can hedge on a "one-off" event.

Sergio Perez To win the 2022 Italian Grand Prix

What About Something Different?

With the driver and constructor's championship odds unfavorable, what about something different? Charles Leclerc rides in at +230 over Max Verstappen head-to-head. Finally, the Field is +190 over Verstappen as well. These little wagers could be helpful to one's bankroll over the final stretch of races.

Formula 1 Italian GP Bets

For Online Sports Betting, our Formula 1 Italian GP bets for Sunday is Charles Leclerc. Good luck!

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