Formula 1 Japan Bets On Verstappen

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Formula 1 Japan Bets On Verstappen

Hello Formula 1 enthusiasts, this week we look at the Japan GP from the Suzuka International Racing Course in Suzuka, Japan. The race will be televised on ESPN. It begins at 1:00 AM ET. Pre-race coverage can again be streamed on ESPN+ via Sky Sports. Below we have OnlineSportsBetting best bets for the early morning Sunday race.

Formula 1 Japan Bets - Grand Prix Numbers

The Formula 1 season continues into October with the Japan Grand Prix. Let's ponder some Formula 1 online betting options for this weekend.

Now, last week took a bit of a crazy turn with the wet Singapore track. However, there are again scenarios where the world title can be clinched. We want to see whether Max Verstappen can bounce back from Singapore and how mad he will get at race radio. Now, it is time to examine the latest 2022 Formula 1 numbers for the contending racers heading into this race.

Expect there to be more online betting bonuses and promotions this weekend. These are nice as the NHL season gets underway and the MLB Postseason commences. Now, let's focus again on the Formula 1 particulars.

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Formula 1 Japan Bets - Another Three-Year Hiatus

Again, it has been three years since the Japan GP took place. Thanks to COVID restrictions, the 2020 and 2021 races were canceled. Sebastian Vettel, then of Ferrari, won the pole, but Valtteri Bottas (then with Mercedes) won in 2019. Things have changed considerably since, but Lewis Hamilton still is in form somewhat (he finished in third). Formula 1 Japan Bets attempts to look ahead to Suzuka. The 3.608-mile circuit is back after another three-year hiatus.

Again, Suzuka is a little faster than Singapore when it comes to Formula 1 circuits. The track is still dangerous, but more spots exist to generate speed. Typical qualifying times were around 87-90 seconds before the pandemic. It will be interesting what racers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc can qualify at with the power boxes now.

So, this 553-lap race may be a little lighter on strategy and tactics. It does seem like the weather will improve. The course has a few friendly passing zones that long straightaway after Turn 18. The less sharp turns can see some passes too. With a little extra room, DRS will be more of an asset than Singapore.

Formula 1 Japan Bets - Why Try Verstappen Again?

Okay, some exacta and qualifying bets will be too risky, but betting Verstappen on Sunday has better numbers this time around. Why? Verstappen never got going last week. He lost four positions off the first lap or two. The Red Bull driver spent the rest of the race trying to get close to the top five. When he did, the Belgian locked his brakes, dooming him to a seventh-place result. So, why try Verstappen again for Sunday?

Charles Leclerc, for most of the season, has been foiled by Red Bull. Leclerc carried more experience in Singapore than most yet settled for a second-place result. The fun part was he lost out to Sergio Perez. Perez led the entire race masterfully, used strategy well, and raced a lot as Verstappen does. It was strangely poetic how the top two cars just went around the track with Leclerc unable to catch up fully.

Max Verstappen still holds leverage over Leclerc. The -200 is a more attractive number and has been standard with opening Formula 1 odds. Yes, Verstappen can again clinch. He must win in Japan and gain the fastest lap. That will give him an extra eight points over Charles Leclerc, increasing his margin to 112. At that point, the title chase would end. Will that happen? Verstappen's testing and qualifying numbers are better at Suzuka as opposed to Singapore.

For other wagers, consider taking Verstappen to steal the pole at Even. Honestly, that is a coin flip along with the race win. A podium result at -350 carries little value.

Max Verstappen To win the Japan Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc Plus Ferrari Options

Charles Leclerc only has five races left in the season for him and Ferrari to do something memorable. Formula 1 Japan Bets looks at Charles Leclerc plus Ferrari options. Leclerc again donned a slight experience edge and did nearly win the pole for the 2019 race. His race was more of the problem. Leclerc collided with Verstappen and received two penalties which caused him to be later lapped. The French driver finished sixth.

Time does seem to get magnified on the Suzuka track. It is a course where a winner can easily win by 10-20 seconds or more. 2019's margin was over 13 seconds. Every so often, like in 2018, there is a closer race. With how this 2022 season has gone, anything is possible. It is not like Leclerc or Ferrari truly has the ability or correct strategy to run away and hide. Again, it may be okay to look at Leclerc or Ferrari to win the pole at Even numbers, at least.

Can Leclerc or Carlos Sainz postpone Verstappen's repeat title? That likely answer is only a maybe. However, could either one win on Sunday? At +300, Leclerc's driving pattern at Suzuka is troublesome (yes, Verstappen's can be, too), but 2022 keeps going in unexpected directions for Ferrari. That said, Leclerc running the fastest lap at +250 has a little intrigue to it.

Charles Leclerc To achieve the fastest lap Sunday

What About Those Longer Shots?

What about those longer shots for Sunday's race? One has to be Lewis Hamilton (+1200) again0). He was running well in Singapore before he got squeezed, then locked his brakes, getting greedy. That is less of a problem at Suzuka. Sergio Perez at +1000 is worth a look as well. He won last week, and the Red Bull was the best car on the track. It could be again Sunday.

Our Sunday Bet

For Online Sports Betting, Formula 1 Japan Bets try Verstappen again. Take our Sunday bet and get creative with it!

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